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We are conducting a series of 1-to-1 conversations with business leaders across multiple industries to understand their views on a number of relevant topics based on the latest opportunities and challenges that businesses are facing today including the organisations they govern.
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January 15, 2024, 9:00 AM - April 12, 2024 - 5:00 PM

Series 2: How have the recent energy dynamics changed the goal for greater efficiency in business?
Business leaders from the energy sector are able to discuss how their organisations have responded to the current energy crisis to deal with higher costs for energy consumption for businesses, a cost of living crisis affecting everyone including their employees, latest dynamics in the energy sector and emerging innovation across different sources of energy.

Series 1: Growing in a Post-pandemic Era
We discuss with Mark Costello, CEO of Hubb, in a conversation that covers a range of most relevant and appropriate areas from market opportunities and technology advancements to workplace arrangements and organisational values.

With enthusiasm, Mark describes to our Founder how Hubb, a AI-driven insurance broker, has successfully grown as a startup business recently and his aim to be inside the top 100 insurers after 15 months of trading.

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Dealing with the Crisis and Preparing for a New Era
We hear from our Founder about the Covid-19 crisis and on which areas businesses could focus for navigating through the crisis more decisively.

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