June 4th, 2021, a day that rocked Law Enforcement across Massachusetts in two critical events when two heroes were killed in the line of duty and two others injured.  

Event 1:
Braintree PD Officers Bill Cushing, and partner K9 Kitt, Matt Donoghue, and Dick Seibert entered a wooded area to search for an armed suspect following a domestic violence call. The four officers were immediately ambushed by the suspect who opened fire on them. K9 Kitt was killed by suspect gunfire after making a heroic charge at the suspect to save the lives of his partners.
Officers Bill Cushing and Matt Donoghue suffered multiple gunshot wounds which resulted in on-going hospitalization and continued physical therapy.

Event 2:
Five Worcester PD officers responded to a local pond following calls for a drowning.
Officer Enmanuel “Manny” Familia along with four other officers selflessly and without regard for their own safety, entered the water to save several drowning teens. During the attempt, Officer Familia and a 14 year old victim drown.
Officer Familia’s ultimate sacrifice and the sacrifice of the other Worcester PD officers who entered the water resulted in several lives saved.
 Hero Down: 
Team Shootout Challenge
Join us on August 7th 
TacDynamics Law Enforcement Training Division has teamed up with Ridgeline Defense to bring one in one big shootout event,

This shootout fundraiser is a 4-man Team Shooting Challenge comprised of a 3-gun style shooting competition with several team building tasks and challenges that must be completed as a team.

This 1-day event is aimed at two things: To raise money through our sponsors, partners, donors, and attendees as well as provide an excellent team training event bringing competitors together in honor of Fallen Officers Manny Familia, K9 Kitt, and wounded Braintree Officers Bill Cushing and Matt Donoghue.

This event is OPEN to ALL competitors.

Fundraiser Mission:
The shootout challenge will also host numerous vendors and industry partners who have generously donated in direct support of this event.
There will be food, music, and lots of amazing raffle prizes. All family, friends, and spectators are encouraged to attend.

All proceeds raised will be dispersed appropriately through the following non-profit Massachusetts Law Enforcement-based organizations:

  • The Thin Blue Ride – Family of Worcester PD Officer Enmanuel “Manny” Familia
  • Braintree Police Working Dog Foundation – K9 Kitt
  • LEO Support Foundation – Braintree PD Officer’s Bill Cushing and Matt Donoghue 
Ridgeline Training Center
227 Miller Rd, Dalton, NH 03598
Date & Time
August 7, 2021, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
 Join us on August 7th 
Event questions contact: [email protected]

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