With the blistering pace of developments over the past year, H2A Association is thrilled to host the second edition of its annual event on the 4th of July in Amsterdam. This year’s event provides the perfect occasion to bring leading public and private organizations together to discuss the progress made and the way forward.
Theater Amsterdam
Danzigerkade 5, 1013 AP AMSTERDAM
Date & Time
July 4, 2024
Official Symposium Programme: 13:00-18:00
Optional Morning Programme: 

Countdown to Symposium
Preliminary Programme
Optional Morning Programme
9:30 AM
Welcome, Registration & Coffee
For those attending the morning session, we will convene at Theater Amsterdam. There will be buses ready to take you to the terminals for the morning programme.
10:00 AM
Departure Buses to Terminals for Optional Morning Session
In the morning our partners open the doors to their sites for special site visits. Sunoco, Evos, North Sea Canal Area and Electriq Global share and show on site their steps towards green hydrogen import. The session will be one to one and a half hours, with a 15-minute drive to and from the terminals.
Official Symposium Programme
12:00 PM
Walk-In Plenary Session
From 12:00 till 12:45, a light lunch (buffet) will be provided for all guests.
13:00 pM
Start Plenary Session
State of the Industry
Tarek Helmi, Global Hydrogen Lead Deloitte

Official opening  
Ramon Ernst, Managing Director at Evos, and  
Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer at Port of Amsterdam         
Moderator Donatello Piras 
Keynote Michel Heijdra – Vice Minister for Climate & Energy – The Netherlands
Hydrogen corridors for Green Growth

Keynote H.E. Salim al Aufi – Minister of Energy and Minerals – Oman
The Minister will provide insights in Oman’s hydrogen ambitions and the Sultanate’s place in the global energy system of the future

Talkshow I: The Need for Global Hydrogen Corridors - Production within Europe and Other Continents
The first part of our afternoon programme will focus on the upstream part of the hydrogen supply chain: Production within Europe and other continents. The talkshow will include speakers from Duisport and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Alexander Garbar, head of Corporate Development, Digitalisation and Strategy, Duisport
Aitor Arzuaga, General Manager, Alba Emissions Free Energy
Rodrigo Pinto Scholtbach, Sr Policy Coordinator, Ministry of Economic and Climate Affairs of the Netherlands
Hannah Kollen, Leiden University

Intermezzo: 750 years of Amsterdam & Seaport Days 2025

Talkshow II: Hydrogen Across the Open Seas - Transportation and Usage of Hydrogen Across the High Seas 
The second talkshow will highlight the midstream section of the supply chain, specifically transportation and usage of hydrogen across the high seas. This talkshow will feature speakers from our partners: Hydrogenious, Electriq, as well as Samskip and Ecolog. 

Ellen Ruhotas, Head of Hydrogen Developments, EcoLog
Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, Group CEO, Samskip
Daniel Teichmann, CEOr, Hydrogenious
Baruch Halpert, Executive Chair&CEO, Electriq Global
Dhruv Gulati, UvA Student
14:30 pM
Networking Break
15:00 pM
Continuation Plenary Session
Talkshow III: On-Demand Delivery to Your Doorstep - Delivery of Hydrogen to Existing and Emerging Industries 
This block will cover the second facet of the midstream supply chain: Delivery of hydrogen to existing and emerging industries.

Brenda Schoumans, Business Development Manager Hydrogen, Firan
Martijn Joon, Terminal Director, Sunoco LP
Bart van der Meer, Business Development Manager New Energies, Evos
Marco Betting, Sr. Business Developer & Project Manager, Gasunie

Talkshow IV: Hydrogen as a Key Instrument for Decarbonisation - Hydrogen as a Key Decarbonisation Instrument for Prominent Companies
The final talkshow will focus on the last part of the hydrogen import puzzle: the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, especially as it relates to its use by major corporations.

Albert Kassies, Director New Energy, TATA Steel
Jurriaan de Jonge, Director Fuel, KLM
Carl Holthausen, CTO, Holthausen Clean Technology & Energy Points

Closing Keynote Interview
Ad van Wijk, Emeritus Professor Future Energy Systems, TU Delft
16:10 pM
Networking Reception (Drinks & Bites)
18:00 pM
End of Programme
Ad van Wijk
TU Delft
Ad van Wijk, emeritus professor of Future Energy Systems at TU Delft and affiliated with KWR Water Research Institute, is renowned for his work on sustainable energy, especially green hydrogen. He has authored numerous scientific articles and books, including "Green Energy for All: How Hydrogen and Electricity Carry Our Future."
Daniel Teichmann
Ellen Ruhotas
Ms Ruhotas heads the team developing the world’s first commercial scale liquid hydrogen shipping and terminal solution, connecting international hydrogen producers with European offtakers.  Trained as a mechanical engineer and lawyer, Ellen has over 30 years of experience in the design, construction, operation and management of bulk liquid storage terminals focusing on the storage and handling of chemicals, petroleum products and cryogenic gases.  Today, Ellen works with the talented team at ECOLOG providing midstream solutions for the storage, processing and transportation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
Salim al Aufi
Minister of Energy and Minerals Oman
Olivia Barnes
Olivia Barnes leads the low carbon commodities business at utility EnBW. Her focus is on commercialisation of upstream green and low-carbon molecule projects, working with infrastructure developers on the logistics chain and offering low carbon solutions for end use in Europe. Olivia has over two decades’ experience across the oil & gas, trading and utilities sectors.
Marco Betting
Marco Betting is the Business Opportunity Manager Hynetwork at Gasunie, focusing on the development of the Hynetwork, a hydrogen infrastructure initiative. This project aims to connect industries in the West Netherlands with the national hydrogen network of Gasunie. Marco has over 25 years of experience in developing and deploying technologies for the global energy sector.
Tarek Helmi
Tarek is a Partner in the Energy and Resources practice and the Global Hydrogen lead, advising on strategy-led transformations and decarbonization with experience in hydrogen projects and demand-side decarbonization for various sectors. He holds an MBA from London Business School and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo, and has lived in the UK, Italy, Egypt, and the Netherlands.
Rodrigo Pinto Scholtbach
Dutch Ministery of Climate and energy policy
Rodrigo Pinto Scholtbach is a Senior Policy Coordinator at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, overseeing European and international hydrogen affairs and co-chairing the Pentalateral Forum on Hydrogen. With about 25 years of experience in policy and project leadership, he previously served as a gas market analyst at the International Energy Agency and holds master’s degrees in Public Administration and History & International Relations.
Brenda Schouwmans
Kari-Pekka Laaksonen
Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, who joined Samskip in 2019, focuses on aligning the company's sustainable logistics services with customer business goals. He aims to leverage Samskip's shortsea, rail, barge, and trucking networks for scale economies while preserving the company’s agile, privately-owned culture. Laaksonen brings extensive leadership experience from the logistics, automotive, and paper industries to his role.
Aitor Arzuaga
Aitor Arzuaga, an electronics engineer with an Executive MBA, is the general manager of Alba Emission Free Energy at Petronor, focusing on renewable hydrogen, synthetic fuels, and the circular economy. His career includes roles at Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, and as general manager of IBIL, and he is also a cofounder of the AI-based road maintenance startup Asimob.
Alexander Garbar
Since November 2021, Alexander Garbar has been Head of Corporate Development, Digitalization, and Strategy, focusing on Data & Analytics, Digitalization, Hydrogen, and R&D, aiming to make the Port of Duisburg a central hydrogen hub. He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and has prior experience in industry group development at a global law firm and optimizing purchasing strategies at a supply chain consulting firm.
Albert Kassies
Tata steel
Albert, Director of New Energy at Tata Steel, oversees energy procurement for green steel production and has been with the company since 1996. He also serves on the board of the energy platform Noordzeekanaalgebied, contributing significantly to the regional energy transition.
Donatello Piras
Dhruv Gulati
University of Amsterdam
Dhruv Gulati, a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences focusing on Environmental Science, has spent the past 18 months specialising in hydrogen research. His internship at Port of Amsterdam involved investigating global hydrogen production projects, and he played a key role in the marketing and communications for this event. Dhruv's recent thesis explored methanol as a hydrogen carrier, demonstrating an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable energy solutions.
Baruch Halpert
electriq global
Baruch Halpert has over 25 years in the tech and startup scene, leading companies like Electriq Global and others in various industries, resulting in significant funding, M&A, and IPOs. He holds an LLB from Reading University and has served on the boards of ELEM and Midot.
Carl Holthausen
Holthausen Clean Technology & Energy Points
Carl Holthausen is a pioneer in renewable energy, specializing in hydrogen technology. He founded Holthausen Clean Technology in 2016, developing innovative hydrogen solutions and promoting its use as a clean fuel, significantly impacting the sector and advancing the role of hydrogen in reducing CO2 emissions.
Ramon Ernst
Ramon is Managing Director of Evos Amsterdam and holds board positions at VOTOB, FETSA, AMPORTS, and H2A. With degrees in Physics, Economics, and an MBA, his career spans roles at OC&C Strategy Consultants, founding IT and logistics companies, and leading Vopak terminals before helping establish Evos as a leading tank terminal platform.
Dorine Bosman
port of amsterdam
Hannah Kollen
Leiden university
Hannah Kollen studied Governance, Economics and Development at Leiden University College. She has been working at the Port of Amsterdam since February 2024, with a focus on how the energy transition is linked with policy-making and economic growth.  
Abdulaziz Al Shidhani
Martijn Joon
Martijn Joon, Terminal Director of Sunoco Amsterdam Terminal, oversees the storage of energy products and plays a key role in supporting the energy transition through initiatives like H2A for hydrogen infrastructure. He also contributes to optimizing the local electricity network as a board member of Energie Cooperatie Amsterdamse Haven.
Bart van der Meer
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