So many of you talented and qualified people are trying to figure out how to land that first or next job in UX Research! In this session, I will answer all the questions people ask me in DMs. I will talk you through my own pivot from being an unemployed PhD to making six figures entry-level as a UX Researcher. I will tell you about my experience, screen share and explain my resume (and how it differs from my academic CV). I will also discuss the differences between user research in different types of organizations and describe daily life as a UXR at JP Morgan. I will make sure to leave at least 20 mins for Q & A. Many of you will have the same questions, so this group session format will save me from repeating myself. I will not turn anyone away for a lack of funds. If $10 is too much for you, please email me at [email protected].
Zoom Meeting ID 587 254 1442 (Password in Confirmation Message)
Date & Time
August 04, 2023, 12 PM - 1 PM Eastern Time
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