The Essence of Yoga : 
A Himalayan Retreat
with Lucybloom and Uma
October 28 - November 7, 2024
Embody Light. Embrace Tradition.


Join us this Diwali for a 10 day retreat, with 8 nights at the Mirage retreat centre in Andretta followed by 2 nights in the mountain villages above Dharamshala.

Nestled amidst the timeless beauty of the majestic Himalayas, we invite you to embark on a profound journey into the heart of Yoga's ancient roots.

Diwali is India's most shining celebration of the year, known as the festival of lights. On this retreat, amidst the flickering glow of lamps and ritual sounds, you can experience of the profound symbolism of this ancient festival; the victory of light over darkness.

In addition to festive gatherings, our retreat provides a space for contemplation and discussion, where you can explore and deepen your understanding of yogic themes with like-minded individuals and experienced teachers.

Our retreat offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into the sacred traditions of Yoga, exploring its essence through a rich tapestry of experiences and practices. From traditional Tantric rituals to soul-stirring adventures to sacred temples, as well as daily deep Yoga practices, every aspect of our program is designed to immerse you in the transformative power of Yogic wisdom.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal, as we awaken through the timeless teachings of Yoga.
All photos are of where we will be!
Retreat Highlights
Daily Deep Yoga Practices
Build strength, clarity, calm and insight through long
and deep guided practices with both Lucybloom and Uma.

Diwali Festival Celebrations
Immerse yourself in the glow of this auspicious
festival and deepen your understanding ofYogic themes

Pilgrimage Experience
Delve into the ritualistic side of Yoga with unique
opportunities to partake in pujas, visits to Shiva and Goddess temples, and sacred ceremonies.

Nourish Yourself
Fresh, healthy Indian vegetarian meals, exploration
in nature and connection to the powerful landscape of the Himalayas.
The Locations
October 28 - November 5 will be spent at the retreat centre, the Mirage, Andretta

November 5 - 7 will be spent at a guesthouse in a small village in the mountains above the town of Dharamshala
The Mirage
is a boutique heritage homestay nestled in a lush, quiet setting offering stunning views. Set in the idyllic Andretta artist’s village, it is the perfect space to retreat and reflect.

The gardens and orchard are dotted with quiet reading nooks and open spaces to enjoy the views. You can unwind in the heated swimming pool or steam room, and nestled in a bamboo grove is the beautiful glass yogashala.

Food at the Mirage is home cooked flavourful Indian dishes made from locally sourced produce and fresh veggies.
A hike from Dharamshala
is town in Himachal Pradesh where the Dali Lama sought refuge and continues to live. You will be able to visit his temple.

In the mountains about half an hour walk up are the tiny traveller villages of Dharamkot and Bhagsu where we will stay and explore the amazing walks, food, shopping and culture!

This part of the trip will be an incredible shopping opportunity as well as a time for integration, further practice, play and exploration after the retreat.
Meet your Guides
Lucybloom specialises in embodiment, healing and inner growth. On her personal journey this has been such a transformational practice in overcoming her own struggles.

Over the years she has studied various different Yogic disciplines. Lucybloom is a practitioner of Tantra and much of her work is inspired by this incredible healing practice, as well as Tarot, Pagan ritual and reiki.

She provides specialised support for women and unearthing the Divine Feminine is at the heart of her offerings.
Uma Laylyn
Uma has been teaching Yoga since 2014 and working as a Yoga therapist since 2019. She is connected with Yoga, Tantra and Siddha lineages in India.

Uma discovered the therapeutic potential of Yoga in her teens and began practicing Yoga as a way of life. She then followed a calling and moved to India to satisfy a longing to study Yoga more intensely. Now as an experienced teacher, Uma continues to discover expanding levels of vitality, clarity and presence through her practice.

Uma specialises in helping people 1-1 to cultivate a personalised and disciplined home Yoga practice in order to truly transform and heal.
What's Included
- Dharamshala airport pick up on October 28th
- 8 Nights of Food and Accommodation at the Mirage
- Taxis to Excursions
- Diwali Puja (Ceremony)
- Daily Yoga Classes
- Transfer to Dharamshala
- 2 Nights Accommodation in Dharamshala

Not included:
- Food in Dharamshala (second location)
- Taxi onwards from Dharamshala

Prices in €
Super Early Bird Price (available until 01/04/2024)
Shared Twin Room €1,785.00
Private Room €2,255.00

Early Bird Price (available until 01/07/2024)
Shared Twin Room €1,900.00
Private Room €2,400.00

Regular Price (available until 07/10/2024)
Shared Twin Room €1,999.00
Private Room €2,500.00
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