April 5th-May 4th

The purpose of The 30 Day Heart Coherence Challenge is to help people access the healing power of their own heart. Through daily meditations, heart coherence practices, an uplifting and interactive community, and interviews with our incredible guest speakers, our community will have access to techniques and wisdom that will promote a significant increase in well-being.

The event takes place within The Heart Coherence Collaborative Facebook group and through our YouTube channel. The goal for everyone participating in the challenge is to complete one heart coherence technique or meditation a day for 30 days, which we will provide within the group (or you can access a list on our YouTube). Every night during the challenge, we come together as a community and watch a YouTube premiere of one of our guest speakers or performers.
- Increased energy and vitality
- Immune system reinforcement
- Enhanced creativity
- Better stress and anxiety management
- Deep inner peace
- Increased intuition
Studies conducted with over 11,500 people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:
56% drop in depression
48% drop in fatigue
46% drop in anxiety
38% improvement in calmness
30% improvement in sleep
24% improvement in the ability to focus
cHALLENGE Speakers
Gregg Braden
Bruce lipton, PhD.
Anita Moorjani
Lee Harris
Ben Greenfield
Teal Swan
Jack Canfield
kyle Cease
Dr. kim d'Eramo
Anodea Judith
Sara Landon
Paul selig
Matt Kahn
Dr. Mindy Pelz
Rollin mcCraty
Dr. Sue Morter
Deborah Rozman
Karen Curry Parker
Ken Pataky
Abby Rushton
Todd norian
Travis schumacher
Brian Russo
Joy Kingsborough
Brian Scott
Jeffrey Allen
Victor otto
The Heart Coherence Collaborative 30 Day Challenge Schedule

Opening Ceremony Weekend April 4th-7th
Thursday-April 4th

6pm EST Brian Scott meditation on Zoom

Friday-April 5th
3pm EST Travis Schumacher crystal bowl ceremony
6pm EST Bruce Lipton, PhD. interview premiere

Saturday-April 6th
12pm EST Victor Oddo breathwork on Zoom
3pm EST Rollin McCraty interview premiere

Sunday-April 7th
12pm EST Michael Demaria Heart Coherence and Harmonic Medicine Journey
3pm EST Gregg Braden interview premiere

30 Day Challenge Events Schedule
(You’ll be sent a meditation to your email inbox every day at 5am EST. New meditations premiering during this challenge are noted!)

Challenge officially begins!
Monday-April 8
5am EST Ken Pataky new meditation premiere
3pm EST Jack Canfield interview premiere
7PM EST Leah Rush heart coherence sleep hypnosis premiere

Thursday-April 11th
3pm EST Anita Moorjani interview premiere

Friday-April 12th
5am EST Natalie Valle crystal bowl coherence meditation premiere

Saturday-April 13th
3pm EST Matt Kahn and Joy Kingsborough interview premiere

Monday-April 15th
3pm EST Jeffrey Allen interview premiere

Thursday-April 18th
3pm EST Sara Landon interview premiere

Friday-April 19th
5am EST Abby Rushton meditation premiere

Saturday-April 20th
3pm EST Anodea Judith interview premiere

Monday-April 22nd
3pm EST Sue Morter interview premiere

Tuesday-April 23rd
3pm Bruce Lipton replay

Thursday-April 25th
3pm EST Kyle Cease and Kim D’Eramo interview premiere

Friday-April 26th
5am EST Kim D’Eramo meditation premiere

Saturday- April 27th
3pm EST Ben Greenfield interview premiere

Monday-April 29th
3pm EST Teal Swan interview premiere

Tuesday-April 30th
3pm EST Gregg Braden interview replay

Thursday-May 2nd
3pm EST Paul Selig interview premiere

Saturday-May 4th
3pm EST Lee Harris premiere

Friday-May 3rd
5am EST Brian Russo meditation premiere

Tuesday-May 7th Last day of challenge!
3pm EST Closing goodbye from Kyle and Leah
This event is being hosted by the Heart Coherence Collaborative. The HCC is a community of like-minded and like-hearted individuals that support one another in increasing individual and collective heart coherence.

Kyle Boyd and Leah Rush, who are the founders of the HCC, created the group after becoming HeartMath Certified Trainers. They wanted to share heart coherence with as many people as possible and create an online space that fostered a feeling of love and connection.
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