Risa Adams and Marina Hazan have been teaching introductory workshops together since 2019. They are both Level 3 trained, Certified and Approved Consultants with the IFS Institute.

Scheduled over two and a half months this 48 hour course includes didactic teaching, experiential exercises, skill building practices, demonstrations, and 15+ hours of triad practice guided by Level 1 or 100 hour+ trained facilitators.

We will begin and end our journey with immersive 2 day sessions with a consistent pattern of guided triad practice sessions, case consult & demo groups and full day workshops in between.
Online via Zoom
Date & Time
January 17 - March 28 
9:00 AM
Intro Days 1 & 2
Jan 17 & 18  9-4pm EST

Guided Triad Practice
Jan 24 2-5pm

​Case Consult & Demo Group
Jan 31 2-4pm
9:00 AM
Feb 8  9-4 EST (Thursday)

Guided Triad Practice  
Feb 14 2-5pm

​Case Consult Group
Feb 21 2-4pm
9:00 AM
Feb 28  9-4 EST

Guided Triad Practice
March 6 2-5pm EST

(no meeting week of March 13)

Case Consult Group
March 20 2-4pm EDT (*Note daylight savings starts in Canada on March 10, check if different where you live)
9:00 AM
Therapist Parts & Closing
March 27 & 28  9-4 and 9-3 EDT

Join us on January 17
We look forward to learning with you!

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