Human Behavior & The BD Process
Join us on April 18th
Humans are predictably irrational. We consume in business similarly to how we consume in life, and it’s impossible to predict a standard decision-making process. In this session, participants will learn how human behavior, specifically the study of human behavior, impacts business, business development, marketing, and the sales process. Newly addressed principles such as nudge theory propose adaptive designs for the decision-making environment that can be directly applied to how we market to individuals and groups in all settings

  • Understand how human behavioral science can be personally applied to everyday
    business routines to improve outcomes.
  • Learn how we as consumers are already being marketed to based on our irrational
    consumer habits.
  • Be able to develop a simplified communication plan that speaks to the needs of
    the individual rather than the assumed interpretation of the market.

Target Audience:
  • Those involved in content and design strategy.
  • Proposal managers who have limited writing and/or design resources.
  • Those whose departments cross into marketing and communications.
  • Those with a general interest in using an altered communication approach to simplify the proposal process.

Seth Barnett, Senior Content Strategist, Lockton Companies
Doctoral Researcher, Johnson & Wales University
APMP Member
Date & Time
April 18th, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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