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Legal Technology and Value – Uncomfortable Bedfellows?
Definition of bedfellow "Someone who is associated with another to give assistance or moral support"
The professional services market, in its current form, is being disrupted.

- A battle for talent and a demand from the work force to work in an “agile” manner.

- New technology-based entrants to the legal services market.

- New businesses are being created every day by a new generation of owners who expect their lawyers to be reflective of who they are and how they work.

- Clients and lawyers are becoming more vocal about their dislike of the billable hour.

The legal industry is changing at a pace like never before, as the American author William Gibson wrote, “The future is already here—it's just not very evenly distributed."
The Goodwood Estate
Goodwood Estate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0QB, United Kingdom
Date & Time
January 23, 2023, 11:00 AM - January 25, 2023 - 5:00 PM
Things must change
As anyone who has attended a #GlenLegal event in the past will tell you, the comfort of our venues is paramount. We have made no exception this year. The beds at Goodwood House Hotel, the fantastic venue for #GLR 2.3, are exceptionally comfortable!  However, there are two bedfellows with which #GLR 2.3 will take a quizzical look at LegalTech the way it is sold and the value it creates.

At #GLR 2.3, we aim to explore and discuss some difficult issues. We will take a look at value in the legal sector. In particular, what appears to be new trends, including value-based pricing, where you look to price clients, not the job.

Subscription-based pricing think of Netflix and your phone subscriptions, and then apply a consumer subscription model to an operating law firm. It can be done; it has been done, and other sectors have embraced it.  Implementing a subscription business model for firms is hard work and not for everyone because it requires professionals to think differently than they have in the past about what it is exactly, that customers value and what you are asking them to pay for.
During our event, delegates will learn:

- The advantages of ditching the billable hour and embracing value pricing in the legal sector

- The benefits that value pricing brings to clients, law firms, and, most importantly, the lawyers

- Removing the artificial fee cap imposed by the billable hour and increasing profit on the bottom line.

- How a subscription model may become a reality

- How buyers of legal tech should engage with sellers to achieve a "win-win"
Thank you to the #GLR 2.3 sponsors who are attending this wonderful event and are looking forward to meeting all the guests.
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A 60 Strong Audience of IT Purchasers

The #GlenLegal Revival 2023 audience is made up of CIOs, IT Directors, and Heads of Procurement. They are technology-savvy, looking to network, and highly engaged purchasers.

As a sponsor of #GLR 2.3, our role is to make your sponsorship of the event as PAINLESS and SUCCESSFUL for your business as humanly possible.

What's included: The #GLR 2.3 sponsorship is all-inclusive of the following:

1)As a sponsor you are entitled to have one member of staff at #GLR 2.3
2) Access to all the content, presentations from the educational channels
3) Copies of authors books
4) All leisure activities on day two
5) All meals & food at the event
6) All refreshments & libations (as long as you are happy to consume what we offer!)
7) Transport between venues once on-site at The Goodwood Estate

What's Not Included: There are certain extras that are required and others that are optional.

1) Non-Optional - The lodging/accommodation cost (this is paid separately to cost of the sponsorship cost)
2) The cost of room drops (*on request)
3) Sponsored private meeting spaces (*on request)
4) Sponsorship of leisure activities on Day Two (*on request)
5) We DO NOT offer sponsors booths/space for pop up stands (We deliberately do not have an exhibition hall as the event is all about pre-qualified meetings and networking!)

(*on request, please see the sponsorship pricing chart below for prices)

Meetings & Engagement: Pre-booked meetings:

1) The #GLR 2.3 team will approach all the purchasers and ask them to share with us which sponsors they wish to schedule time with to meet
2) A full report of the purchasers who requested to meet in advance of the event
3) We will release this data to you a week prior to conference
4) Each sponsor will have dedicated branded online booking & scheduling calendar tool to manage your meetings with purchasers Onsite/Ad-hoc meetings
5) #GLR 2.3 team will also facilitate meetings with purchasers throughout the duration of the event "Although your attendee is no doubt more than capable of
6) A full report where possible of all meeting engagements created during the duration of the conference

Data & Analytics:

1) The full delegate list including contact details will be shared with all sponsors
2) A full report & dataset of the delegate survey
3) A full report & dataset of the purchasing report

The Sponsorship Fee:

1) Primary sponsorship £10,000 + VAT
2) Additional attendee £7,500 + VAT

Please note that all delegates, including sponsors, must purchase a lodging pass.

Your corporate branding will be represented by all onsite branding and will be produced and delivered by #GLR 2.3:

1) Each sponsor will be interviewed by one of the #GLR 2.3 editorial team who will produce a bespoke interview/case study of what your business offers the purchasers
2) Your brand will be associated with all marketing activities & channels relating to #GLR 2.3
3) Your corporate brand will be added to #GLR 2.3 event website & event app
4) We will publish, host and make digitally available any corporate content, case studies & FAQs as downloads from the #GLR 2.3 event website & event app

#GLR 2.3 will create a personal profile of your attendee, which includes:

1) A professional biography
2) Contact details
3) A headshot
4) A unique branded booking & scheduling link to an online calendar tool so that purchasers can book meetings times to meet with your organisation


1) Each sponsor will be asked to donate a charity auction prize of their choosing
2) Room drops are available on both nights if booked in advance and will attract an addition fixed fee of (£1000)
3) Stress Balls/Breath Mints/Pick N Mix/Booze/iPhone Chargers/Hangover kits (etc. etc.) are welcomed
4) Corporate marketing materials can be given out in hard copy, but digital is better whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the event.

Reports and Market Research:

Delegate Survey: In keeping with previous #GlenLegal events we will be conducting a purchaser's survey, which includes the following questions

1) What projects are you and your team currently working on?
2) What projects are you and your team going to be working on over the next 18 months?
3) What technology solutions are you not interested in currently exploring? And why?
4) What has been the most successful project you and your team have worked on to date? And why?

Procurement Best Practices and Purchasing Report:

All purchasers and sponsors who attend #GLR 2.3 will be asked to complete a market research survey and will be asked to agree to interviews by the Law & More editorial and research team.

The theme of the report will be shaped by the educational sessions delivered by #GLR 2.3, and it will reflect the opinions and experiences of both the vendors and purchasers attending #GLR 2.3.

The Law & More editorial team and researchers will be interviewing the attendees of #GLR 2.3 during and after the course of the event.

The editorially driven piece of market research is part of a larger project that will be delivered in Q2 of 2023 by The Law & More.

Sponsors will be given more information after contracts have been exchanged. In order to prevent "letting the cat out of the bag" and ruining the surprise before publication!

more will be added in due course

Sean Jardine
Director of Big Yellow Penguin
Shaun is unashamedly and unapologetically a disruptor.

As a solicitor, commercial director, and former CEO of a top 250 law firm, he has a unique insight into what makes law firms tick and how to exploit the good bits and ditch the bad.

Shaun’s mantra is “What you do today, will determine your tomorrow’

Shaun founded Big Yellow Penguin (BYP) in 2021 with the aim of encouraging and helping lawyers and law firms to move on from the 20th century and adopt practices, including value pricing, that will make their futures more secure, both financially and operationally, and enjoy practicing their craft again.
Ron Baker
Director of Verasage Institute
Mission: “To, once and for all, bury the billable hour and timesheet in the professions”

Ronald J. Baker started his CPA career in 1984 with KPMG’s Private Business Advisory Services in San Francisco.

Today, he is the founder of VeraSage Institute, the leading think tank dedicated to educating professionals internationally, and a radio talk-show host on the VoiceAmerica.com show, The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy.

Stefan Thomas
Networking, Sales, Business Coach, Author and Much More

From shoe-shop assistant to prestigious speaker, trainer, and author, it's been a varied journey. Whether I've been selling shoes, supporting estate agents, or running a leading networking organization, it's all been about helping and enabling.

I'll ensure you and your teams are on the same page and have the skills needed to follow your vision. All my corporate training sessions are specially tailored to the unique needs of your organization and the issues you're facing.

DAY ONE - 23.01.23
10:00 Am
Coffee and Conversation
Conference opens, arrive, register, coffee, cakes & networking.
11:00 AM
Sean Jardine
Conference chairs: opening remarks, what to expect, and housekeeping
11:30 PM
Ron Baker
Value based pricing discussion.
12:30 pM
Stefan Thomas
Professional networking masterclass.
1:30 pM
Lunch will be held in the ballroom at Goodwood House
2:30 pM
Speed Dating & Vendor Bingo
Structured meeting time for delegates and sponsors to meet with each other on an adhoc or pre-scheduled.
4:00 pM
Coffee Break
Coffee, cakes and refreshments
4:30 pM
Sean Jardine
An introduction to the advantages of ditching the billable hour and embracing value pricing in the legal sector. 
Followed by a high-level outline of the ‘Eight P Point Plan™ ’ a methodology of implementing value-based pricing in a law firm .
5:30 pM
Free Time & Networking
Room check-in, free time and networking.
7:00 pM
Drinks Recepton & Historical Tour of Goodwood House
Pre-dinner drinks reception at Goodwood House.
8:00 pM
Dinner & Entertainment at Goodwood House.
9:30 pM
Transport back to the hotel, for networking & free time
DAY TWO - 24.01.23
8:00 Am
Breakfast & Free Time
Breakfast, networking and free time.
10:00 AM
Morning Activities
Transport to the Goodwood Motor Circuit.  All attendees will be split into groups and take part in the various activities laid on by ~GLR 2.3
1:00 pM
Lunch & Networking
All guests' will be served lunch at the motor circuit.
2:30 PM
Afternoon Activities
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4:00 pM
Coffee and Conversation
Afternoon tea, refreshments, followed by transport back to the hotel.
5:00 PM
Free Time
Free time to explore the Goodwood Estate & networking.
7:00 PM
Transport to dinner at Goodwood House.
8:30 PM
Free Time and Networking
Transport back to hotel & networking.
DAY THREE - 25.01.23
8:00 Am
Breakfast and Free Time
Free time.
11:00 AM
Sean Jardine
An introduction on the days proceedings.
11:30 AM
Vendor Bingo & Meetings
Time allocated to private meetings and discussions.
1:00 pM
Lunch is served in the ballroom.
2:30 PM
Vendor Bingo & Meetings
Time allocated to private meetings and discussions.
4:00 PM
Sean Jardine
Closing remarks.
5:00 PM
Conference Closes
Guest depart.

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