Havana Blue
Join us on September 24
“Havana Blue,” is a symphonic jazz work inspired by the sights, sounds and people of Cuba, as interpreted by Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Orbert Davis.

Beginning with an exploratory trip to Cuba in October 2012, Davis shares his experiences and brings the Cuban culture’s rich history to life with the vibrant sounds of “Havana Blue."

First premiering at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre in 2013, this production tells the multi-faceted story of Cuban culture and brings out the many flavors of passion, romance, angst, energy and uncertainty that are embedded in a tumultuous society. From a joyous celebration in the streets of Havana, to a dramatic, intense journey out of a devastated country, the piece infuses Cuban rhythm with pure emotion.

This is the second of a three-concert partnership with the Kehrein Center for the Arts in Chicago's Austin neighborhood. Opened in 2019, the partnership aims to help realize the Kehrein Center’s goal of becoming a cultural home on Chicago’s West Side.

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic is dedicated to removing barriers to access to the arts - that's why we are charging just $1.00 per ticket.
The Kehrein Center for the Arts
5628 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60644
Date & Time
September 24, 2022,
7:00 PM
 Join us on September 24 
We look forward to seeing you!

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