Prenatal Connections
7 weeks starting September 14, 5:45-7p
Connection is everything.
Cultivate your connectedness to baby, your body, your intuition, your power, your confidence, your community...
Prenatal Connections is an 7-week class for anyone preparing to be a parent. Pregnant, surrogacy, adoption whatever your story is, you are invited to explore your connectivity and readiness to bring this conscious little being into the world. Partners and non-birthing parents-to-be are encouraged to attend. We all have walls, defensive patterns and wounds that interfere with our ability to truly connect and be present with ourselves and others. This 'stuff' is likely trying to make itself aware through physical and emotional symptoms. How prepared are you to undertake this new journey on a consciousness/soul level?
We will explore and disperse the fears and create a foundation of connection to baby, to your body, your innate power, your intuition and so much more. This class blends together the science of birth psychology, body consciousness, attachment, neuroscience and emotional intelligence with functional/alignment work of prenatal yoga and the magic of BodyTalk to release your limiting beliefs, fears, generational patterns and more.

7week series: Sept 14- Oct 26, $130 and Bring your Partner for half price.
Class Combo: 7-week Personal Evolution class + Prenatal Connections for $230

The Veranda
2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
Date & Time
Sept. 14- Oct. 26, 2021
5:45-7:00 PM CST
Or via Zoom:
Sundays 12pm CST Sept 19- Oct 31
Connection is the key
Personal Evolution
7 weeks starting September 14, 7:15-8:15p
How did you get to be who you are?  Why is it so hard to change?
This class explores this through both Nature and Nurture. Some of it is genetic, some generational trauma and conditioning, but it is mostly how our neural circuitry was formed in early life. This class blends together the current science of infant neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity with generational healing, energy medicine/BodyTalk, meditation and more. It is a class to sift through the layers of experiences, conditioning, belief systems, learned limitations to start to uncover what is at your core. To relearn to feel your feelings, to become proactive instead of reactive, and to stop stressing out over the little things. Learn to take control of your thoughts and feelings and create a new state of being.
Rewire your brain & Change your life.

7week Class session. Investment is $130
--Combo option take both Personal Evolution with Prenatal Connections or Resonance Yoga for $230--
The Veranda
2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
Date & Time
Sept. 14-Oct 26, 2021
7:15-8:15 PM CST
It's all in your head
A 2- Part Series of Hatha Yoga and Meditation to Raise Your Vibration and connect to your own divinity. 7 weeks to work through the chakras 1 through 7 and in November Part 2, Chakras 8 through 12.
Our chakras are our antennas to access the spiritual realm, the unified field.
This unique yoga class is a spiritual class that includes chanting/toning, meditation on the chakras with the focus of channelling in both the Telluric (Earth) and cosmic energies and transmuting the energy from the lower chakras to the upper chakras in seeking union with the divine.
As we develop the ability to move prana (life force energy) and experience an expansion of consciousness, we improve mental clarity, develop discipline and personal power and gain harmony and health in both body and mind. Raising our frequency of vibration helps us to have direct and clear guidance from our higher self and realize our highest potential, as well as unleash our self-healing powers to heal ourselves and others.
Come activate your chakras and extend your consciousness to higher spiritual levels.
Resonance Yoga 1 Sept 14-Oct 26, $130 or All 16-weeks for $230
--or enroll in both class Resonance Yoga 1 and Personal Evolution for $230--
The Veranda
2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
Date & Time
Sept. 14- Oct. 26
or until Dec. 21 , 2021
8:30-9:45 PM CST Sask
Class Details:
In-Person Attendance:
These classes are offered live in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan at The Veranda, 2120 St. George Avenue.  Easily accessible from Taylor Street West or Lorne Avenue via Hillard or Isabella Streets.  Session 2 class registration will be available Mid-September for November-December Classes. Same time, same place.  Social distancing is allowed for. In the event classes are not able to be held in person, they will move to Zoom. 
Payment options:
Register here with credit card or option for e-transfer. E-transfer to [email protected]
Prefer to pay by instalments? 7-week class in two $65/month payments,  Or 2 class Combo for $115 per month.  Email [email protected] to set up monthly payments.
Classes are offered By Joanne Fisher Bsc.Kin, E-RYT, CBP, ISE
Joanne has been a yoga teacher since 2006, studying in South Korea, Thailand and Canada. Becoming a BodyTalk practitioner in 2014, she is passionate about energy medicine by using both BodyTalk and yoga for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.  She studied to be a Certified Infant Sleep Educator with Neuroscientist  Greer Kirschenbaum Ph.D.  and brings this knowledge of infant neural development and attachment science into transcending the nature and nurture that limits you from reaching your highest potential. 
You deserve transcendence

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