Food Photography Retreat 2023 
Join us on February 17, 2023
This weekend is meant for food photographers, food bloggers and food stylists no matter at what point of their careers they currently are.

The aim of the event is to have a weekend away in the beautiful countryside to network with other likeminded people in the same industry, share experience, learn from each other, and escape our daily routines to recharge our creative batteries.

We have made sure the program has something for everyone: for beginners and for those who have been fascinated by photography and food for years.

Come along to get all your questions answered, learn some tips, meet new people and make connections.

No stages, no microphones, no judging or competition. Just a friendly gathering of people on the food photography journey.

Check out the scenic venue here

Wybalena Organic Farm
789 The Pocket Road
The Pocket
NSW 2483
Date & Time
February 17, 2023 2:00 PM - February 19, 2023 - 12:00 PM
Tickets vary from $1500 to $1626 depending on room type chosen. When choosing to pay in 3 instalments, price is slightly different to when paying in full.
Day 1, 17 February 2023
2.00-3.00 PM Arrival
3.00-4.00 PM Welcome & Introductions
4.00-5.00 PM How to Make a Living from Food Photography and Get the Legals Right Too?

Fran Flynn aka @fran_flynn
5.00-6.00 PM How to Create Engaging Food Videos/Reels?

Monica Huddleston aka @mainlymonica
6.00-7.30 PM FREE TIME
7.30 PM Dinner & Drinks
10.00 PM Day 1 concludes
Day 2, 18 February 2023
9.30-10.15 AM How to Develop Mouth Watering Recipes That Look Good on the Plate?

Sarah Bell aka @ournourishingtable
10.15-11.15 AM The Ultimate Dream of Photographing a Cookbook

Therese Bourne aka @theurbannest
11.15 AM-12.15 PM Farm Walk & Tour
12.15-1.00 PM Through the Lens of a Restaurant Photographer

Markus Ravik aka @markusravik
1.00-2.00 PM LUNCH
2.00-3.00 PM The Art of Creating Beautiful Food Scenes

Kirsten Jenkins aka @kirstenljenkins
3.00-4.00 PM LIVE Food Styling Session "Styling principles applied to salads and still life set ups of vegetables"

Kirsten Jenkins aka @kirstenljenkins
4.00-5.30 PM Practical Challenge (Attendees to come up with a set up of their own
based on theme chosen on Day 1. Best photo of your choice to be shared with others on Day 3)
5.30-7.30 FREE TIME
10.00 PM Day 2 concludes
Day 3
9.30-10.15 Practical Challenge Photo Reveal
10.15-11.15 AM The Magic World of Product Photography

Amanda Clare aka @amandacampeanu
11.30 AM Day 3 concludes
Join us on February 17
We look forward to hosting you!

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