Friday Night Flights
Dyno Series
Spread your wings in these high-flying dyno events!
How it works
For Friday Night Flights, climbers will have one hour to compete in three dynamic disciplines. Dyno as much as you can before time runs out. SPEED IS KEY!

Scores will be based on total number of dynos completed, with falls used to break ties. Each dyno completed is worth one point.
What Is a dyno?
A dyno is the short way of saying "dynamic move". Dynos come in all shapes, sizes and styles and typically require a climber to "jump" from one hold (or set of holds) to another. Test your skills in three separate dyno disciplines: distance, doubles, and freestyle.
but wait, there's more!
After the dynos, we will host a community hangout with backyard style games like cornhole, and block stacking! Hang out with your friends, grab a bite and refreshments, on us!

There will also be a 21+ afterparty after each of the events at a local bar. Hang with your friends and grab a drink! The bar will be announced during the event.
Novice - First time competitors or climbers new to dynamic movement.
Amateur -
Everyone that isn't new to dynos.
Open -
High level competitor, or climbers who are adept at dynamic movement.

Each category will have a Male and Female group. The Amateur category will also track to see how climbers stack up against other individuals in their age group.

Awards and prizes will be given to the top three competitors in each of the three categories.
If you do not have a waiver signed after October 8, 2021, please fill out a new PRG Waiver before registering.
Per Event
May 19th -
PRG Malvern

June 9th -
PRG Wyncote

July 21st -
PRG East Falls
Event Schedule
Check in:
6:00 PM - 6:15 PM

6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Awards to Follow

Game Time:
7:15 PM and on

21+ Afterparty:
8 PM ( the "where" is to be announced during event)

BIg air • community hangout • afterparty
 Join us for Friday night flights!

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