IFS Demo 
Join Risa Adams Friday Sept 27  for a full length teaching demonstration of IFS. 
Learning IFS involves seeing, doing, practicing and experiencing. Witnessing demonstrations is one of they key components of IFS education.

Risa Adams will lead this session and begin with a brief meditation for all participants to make contact with their parts, and see if it feels right to volunteer for the demo or to be a witness.

For those who volunteer we ask that you be open to recording and its future use for teaching purposes. You will always be able to change your mind. And if no one is available for this we will open it up to a non-recorded demo, and trust that this is what was meant to be on this day.

Volunteering for a demo is one of the most generous acts, though for many it feels to parts to be a selfish decision. To 'take up' time and space can be difficult for parts of us who took on burdens of being or needing 'too much.'

Being seen can also be very challenging. We invite you to be respectful of your own parts and system, and make the most Self-led decision that is available for you. There is no way you can 'do this wrong' as every moment and every part offers extraordinary learning and transformational opportunities.

Cost: $30 (by Sept 6, $35 after)
No refunds

*Note: a list of participants and the Zoom link will be sent the day prior.
Date & Time
Sept 27, 2024, 1:30-3pm ET

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