HMS 8th Grade Dance
Join us on May 21
For A Night Under The Stars
You’re almost done, but before it all ends, here's one last chance to make middle school memories with all of your friends.

The 8th Grade Dance is open to ALL HMS 8th graders including online students. This will be THE event of the year, so shop for your dresses and guys gather your Sunday best. Let's get ready to dance the night away, making memories that last!

We have planned a fun filled night that we hope is fun and memorable. There will be a DJ, Photographer and Videographer. Dinner will be provided as well as dessert. A pop-up coffee bar will be at the venue as well. It will be a cash coffee bar, so you will need to bring money if you plan on purchasing any.
Other than the coffee bar, everything else will be provided to all students/guest at no charge.

Attire: Please see information below for attire specifications.

Check in: Students/guest will be dropped off at the designated place once they arrive at the venue. You will not need to sign them in but there will be a table set up where students will check themselves and guest in once they enter the formal area. We ask that drop off be quick and smooth just like the traffic lines at school. Don't worry about getting that perfect photo at the venue. We have taken care of that for you. There will be a photographer and designate photo area set up for those keepsake portraits. These are also being provided free of charge to the students.

Volunteers and contributions: This is a school event but is being parent planned and hosted. This is free of charge to the students and their guest but we do need your help to make sure we have everything needed in order to make this a night to remember. An email will be sent at a later date that will include a list of needed items, a link to sign up to bring those items, and where the donation drop off will be. In addition to the list of items you will soon receive, the planning committee is also asking for monetary donations. These donations will be tax exempt. If you or you know of someone or a business that would like to make a monetary donation, we can provide needed documentation for tax purposes. All donations will go directly toward this event. If you prefer to make an in person monetary donation, please contact Misty Clay @ 828-234-2645 and arrangements will be made for a member of the planning committee to meet up with you or they can be turned in at Hudson Middle School. Checks can be made to HMS PTO with 8th Grade Dance in the memo line. Online donations can be made by clicking this link. Please make sure to make a note that donation is for HMS 8th Grade Dance.
HMS 8th Grade Dance Online Donation

Guests: Each 8th grader is allowed to bring only one guest. Any student who would like to bring a guest from another school will need approval and must be in 8th grade. The approval must be obtained/completed by May 1st. The guest form requires a reference from an administrator from guest current school and approval from the planning committee. If you are planning to bring a guest that will need approval, please make note of this when you complete your RSVP. An email will then be sent to you with the form for you to complete.

As an HMS school event, Dr. Elliott has the right to refuse to allow students with major disciplinary infractions or who are clear threats to safety to attend the dance.  She also has the right to remove a student from the dance for behavior on the night of the event.  This is for the safety and well-being of all students.  A school resource officer will be present at the dance.
Johnny Wilson Farm
2547 Dry Ponds Rd, Granite Falls, North Carolina 28630, United States
Date & Time
May 21, 2022
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Attire: Students are welcome to wear semi-formal attire, but it is not a requirement of attending. We have many resources available for students who want to come in semi-formal attire but need help acquiring clothing and/or footwear. If you need help getting clothes or shoes, please complete this form as soon as possible.

Dress code is gender neutral; the same rules apply to all.

Rules on dresses:
* No long formal gowns. Our 8th grade dance is at Johnny Wilson Farm and long dresses are best saved for Prom! Mid thigh to tea length dresses are perfectly fine.

Things that are not allowed on any outfit:
* Revealing dresses or outfits
* Bare midriff **Cutouts of any size (including mesh, lace, or see-through material) that expose skin are      not allowed.**
* Low-cut backs (below mid back)
* Dresses or other attire that is shorter than midthigh

Use this outfit form for approval of outfits.

Other school rules still apply; nothing that is vulgar, harassing, or has displays nudity, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol can be worn.

Dresses and outfits fit different people differently. Please submit a picture (I will link a form here) or two of YOU in your dress or outfit for approval (front and back). We do not need to see pictures of students in suits, but if you are wearing a dress or other attire that is not normal school dress, you need to submit the pictures for approval prior to May 20th. By doing this, we avoid any issues on the night of the event!

***Think about your footwear carefully! You want to look nice, but also be comfortable so that you can dance and have fun. And it is a farm… there is a finished covered area but there are gravel drives, grass, and a pond. Spiky heels sink in the grass and you don’t want to walk barefoot on gravel.

Here are some examples of appropriate semi-formal attire:
Join us on May 21
For A Night Under The Stars

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