IFS Connect Intro 
May 8, 2024
9-noon EDT (online)
Cost: $125*
Join us for a taste of Internal Family Systems - the theory, a demo, and a personal experience of your own parts and Self. Ideal for therapists and practitioners brand-new to IFS or deciding whether the 48 hour comprehensive course* with Risa and Marina is the right fit for a deeper dive.

                            Watch this 5 minute video to learn more!

*Participants of this intro will receive $100 credit towards the course.
Join experienced IFS teachers Risa Adams and Marina Hazan for a dynamic introduction to the Internal Family Systems model. This depathologizing perspective on mental health and the human condition has much to offer therapists and practitioners at any stage in their career.

A simple framework that can bring immediate results and continue to show the way to ever deeper levels of healing IFS may become your primary modality or serve as an adjunct to your existing practice modality.

One of the hallmarks of IFS is the focus on 'therapist parts' and getting to know one's own system and this brief workshop will offer you the opportunity to begin what could become an invaluable lifetime journey. We hope you will join us!

Cost: $100 Early Bird (HST included where applicable)
After April 8 Regular Rate of $125.

*Those who go on to register for the 48 hour course will receive $100 credit.

Refunds available until April 24 less a $25 admin fee. No refunds after April 24.

The workshop will be recorded and available to participants for 1 month.

Participants are those intending to use IFS for professional purposes whether as a therapist, coach or practitioner. Students are welcome!

Date & Time
May 8, 2024, 9 AM - 12 PM EDT
Risa and Marina have been teaching IFS together since 2019 and are both on the IFS Trainer's Track. They share a passion for sharing IFS teachings in an accessible and experiential way that will inspire students to want to learn more - for themselves as well as their clients. Learn more about them and IFS at IFSConnect.ca
Risa Adams, MD
IFSI Assistant Trainer
Risa is a physician providing IFS psychotherapy and perinatal mental health services. A Certified IFS Therapist and Approved Consultant with IFSI, she is passionate about bringing IFS to trauma and the systems that create it, including the medical system itself.

Risa is a mother, daughter, partner and basketball coach, as well as an avid reader. She lives with her family in Elora, Ontario on Treaty Land and is actively working to unlearn white privilege and cultivate cultural humility. Having experienced educational trauma herself, Risa is acutely aware and sensitive to shame in learning environments, and prioritizes relationship and consent in all of her IFS work.

Risa has taught introductory and comprehensive IFS courses for therapists and physicians including at St.Michael's Hospital Academic Family Health Team and the Central Lambton FHT. She is keen to bring IFS beyond the therapy room and into all levels of community and leadership.

As an Assistant Trainer with the IFS Institute Risa is part of bringing more and more Level 1 trainings to Canada. 
Marina Hazan, RSW
IFSI Approved Consultant
Marina is a Certified IFS Therapist and Consultant with over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and families, facilitating groups, and developing and leading workshops for professionals in Canada, Israel, Russia, and other countries. Marina specializes in treating attachment trauma, PTSD, challenging relationships, life transitions, and more.
Marina was introduced to the IFS in 2008 while completing the Couple and Family Therapy program of Tel-Aviv University. She learned the model directly from its creator, Dr. Richard Schwartz, having completed all three levels with him.
The IFS model has tremendously impacted Marina personally and professionally, and she is passionate to share her knowledge, understandings and discoveries with other people. Marina guides people with much clarity, confidence, compassion, and hope, and she believes that every successful journey starts with building a trustful and loving relationship within ourselves. Therapeutic and consultative relationships, that provide safety, containing, holding and lack of judgement, can become a great starting point for such a healing journey.

Having experienced several immigrations herself Marina understands and cherishes multi-culturalism and diversity, and knows firsthand the challenges and gifts of being different in a mainstream culture.
Marina fluently speaks English, Hebrew and Russian.

Marina is currently enrolled in the Lead Trainer Program with the IFS Institute and has been Lead PA for several international Level 1 trainings.

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