Join us October 17th - 19th!
We are BACK! After an incredible inaugural Gateway to Freedom Real Estate Investor Conference in 2023, we are bringing back a unique and incredible Real Estate Investor Conference to St. Louis in October of 2024! This year, we will be BIGGER and BETTER, while providing incredible VALUE! Come network with other like-minded individuals and learn from some of the most successful people in Real Estate Investing!
The countdown is on! Don't miss out!
St. Louis plays host to many things: Cardinals baseball, Blues hockey, a vibrant blues music and arts scene, a nationally recognized zoo, but this November, St. Louis will welcome real estate investors and aspiring real estate investors to the premier real estate investor conference of 2024:
Gateway to Freedom!

Discover the ultimate real estate investment insights, uniting both seasoned investors and newcomers. This event is designed to unveil success secrets for everyone, whether you're a seasoned mogul refining strategies or a new enthusiast exploring fundamentals. Join us to connect, learn, and grow with a dynamic community passionate about real estate's potential.

St. Louis is known as the gateway to the West, but on October 17th - 19th, St. Louis will be known as the

Gateway to Freedom!
Your Hosts
You will be in great hands as St. Louis Real Estate Investing veterans Rich Groves and Josh Wiesler once again serve as co-hosts and Mary Kane - Rich Dad Education manager/organizer - as event manager, for the Gateway to Freedom Real Estate Investor Conference!
Rich Groves
Rich Groves purchased his first rehab property in 2005 and shifted his focus to creative real estate investing in 2013 when he and his wife, Kim, formed their company, Metro STL Homes.

For nearly 12 years, all while maintaining his W-2 position as a corporate trainer focused on interpersonal and technology skills, Rich has participated in over 100 real estate transactions involving assignments/wholesaling, buy and holds, and “fix & flips.”

In 2017, Rich began hosting monthly real estate meetups in St. Louis and now hosts two separate monthly Real Estate Investor meetups in the St. Louis area to pour value into new and experienced local investors, on both the Missouri and Illinois sides of the river.

As a native to the St. Louis metropolitan area, Rich has a deep desire to see St. Louis flourish and shine a spotlight on the incredible value of investing in the area.
Josh Wiesler
Josh Wiesler believes that real estate investing is one of the greatest avenues for personal and financial/wealth growth. He owns three companies and in more than eight years of personal development coaching and six years of real estate coaching, Josh has coached hundreds of real estate investors and has true passion for coaching high performing real estate professionals to transform their business and personal lives.

Josh’s own real estate investing experience includes time with a title company, wholesaling, and property/project management. He is also a buy & hold investor, where Josh’s rental portfolio provides his tenants with great places to live and increases the values and safety of the neighborhoods in which he invests. in helping families and investors sell, buy, rehab, and rent.

Josh has participated in more than 100 Real Estate Investing deals, generated over $1,000,000 In revenue, and owns an 11-unit multifamily property.
Mary Kane
Mary "Fricking" Kane is a powerhouse in the world of real estate seminars, known for her dynamic event management and exceptional sales leadership. Growing up with a real estate investor for a father, Mary was destined for success in the industry. She launched her entrepreneurial journey at just 8 years old, laying the foundation for a career dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs.

As a former student and senior event manager for Rich Dad Education, Mary has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, propelling her to the top ranks of the seminar industry. Under her guidance, real estate events across the United States have achieved remarkable success, generating between $8 million and $12 million in ethical sales annually. Mary is recognized for her ability to create engaging and transformative experiences for her audiences, ensuring that each event she manages delivers tangible value to attendees.

In addition to her work in real estate seminars, Mary is the owner of Dogaboni Studios, a thriving local marketing company based in St. Louis. With a print shop and event space, Dogaboni Studios serves a diverse clientele, including schools, non-profits, businesses of all sizes, families, and unions. Through her business, Mary continues to champion entrepreneurs and contribute to the success of her community.

Mary's commitment to entrepreneurship, ethical sales practices, and community engagement makes her a standout figure in her field. Her passion for helping others achieve their goals, combined with her deep industry expertise, has cemented her reputation as a true leader and innovator.
Conference Speakers
We are extremely excited to showcase this lineup of impressive speakers with an immense amount of real estate investing experience, of all types. These folks consist of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the St. Louis Real Estate Investing Community, as well as NATIONWIDE!
...and we aren't FINISHED adding speakers, yet!
Kevin Dairaghi
2024 Featured Speaker
Kevin jumped out of corporate America and went full-time into real estate investing. He was not ready, but he did not give himself an easy way out and charged ahead. Kevin started with grass root marketing and wholesaling until he found out how to raise money for “swinging the hammer” flips.

He got to a point where he was spending $5K-$20K a month in marketing, but when his dad was diagnosed with cancer, Kevin watched his business melt away. That is the reason why, in his coaching, Kevin has a strong conviction that “the personal drives the professional.”

Kevin teamed up with a larger house buyer group and developed to 3 crews, a project manager, and an office manager. He also let them all go to run a successful 100% referral-based business while working with his friends and coaching students.
Alejandro Cornejo
Alejandro started investing in Real Estate after reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Armed with enthusiasm and vision, along with his wife at the time, Alejandro started investing in small multi-family units.  As a green investors with no family history of real estate investing, they learned many things the hard way, especially the landlord business.

Fast forward 5 years and after going through a difficult divorce, Alejandro had to regroup and pick up the pieces. This led him to private money lending.  Since he had been an investor, it was a perfect fit for Alejandro to help other investors fund their deals and he hasn’t looked back since. His area of focus is primarily with investors doing residential flips as well as BRRRR deals.
Alyssa Rispoli
Alyssa is a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing virtuoso with a passion for real estate and helping others. Known for her extraordinary marketing prowess, she has built a reputation as a true leader in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful connections, Alyssa's forte lies in marketing and lead generation for real estate investors.
Bryan Housley
Bryan Housley is a seasoned Short Term Rental specialist with over 13 years of experience in real estate investing. His journey began after transitioning from a fulfilling career as both a Pastor and Police Officer, where he honed his skills in communication, empathy, and problem-solving. Leveraging his diverse background, Bryan has become a trusted advisor in the real estate industry, known for his strategic insights and unwavering commitment to client success.

With a passion for hospitality and a knack for identifying lucrative investment opportunities, Bryan continues to thrive in his role, helping clients achieve their financial goals while providing exceptional service every step of the way.
Bryan Schroeder
Bryan Schroeder is a passionate real estate investor dedicated to helping people and building lasting connections. With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully grown an extensive portfolio of single-family rental homes in the St Louis area and founded several thriving real estate investment businesses, including FasterHouse.

Bryan currently co-manages FasterFunds Lending, a prominent local hard money lending company, alongside his stepdaughter Suzanne Luther. He also co-manages Buyer’s Club, the largest real estate investment club in the St Louis area, with his stepdaughter Rachel Mendoza.

In addition to his accomplishments in Missouri, Bryan has recently ventured into the luxury vacation rental market in Sedona, Arizona, combining his love for this magical place with his passion in real estate investing.
Damon Remy
Damon has a knack for turning ideas into reality, having built multiple 7-figure businesses. Recognized among  top Entrepreneurs, his approach is less about the limelight and more about substantial, lasting impact.

Damon's journey? It's like something out of a movie. He grew up on welfare in a small Texas town, the second youngest of nine, and tough times, with his dad often locked away in prison. But you know what? It didn't knock him down. Instead, it built up his love for community and serving others, something he took with him into the Marine Corps. He shined there, snagging awards left and right. But the military wasn't his endgame. He jumped into the corporate world, first mission? Saving Pepsi from the whole Y2K meltdown. It lit a fire in him for tech, community, real estate, and figuring out how to make things work better for everyone.

For over ten years, Damon's been the heartbeat of the FastTrack Mastermind. Think of it as a crew of go-getter entrepreneurs swapping secrets not just about making money but about crafting the life you dream of. They're all about uncovering how to live big while leaving a generational impact. Known as the go-to expert for systems and automation, even among real estate influencers, he brings simplicity to complexity.

Damon running REI BlackBook? That's not work; it's his calling. Picture him as the frontman of an all-star band; each member dialed in on flipping the real estate world on its head. They're not just clocking in; they're setting the industry on fire with Damon leading the charge. Step out of the office, and you've got Damon the family guy. Married to Jackie for 19 years, raising four kids together, and get this—he snagged her heart with a karaoke tune. Mixing professional smarts with a big heart, it's this blend of professional brilliance and personal warmth that makes Damon not just a leader in real estate but a true difference-maker.
David Ounanian
"David O" loves his life because of what real estate has done for him! He has a wife and children whom he loves dearly, but prior to investing in real estate, they rarely saw the best of him when his job was sucking away all his time and energy.

Formerly a full-time software engineer, David spent over a decade climbing the corporate ladder only to be trapped in financial debt and living paycheck to paycheck. He was sick and tired of the constant daily grind of emails, conference calls, and always working for the weekend. He knew that something had to change.

David became an active real estate investor and from that point forward, life would never be the same again. Now, he has recurring passive income from real estate that has made financial freedom a reality for his wife and children. But it wasn’t always easy. His first investment deal turned out to be a complete nightmare that almost sank him financially!
David read dozens of books, listened to 100’s of podcasts but knew just enough to be dangerous. If only he would’ve had the support of an experienced investor or agent alongside him at the start he could have avoided all of that pain.

Out of that experience, he founded CASHFLOW NATION where they help busy professionals create passive rental income. He is extremely passionate about helping others become financially free while avoiding the mistakes that he made starting out.
David Randolph 
David Randolph is the Founder of Short Sale Prophets® and The David Randolph®. David rehabs about 5-10 houses a year. For 15 years, all of his renovated houses listed on the MLS for $265K and less have sold in 7 days or less at list price, or higher. David makes $50K – $150K profit per house on $250K houses because he negotiates Short Sales with the bank. These are not houses on the MLS but rather with the homeowner and the bank.

Because of Short Sales he has made so much money in real estate that he has over $3 million in his retirement accounts that he lends out across the country to other rehabbers. He will lend the rehabber ALL the money to buy the house, All the money to fix the house up, All the money for the points on the loan, and All the money for the monthly interest payments.

David also teaches other investors all across the country how to get out of their regular JOB and negotiate Short Sales for HUGE profits.
Dawn Augsten
Dawn grew up in Real Estate with her parents being investors themselves and doing their own property management business. She did property management on college housing as her college job.

After college, Dawn tried to take over the family business but that didn't go over well, so she started dabbling in investing on her own. She started with AirBnBs and then moved into rentals and renovations.

Since then, Dawn has flipped and more recently started developing land with a partner. She has brought in partners to have approximately 50 doors and 25 AirBnBs. The majority of Dawn's portfolio is in South Carolina but she holds in Florida, as well.
Frank Ruzicka
Real estate investing has always been one of Frank’s passions. He considers real estate the greatest opportunity to create wealth, more importantly, generational wealth. Frank’s goal is to educate and assist as many as possible on the opportunities real estate provides. He enjoys watching people grow their net worth by following simple, proven methods of creating wealth through real estate investing.
Henry Owens
Bio coming soon!
Jason LiCavoli
Bio coming soon!
Jeff Coffman
Jeff began investing in 2015 as a fix and flip investor using subject-to as a way to buy houses that he would flip to the retail market. He started buying rental properties using a combination of bank financing and seller-financing in 2016 and then got into wholesaling excess inventory in 2017 through cash and creative finance buyers.

Jeff quickly realized that he was a terrible landlord and started selling his properties through seller-financing and converting his tenants to homeowners using various forms of mortgage wraps in 2018.

In 2020, Jeff created an online learning platform, called "Sub2Empire," that was dedicated to teaching others how to use creative deal structures to become "lienlords" vs. "landlords". Since then Jeff has purchased over 80 properties in the St. Louis market using subject-to financing, and over 300 deals across the United States. Today, he owns 40+ cashflowing properties without any bank financing whatsoever.
Jimmy Vreeland
Bio coming soon!
Joe McCall
Bio coming soon!
Kellie Rhymes
Kellie Rhymes otherwise known as “Ms. Kellie Michele” on social media is a Real Estate investor that focuses on long term and   midterm rentals. She speaks and coaches on how to create consistent cash flow by building profitable rental businesses.

Her love of real estate started in 2004 when she began house hacking, investing in her first two-family building, living in one unit and renting the other. Over the years Kellie has continued to build a profitable portfolio of properties and experience ranging in luxury short term rentals to corporate rentals to long term rental properties and helps her clients do the same.

She has come to recognize that many people see the wealth opportunity within the real estate rental market, and they are alway looking for ways to generate more cash flow. She uses her skills as an International Educator (China, Brazil, and USA) and her passion for real estate to give them the tools they need to utilize the midterm rental strategy.

Kellie is originally from St. Louis, MO. Today, her time is dedicated to having new experiences and spending time with her family, raising her 2 sons, traveling, enjoying life, acquiring long term rentals, growing her midterm rental portfolio, and coaching her clients.
Kristina Aguilera
Kristina has been successfully investing in real estate for the last nine years, after years of insurance management and sales. Her company, SOP Factory, is a passion project for the tools, training, SOPs, and support she wished she had while acquiring almost 300 single-family rentals utilizing private money, scaling a self-management company, flipping over 40 properties at a time, and wholesaling simultaneously.

As a visionary, needing to delegate, out of pure necessity, Kristina learned the skills and eventually built a team of SOP experts to help bring the chaos of investing to actionable SOPs that help investors best delegate, regardless of their leadership style.

Today, with the help of a full-service team, the SOP Factory organizes the operations of top producing management, construction, wholesaling, and flipping companies. Even training in-house Operation/Transaction Coordinators, so that investors have a systematic approach and keep more profits in house without outsourcing or having to do it themselves.
Lawrence Hopkins
Bio coming soon!
Lucas Walls
Lucas purchased his first rental property in 2014 with his business partner Sam Primm. While still working full time jobs, they kept adding quality assets to their rental portfolio and started to incorporate fix and flipping into the investment strategy.

Lucas and Sam founded an investment real estate education company in 2018 to teach people across the county the right way to invest in real estate and achieve financial freedom.

Their rental business, Midwest Property Group, holds a portfolio valued at $47M with 145 single-family houses, 6 apartment complexes, 3 self-storage facilities, 21 vacation rentals, bringing in annual revenue of $4M.

Their flipping business, FasterHouse brings in $20M in annual revenue while buying and selling about 250 houses per year.

Their REI education business, FasterFreedom brings in $6M in annual revenue, have 2.3M+ social media followers, over 1,600 students nationwide and focuses on teaching other investors the right way to invest in real estate.

Lucas and Sam have grown their organizations to 44 amazing team members. They place a huge emphasis on company culture and creating a positive impact on their community.
Maria Annecchiarico
Maria grew up in Italy, earning her college degree in Business Administration in Milan before moving to the United States to pursue an MBA at Boston University where she graduated with High Honors and was inducted in the Beta Gamma Sigma society. After a 3-year stint in the Credit and Risk Department of State Street Bank, she gained the CFA designation and became an independent asset management consultant for high-net-worth individuals. She later co-founded the first Thai-Canadian collaboration project to bring world-class hospice care to Thailand and acted as Treasurer of the Board for Riverstyx Magazine, the longest continuously published literary magazine in the US.

In 2007, during the Great Recession, she started a successful real estate investment and loss mitigation company that has been involved in hundreds of transactions, from fix and flips to wholesale deals to rentals, many of which were managed virtually while Maria was traveling the world and living abroad.

In 2020, Maria published her first book, a memoir, Untamed and Free, which was a #1 New Release on Amazon. To date, she coaches and speaks on diverse subjects including real estate, negotiations, narcissism and self-empowerment. Her newest interest is in house hacking and helping regular people afford buying real estate.
Matt Boyer
Matt has 15 years business experience building one 6 figure and one 7 figure business in record time through person to person interaction. His specialty when speaking is how to step out of you comfort zone and grow you business in person.
Megan Greathouse
Since getting started in real estate, Megan has dabbled in wholesaling, flipping, STRs, and LTRs. However, her primary focus is small multifamily rentals, which she buys and holds as long-term, cash-flowing rentals.

When Megan left her corporate job in 2019, she built a system for easy self-management of her rentals, which allows her to keep more of her cash flow without sacrificing her time.
Melanie Claborn
Bio coming soon!

Mike Kitko
Keynote Speaker
Mike Kitko is the Founder and CEO of Inner Wealth Global, a personal and professional development company which helps business owners create more wealth, success, and happiness in their lives and businesses.

Through coaching, training, and other needle-moving content, Inner Wealth helps business owners keep their eyes on what they really want - a fulfilling life which includes health, wealth, powerful relationships, and a lifestyle they're excited to wake up to every day.
Nathan Bush
Nathan is an established marketing and property management professional, recognized for his practical expertise and founding roles in Red Maples Property Management, The Coin System™, and Priority Investing Consulting Firm. His presence is strongly felt online, particularly through, where he offers insight into the real estate sector and business growth with his podcast Mind Renovation Nation. His MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, majoring in accounting, and his B.A. in Nonprofit Management from Lindenwood University, have equipped him with essential skills for business development and leadership. These qualifications and his certification as a John Maxwell Instructor and an active Missouri Realtor’s License reflect his dedication to ongoing professional development.

He is also a recognized author and speaker, sharing insights on real estate, business and personal growth, influence, and leadership. In his book, "Leadership Coaching As a Strategy for Employee Development," Nathan Bush delivers innovative approaches for leaders to dismantle team resistance and build a collaborative environment. His newest book, "The CAESAR Method" offers a roadmap for ethical growth, teaching leaders to expand their business with integrity. Both works underscore Nathan's commitment to honest and influential leadership without resorting to manipulation, deceit, or control.

Nathan's commitment extends to community service and leadership, demonstrated by his work with the Board of Senior Service Resources and his Bible study Disciples of Leadership online. These roles underscore his dedication not just to business excellence but also to societal contribution. Nathan's career reflects a genuine drive for impactful leadership and the betterment of businesses, individuals, and communities alike.
Nicholas Thiele
Nick Thiele owns 5 businesses in the real estate industry : Nick's All Around Improvements -investment rehabs, The Rehabber's Experience- rehab educational workshop and rehab mentorship, Nexis Properties- property management, Legacy2 - flipping houses, Nex Level Maintenance- rental maintenance.

Nick specialize in full interior investment rehabbing and has been in business for 8 years. He runs a 10 person, full service rehab company that has rehabbed over 250 homes for local investors. Since bringing his construction company in-house and no longer centering his business around working on investors' projects, Nick has rehabbed approximately 30 of his own projects.

Nick is currently growing the educational side of his rehab company, where he helps educate everyone in the process of renovating investment properties. Nick has a passion for that and believes that is his niche.
Sam Primm
Sam purchased his first rental property in 2014 with his business partner Lucas Walls. While still working full time jobs, they kept adding quality assets to their rental portfolio and started to incorporate fix and flipping into the investment strategy.

Sam and Lucas founded an investment real estate education company in 2018 to teach people across the county the right way to invest in real estate and achieve financial freedom.

Their rental business, Midwest Property Group, holds a portfolio valued at $47M with 145 single-family houses, 6 apartment complexes, 3 self-storage facilities, 21 vacation rentals, bringing in annual revenue of $4M.

Their flipping business, FasterHouse brings in $20M in annual revenue while buying and selling about 250 houses per year.

Their REI education business, FasterFreedom brings in $6M in annual revenue, have 2.3M+ social media followers, over 1,600 students nationwide and focuses on teaching other investors the right way to invest in real estate.

Sam and Lucas have grown their organizations to 44 amazing team members. They place a huge emphasis on company culture and creating a positive impact on their community.
Shaun McCloskey
Keynote Speaker
Shaun McCloskey is a real estate investor, author, and nationally recognized speaker. Considered “the Coach’s Coach,” Shaun coaches high caliber business owners, national speakers and coaches across the country. When he's not out changing lives and helping others to grow their businesses visions, he can be found in his hometown of St. Louis with his wife and 3 children, playing guitar and singing in a band for fun. His personal and business motto is “give first” which is evident in his coaching programs and personal interactions.
Shawn Greeves
Shawn Greeves has been a Real Estate investor for 30 years. He started out a rehabber and now he is a Hard Money Lender and investor. He has had 83 rentals at one time and he has done over 6,000 deals. He is on the street every day.

In his presentation titled, "The Success Formula That NEVER Fails," Shawn shares his story on how he went from broke to a Multi Millionaire and uses Motivational Hypnotism as he teaches people how their subconscious mind works for success and failure and that without getting the mind right, folks will never be successful.
Tim Grimmett
Tim Grimmett helps successful professionals live authentic lives on their own terms by achieving time and income freedom through real estate investing while simultaneously creating monumental relationships with their spouse and children. Tim has been investing in real estate since 1999 when he purchased his first two family home in South City. He grew his business to seven LLCs and 20+ employees only to lose everything and have to start over in 2014.

With renewed focus, he was determined to rebuild while focusing on the important aspects of faith, family, and finances. Today, Tim teaches married couples how to control their own day and live on purpose through the use of real estate as their income source. Tim has created success time and again by following a structured process to find hidden gems, accurately estimate project costs, and effectively manage contractors.

At the core of his approach is a disciplined decision-making process to ensure that he stays on top of cash and resources - from making an offer on a property to selecting materials and managing contractors. With hundreds of rehabs under his belt, Tim splits his time between overseeing his own projects for his real estate investment business and helping students build their own real estate investment portfolios.
...and Special Guest Speakers
Amy Mahjoory
Amy Mahjoory is a Real Estate Investor & Educator, HGTV Personality, Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker. Amy’s life didn’t start in real estate. After 14 years in Corporate America, Amy had her fill working for other people. Although Amy was a highly recognized global leader in Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management for Dell Computers, she decided that a traditional education combined with the false security of a 9-5 was not producing the results she wanted. Real estate was the game changer.
Amy has been investing in real estate over the last 10 years and during that time, she’s raised Millions of dollars in private money for hundreds of real estate transactions all over the country. As a result of her immediate success, Amy went on to resign from her Corporate job to pursue her passion in real estate. Shortly thereafter, she signed a contract with HGTV and began coaching real estate investors all over the country on the same creative trust and rapport building strategies, systems and scripts that she still uses in her businesses today.
Amy helps her students transform their minds so that they feel confident raising private money. She takes the fear out of raising capital and breaks her systems down into a methodical and easy to follow system. Amy’s greatest achievements go beyond what she’s accomplished herself. Many people become successful in real estate but Amy’s talent is helping others become successful in real estate. Amy changes people’s lives.
She has helped thousands of real estate investors all over the country raise private money with her proven systems. Amy lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Sean McNicholas, who is also a real estate investor and their daughter.
Jamil Damji
Jamil Damji is an internationally renowned real estate investor and entrepreneur whose true passion is to empower others to create generational wealth through real estate. Jamil is the Co-founder of Keyglee, a nationally franchised real estate wholesaling outfit operating in 118 markets and counting. Additionally, Jamil is the Visionary behind Astroflipping; the most successful community of real estate wholesalers with over 4,000 active members and tens of millions of dollars in student profits. His success landed him on national television as host of A&E’s popular show, “Triple Digit Flip”. The common thread in all of Jamil’s activities is his profound commitment to teaching others how to invest and profit in real estate in a smart, strategic and ethi al way. To Jamil, running a profitable real estate business while upholding values of integrity and honor are synonymous, and his teachings are imbued with this message.
Watch the video below to see what attendees have to say about the Gateway to Freedom Real Estate Investor Conference experience!
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