How to Watch The National Dog Show, stream Thanksgiving Day
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The National Dog Show has come back with a bark, allowing the return of spectators for the 2021 competition.



The 2021 National Dog Show also will carry on the tradition of being broadcast at noon, shortly after the the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Here is what you need to know about the 2021 National Dog Show.

What is the National Dog Show?

The National Dog Show is one of the most prominent, renowned dog shows in the world. Hosted annually by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, the show was first held in 1879 and has been a yearly event since 1933.

The National Dog Show is an American Kennel Club (AKC) sanctioned event, meaning that only purebred dogs registered with the AKC can compete.

There are 197 dog breeds recognized by the AKC that are split into seven different groups for judging.

What time is the National Dog Show?

The National Dog Show 2021 airs from noon to 2 p.m. in all time zones, directly after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What channel is the National Dog Show?

The National Dog Show 2021 will be broadcast on NBC.

How do I livestream the National Dog Show without cable?

For those who have a cable login, the National Dog Show 2021 will stream at noon at and through the NBC Sports app on mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

If you don’t have cable and want to stream the entire TV broadcast, you can watch on streaming platforms such as Sling TV or Fubo TV, which have NBC. Both offer a free trial, and each has a live TV and a DVR function, so viewers can watch the dog show in real-time or on-demand.

Who is hosting the National Dog Show?

David Frei and John O’Hurley have hosted every National Dog Show broadcast since it first aired on NBC in 2002 and will be back this year. So will Mary Carillo, who will provide analysis and commentary.

National Dog Show

National Dog Show hosts David Frei (at left) and John O'Hurley with dog show champion Bono the
Havanese.Bill McCay | NBC

Are there COVID-19 restrictions for the National Dog Show this year?

Although the National Dog Show is allowing spectators once again, the Kennel Club of Philadelphia requires everyone be fully vaccinated.

The show has some restrictions on younger spectators. Children under 12 are not permitted to attend the National Dog Show this year due to the timing of the vaccine rollout.

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