ExRe2023 Showcase
Join us on January 17th via zoom
Organised by Experimental Realism the ExRe2023 Showcase is the celebration of the annual ExRe Mentoring Programme. Join this online (public) event where each partnership will present on their experience of the free 6 month student/graduate mentoring programme with a speculative design/futures practitioner. ExRe is designed to build community, encourage open discourse and facilitate the transition from education into practice. For can find a full list of participants here.

ExRe2023 partnerships will present for 5mins each, followed by discussion, across this informal two part event. The session runs over 4 hours due to the geographical spread of the participants in the global programme, please join anytime across the 4 hour session and engage.

Part 1: 2-3.30pm UK time
Studio AND THEN, Glasgow [mentors] & Filipe Magalhaes, Florida [mentee]
Ben Lowdon, Berlin [mentor] & Gabriel Wong, NYC [mentee]
Lynn Harles, Berlin [mentor] & Eden Zinchik, Vancouver [mentee]
Oskar Stokholm Østergaard, Denmark [mentor] & Yunxi Wu, Vienna [mentee]
LMNO, India [mentors] & Paricha Duangtaweesub, Bangkok [mentee]
Mansi Parikh, Mumbai [mentor] & Keshav Koduvayur, Bangalore [mentee]

- short break -

Part 2: 4-6pm UK time
Marie-Michèle Larivée, Montreal [mentor] & Thomas Euyang, San Francisco [mentee]
Fabian Wallace-Stephens, UK [mentor] & Purvisha Sutaria, UK [mentee]
Akash Das, Mumbai [mentor] & Petra Vicianova, Copenhagen [mentee]
Katja Budinger, Berlin [mentor] & Seongmin Kim, Geneva [mentee]
Greg Solis, San Franciso [mentor] & Julianne Bazzo, South Brazil [mentee]
Fred Wordie, Berlin [mentor] & Noelyn Stephens, US Central [mentee]
Tyler Fox, Seattle [mentor] & Jack Parker, UK [mentee]
delaO design studio, Mexico [mentors] & Mariana Serrano Robles, Mexico [mentee]
Date & Time
January 17, 2024, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Join us on January 17
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