How to Not:
A Counter-Strategy
for Racial Equity in
Without Merit
A certain tediousness and inflexible 
order exists in the realm of DEI.  In 
learning the skills and spending 
the hours necessary to fill their roles, 
many DEI professionals find themselves 
compromising to a point of 
unrecognizability, asking 
themselves, "Is this what I really 
signed up for?”  When the 
instruments and contexts of DEI
maintain their demands, especially
the ones without merit, how do you Not? 

Most theories, models and settings of 
“change” are often saturated in 
ideologies of whiteness, which have 
little capacity for racial equity. We 
propose a model and method of 
infusing these sites with the soul and 
spirit of liberation to produce more 
equitable outcomes for our constituents 
and greater peace for ourselves. This 5-part
interactive, tribe-building series will be 
a validating, affirming and hopefully 
freeing space for those wrestling with 
the frustrat(ed)(ing), standard models 
of DEI work.  

We're offering the ammunition to Not.
A Five-Part Series
Consider.  Most courses offer concepts in discrete units.  This week we'll talk about gender in DEI, next week we'll talk about the history of race... as if the two were unrelated.  Our approach takes a family of topics, explores them in relation to one another, and then takes the concepts and conversations deeper in subsequent turns.  It's not a circle model.  It's a corkscrew approach.

In this series, we'll explore:
- Professional Community
- Well-Being
- Differentiation
- Discovery
- Living Your Purpose
- Starting from Your Corner
- Transforming Models to Transform Work
Veteran teachers.  Master facilitators.  Life-long equity champions.  
Incredible friends.  You'll be in good company.
Krischanna Roberson
Krischanna is an award-winning racial strategist and leader of Collabovate Consulting where she collaborates to elevate large and small organizations who desire an inclusion first approach for systemic racial and cultural transformation. She is a highly skilled facilitator and educator on the social construction of race, culture, and education. Krischanna has a BA in business management and a master's degree in education with a focus on diversity and equity. A proud native New Yorker (Brooklynite) who loves a great pizza debate, especially from those Chicago folks. 
Marcus Moore
An immigrant, activist anthropologist, Marcus Moore is German-born and Georgia-raised.  A Black, story-telling teacher, his energies feed a clearly stated purpose – to know freedom and to teach freedom.  In his first career, taught college, high-school and middle school classes.  Now he uses the techniques that made concepts digestable and kept tweenage attention to coach individuals and organizations to accelerate the movement toward racial equity.  He’s a highly-skilled facilitator and master teacher.  Creative to the core, he finds new ways to share established ideas and add to those catalogs.  He’s also a demanding spades partner.
Starting Summer 2023
Join in.  Level up.

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