Holiday Market : Japanese food & Winter Festival
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Rain or Shine, we have a huge indoor space!

PRE SALE Online Drink & Food Ticket $12, Online/Door Ticket $15
  • ONE FREE Sponsored drink : Asian flavored cocktails, Sake or Yuzu flavored mocktails (one bottle)
  • $5 OFF ONE menu item
  • Prime Sirloin Roast Beef Steak sample
  • *Sponsored drinks and Sampling food available ONLY for ticket holders. *Samples while supply last
 Join us on December 11th
Tickets includes One free drink, $5 off a menu item, Prime Sirloin Roast Beef sample food.
Online ticket holders: Priority entry
 Holiday Market 
Join us on Sunday, December 11th
An epic holiday market is coming to Brooklyn. You get the MIKA + Upstairs holiday market experience, New York’s popular Japanese restaurants/chefs will get together at a Brooklyn chic dining establishment. We’re turning all 8,700 square feet of Mika in Brooklyn into a night-market featuring:

  • Mouthwatering popular traditional Japanese food menu (Ramen, Sea Eel Don, Kobe beef sushiTakoyaki, Yakitori (Skewers), Bibimbap, Fried chicken, Gyoza, Hoji-tea pudding, Matcha tiramisu, Special sake flight tasting and more! ) by each restaurants/chefs/brands at Brooklyn chic dining execution, price range $10-$15

  • Prime Sirloin Beef Steak samples sponsored by Mt Fuji steak House
    * Only available for ticket holders

  • Sponsored drinks Asian flavor cocktails and Yuzu flavored mocktails by Drink Lunar, and Moshi * Only available for ticket holders

  • One of the most celebrated fashion illustrators, Izak Zenou will appear for live illustration! Super limited Holiday Edition Izak x Updatairs NYC ONLY 100 totes available! Portrait will be an One-Of-A-Kind holiday gift for your loved one and yourself!

  • Special Sake flight menu from Kato Sake Works & KUBOTA Sake
  • Selected local craft Sake, Beer, Wine, NY-cocktails

  • 2 areas (outdoor patio and indoor), Large island bar, Pool table, Darts

  • Photo booth for memories and fun

  • Theme :Red & Gold
    Suggested to wear Red or Gold!

More to follow! Menu may change.

25 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Date & Time
Sunday, December 11, 2022, 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 Join us on December 11th
Tickets includes One free drink, $5 off a menu item, Prime Sirloin Roast Beef sample food.
Online ticket holders: Priority entry
Non-ticket holders : Please expect a long line for entry
Abe's Kitchen
Chef Hiroki Abe is a private chef, and was named Executive Chef at En Brasserie where it offered him the revered status as one of the most demanded chefs in the world. He was featured on Forbes for handmade Tofu dish. Martha Stewart recommended his chef's table on her blog, and he was featured on Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg collaborations food TV show "Potluck Dinner Party". Abe stood at the helm of the new second restaurant by En, Chateau Hanare, in Los Angeles in collaboration with the famed Chateau Marmon. He now has furthered his career as a private chef.
AMATA | Arita Porcelain Jewelry
Handcrafted meticulously crafted Arita Porcelain jewelry. Crafted in Arita, Japan.

Arita ware is a broad term for Japanese porcelain made in the area around the town of Arita, in the former Hizen Province, northwestern Kyūshū island. The first porcelain made in Japan followed the discovery of porcelain clay near Arita near the end of the 16th century. Early wares used underglaze blue decoration, but by the mid-17th century Arita was in the forefront as Japan developed overglaze "enamelled" decoration in a range of bright colours.
The most popular Takoyaki in NYC, make 1,000 dishes each event and has always a long line! Karlsballs use carefully selected imported ingredients, and prepare fresh for each event. Karl has been featured on the cooking channel, vice action bronson show, CNBC, CBS, NHK japan bs1 and more.
Naruto Ramen serves traditional Japanese style ramen, there was a huge demand then they opened the second location in Brooklyn. The base of the soup is Shoyu ramen with a pork and chicken stock. Naruto Ramen uses original, handmade noodles in all of its dishes.
Yakiniku West is an authentic Japanese Style BBQ restaurant. Established in 1997 by West, which was founded 55 years ago in Fukuoka Japan. Yakiniku West offers reliable taste and service for decades.
Norikoh is a sleek Japanese restaurant. Norikoh blends the modern with the traditional, reflected both in its menu rooted in Japanese Kaiseki cuisine in addition to its fun cocktails.
DADHI OKUME is the first dashi (traditional Japanese seasoning broth) store in the U.S., opened in October 2022 in Brooklyn. Founded in 1871, "Okume" is a long-established dry goods wholesaler at the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market with a history of over 150 years, based on the philosophy of "delicious food forever."
We have more than 200 different types of food carefully selected by connoisseurs from all over Japan, and continue to support "fish diet" that represents Japanese food culture to this day.
In 2010, Menya Jiro was founded in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima District, Japan. MENYA JIRO won the championship at NY Street Ramen Contest several times. Now opening 3 shops in succession to New York.Menya Jiro bring the first  “Kagoshima Ramen” to NY. Soy sauce and seasoning are sent directly from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. It’s sticking to the taste of Japan as it is. 
Won the 3rd prize at the Konamon festival. Miyomacchi is a new face of  Japanese street food brand. The authentic YAKISOBA is made with chewy noodles stir-fried with cabbage, pork, bean sprouts, carrots, aonori (dried seaweed), red ginger, and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes

Kato Sake Works is a local craft sake brewery in Bushwick Brooklyn, Kato Sake Works offers local sake enjoyed genuinely. They are the neighborhood brewery that bridges cultures and reshapes the sake experience.

Miniature food
Generally delicate and tiny items are called "kawaii" in Japanese; miniature food is created with the Japanese miniature-art techniques of recent decades.

Riverside Wrapping
Hand-made in New York City with materials imported from Japan, these lightweight, unique, earrings are perfect for every occasion. By making accessories with the same materials Emi, founder of Riverside Wrapping, use for wrapping, allows her to combine the style, materials, and beauty of her multi culture backgrounds with the more modern aesthetic of her new home.
Japanese culture x Brooklyn Lifestyle is our brand concept. We keep our focus on quality, Not quantity. Japanklyn has founded to produce streetwear for all Japan lovers. We Love To Meet And Work With New People In Carrying Our Products.

Live Sumi sketch by Izak Zenou
Limited Availability
3pm: First 15 guests or VIP tickets holder
4pm: First 15 guests or VIP tickets holder
IZAK ZENOU is one of the fashion & beauty’s most sought-after and  globes top illustrators. We're thrilled to have Izak for Japanese inspired bamboo Sumi live sketch.

Izak has an inimitable way of telling emotional and graceful stories for high-end brands like Chanel, Lancôme, Celine, Sephora, Estée Lauder, le Printemps — to name but a few. More than any other, his 20+ year work for Henri Bendel on 5th avenue has shown every facet of his branding talents — from traditional prints to murals or windows, and from product decor and designs to artist in residence events.

Adopted by prestige magazines from day one of his career — from Vogue, Elle, Self, Marie Claire, l’Officiel, InStyle and Madame Figaro, to New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Town and Country, WSJ or Travel & Leisure – he has become an icon for many of his peers in the design world, as well as for his ever-growing list of fans in New York, Tokyo, Paris and more. But the only praise he is after is the smile in the eyes of the next face he will draw today.

Spiritual and profound, yet with an infectious “ joie de vivre”

KABUKI Art is coming to Brooklyn
Kabuki is a classical form of Japanese dance drama. Kabuki theatre is known for its heavily-stylised performances, the often glamorous costumes worn by performers, and for the elaborate kumadori make-up worn by some of its performers.

Kazuki Onohara worked as a Kabuki stage background painter for 12 years.

While in high school, he became interested in mural painting and started his career as a freelance wall and signboard artist. After graduating from the Image Creation Department of Asagaya College of Art and Design, he attended calligraphy and painting classes while working at a TV video production company, photo lab, and construction company in order to experience the wider world of creators. In his seventh year of working life, he was introduced to Kabuki props and worked as a background painter for 12 years. He became an instructor for a preservation group of
the Agency for Cultural Affairs' selected preservation techniques, and aspired to become an independent artist. In July 2022, he joined Matsuyama Studio as an assistant.
MT. FUJI Japanese Steak House
Since 1969, the Mt. Fuji Steakhouse restaurants have served as New York’s and New Jersey’s premier destinations for Japanese Hibachi cuisine. Specifically, the Mt. Fuji Steakhouse restaurant at Hillburn, New York, is an architectural splendor situated on a 45-acre private mountain, making it an iconic landmark restaurant unlike others. In keeping with tradition, the Mt Fuji Steakhouse restaurants also offer fresh sushi, authentic Japanese dishes and a fine selection of sake.
Brooklyn local brand with Asian flavored cocktails, First Asian Craft Hard Seltzer. 100+ recipes and many trips to Asia later, Lunar finally created a recipe that perfectly blended the Asian flavors we love with the modern hard seltzer in a delicious, harmonious way. The fruits and ingredients that flavor each can of Lunar are brought over from the motherland. And that's also why Lunar products have real colors, real calories, and a touch of real sugar. No artificial flavors 
New York local non-alcohol drink brand. Moshi made the brand to produce Asian drinks to go with Asian food  using Yuzu flavor. Real Ingredients, Real Taste. With Moshi Yuzu, we have captured all the unique profiles of this prized citrus and created a sparkling beverage like no other. 
25 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Upcoming Events
Jan 11 2023

with with Calvin D. Sun, MD, Emergency physician, Author, CEO & Founder of Monsoon Diaries
Dec 12 2022
with Astrotwins
Dec 11 2022
Photo credit : @renango


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    Yes, but we recommend you get tickets for 3 reasons
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(2) If we have a long line for foods, we will make a VIP line for ticket holders. Sponsored drinks/Sample food available ONLY for ticket holders.
(3) Helps us with demand planning and making the experience even better for everyone

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    We’ll scan in your QR code at MIKA, and give you a wristband, one drink and food vouchers.
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    Do not lose your wristband, food & drink voucher. We’re unable to replace these if you lose them. Use it or lose it ;)

  • 12pm-4pm has more variety of free drink selection?
    We will prepare the same amount of free drinks 12-4pm and 4-8pm.
About Mika
Mika has largely sourced local products for the bar, including Bushwick-based beers, local craft sake, food, and Finger Lakes wines with American – Japanese cuisine in Bushwick.
Instagram @mikabushwick

About Upstairs
Upstairs NYC is a non-profit organization formed in 2022 based in New York City to promote friendly relations between New York and foreign countries.

With a focus on promoting learning and community engagement across 4 pillars: art and culture, lifestyle, technology, and food. The organization has regularly hosted panel discussions, held experiential events, cultural celebrations and socials.

Our events also provide a forum for local creators to connect with future collaborators and engage with their audience.
Instagram @upstairsatnyc
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