ALARC Ice Dive
Join us on January 1, 2023
Jump into Lake Minnetonka to wake you up on New Year's Day! Great annual tradition with major bragging rights and contribution to wonderful charities. And continue to earn your fish levels.

The primary beneficiary of the proceeds of the ALARC Ice Dive will be the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. The mission of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is to honor the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001. They also honor our military and first responders who continue to make the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country.

The ALARC Ice Dive is in its new permanent home at the Port of Excelsior in downtown Excelsior at 395 Lake Street across from Haskels.  All registrations must be done online at this site. It will be a Drive-Up, Dive into Lake Minnetonka, and Drive-Away event. Divers are encouraged to have someone drive them to the event and be ready to drive the diver home. If you do not have a driver, there is some parking near the event in downtown Excelsior. Divers should wear their dive gear under their street clothes. Spectators will be able to watch the divers from a designated dock.

We are partnering with Excelsior Brewing Company for the event.  There will be great beer and music party at the brewery when you complete your ALARC Ice Dive.  The live streaming that we originally planned for the event into Excelsior Brewing Company has been cancelled for technical reasons.  We apologize for the change.

There will also be available fresh pizza from Olives Fresh Pizza Bar. Olives is connected to Excelsior Brewing Company. Divers will be able to order pizza after 11:00 am on New Year's Day, or it can be ordered online up to 24 hours beforehand here and have the pizza available at Olives when it is ready after 11:15 am.

Costume Contest

The ALARC Ice Dive will be giving away two $50 Gift Certificates, one each for the top two costumes worn by the divers as they jump into the comfort of Lake Minnetonka. The costumes will be judged by the ALARC staff. Judging criteria will be based on creativity and attention grabbing. Ice Dive spectators will be encouraged to voice their opinion also.

Waiver and Release

I know this event is potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter unless I am medically able and properly trained. I assume the risk of participating in this event. I also assume any and all risks associated with diving into Lake Minnetonka, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effects of weather and the conditions of the boat landing, all risks being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts, I hereby for myself, my executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue and waive, release and discharge the City of Excelsior, and the Active Life and Running Club (ALARC), or any other organization or person associated with the event, and the local government and police, emergency services, physicians, volunteers and any and all sponsors including their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting for or on their behalf, from any and all claims of liability for death, personal injury or property damage of any kind of nature whatsoever arising out of or in the course of my participation in the event. This Release & Waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown. The undersigned further grants full permission to this event and any organization conducting the event and/or agents authorized by them to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose. I have read the foregoing text and certify my agreement by completing this registration. Applications for minors (age 17 & under) assume that parental approval has been granted for this event.

ALARC Ice Dive T-Shirt

The design of the 2023 ALARC T-shirt is below.  The blue is the shape of Lake Minnetonka.  They come is Unisex sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and Extra-Extra-Large.
Excelsior Docks
395 Lake Street, Excelsior, MN
Date & Time
January 1, 2023, 9:00 AM
ALARC Ice Dive Stocking Cap

The Stocking Cap varies in color according to the divers number of dives - Black for less than 15 dives, Red for 15 or more and less than 20 dives and Gold for 20 dives or more. Order yours today to insure being able to pick it up on January 1st. The Stocking Caps come in Black for divers that have completed 14 or less dives, Red for people with 15 - 19 dives and gold for 20 dives or more.

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