Facts Behind the High Divorce Rate in the World
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There was a time when getting a divorce was tough and the people who opted for divorce were looked down in the society. But now things have changed. Getting a divorce is not a taboo and even families stand in support of divorce. The fear of being alone and discarded by the society has gone.

Another reason for the growing divorce rates is liberalism in divorce laws. With the introduction of different types of divorce getting a divorce has become quite easy. Until a decade ago, if you were to file a divorce, then you had to run behind attorneys and wait for months if not years to get the divorce done. Now a divorce can be done in a span of 2 months. Apart from this, the implementation of new divorce laws in the legal system across the world has allowed people to get a divorce easily. You don’t even require the services of a divorce lawyer to get a divorce. Do It Yourself (DIY) divorce has empowered people to get a divorce with utter ease.

Given below are facts behind the high divorce rate in the world.:
• With the modernization of the society more men and women are realizing that they don’t have to be married to stay happy in life. This awareness is one of the biggest reason behind divorce.
• Immature decision of marriage is also one of the biggest reason behind divorce. People rush into marriage without knowing much about their partners, and thus make way for a series of conflicts that eventually lead to divorce. Marriage is important but taking this big step without any thought will only cause grief and misery. Make sure that you have thought a thousand times before getting married.
• People often tend to start their family late. This brings loneliness in the life to the partner who stays at home. Loneliness often brings the feeling of being unwanted by the partner. This feeling eventually becomes so big that it breaks the marriage to the point of no return.
• Marriages have lost their value. Earlier when people were bonded with love and affection in a marriage. Getting a divorce was the last thing in their mind. But now marriages have lost its meaning and integrity than they used to be.
• Remarriages plays a big role in increasing the divorce rates. When people get divorced, they rush into another relation without giving themselves time to settle down in life and think of the mistakes they did that wrecked their marriage. This initiates the vicious cycle of marriage and divorce. Giving yourself time to think of the mistake done in the last marriage will save you from this agony.
• Now people do not fear to take divorce. Earlier divorce was considered taboo and often people who took divorce were looked down in the society and in their family. Divorced people faced discrimination in the society. But, with changing time things have changed. People are not ashamed of taking a divorce and even the society has become more open to these changes. Families have become more supportive and due to this people have lost the fear. They know that even if everything goes bad, they have a support system to fall back on.
• Children growing with two parents have fewer chances of getting a divorce than those who grow up with single parent. The effects of divorce are long lasting on children and often show up in the adult life of the child. This also increases the divorce rate as children with single parent develop a negative attitude toward divorce. Due to this negative attitude they are more prone to get divorced in comparison to those children who grew up with both the parents.
• The implementation of liberal divorce law in the legal system has accelerated the divorce rate to many folds. It is very easy to take a divorce now than it was a decade ago. Introduction of divorces like no fault divorce, or do it yourself divorce has made divorce an easy process to go through. Earlier, you had to hire an attorney to get a divorce done and had to prove your spouse responsible for the break down of the marriage. Now, it is not required. Today, if you are going for a divorce, then all you need to do is to fill the divorce papers and wait for the court to give the verdict.

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