Dr. Koenig serves as Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University Health Systems; Adjunct Professor in the Division of Psychiatry in the Department of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Visiting Professor, Department of Psychiatry, at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

Dr. Koenig is the lead author of the Handbook of Religion and Health, 3rd edition, 2023 and frequently gives training sessions on spiritual readiness and prevention of moral injury. The focus of his grand rounds today will focus on the relationship between spirituality and mental health. In 2023, Dr. Koenig was ranked 10th in the world by Research.com in the category of Best Social Sciences and Humanities Scientists, and in the United States, was ranked 7th best
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Date & Time
NOVEMBER 10TH,2023 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM



  1. Understand the differences between the terms religion, spirituality, faith, and humanism
  2. Be aware of the extensive research showing a connection between religion/spirituality and all aspects of health
  3. Be aware of how to apply the findings from research to clinical practice
  4. Have resources to learn more about the research and clinical applications, information that can be used in the future
1:00 pm
1:00- 1:15 PM
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Dr. Harold G. Koenig, MD, MHSc

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