Lunchtime Workshops: Sunday 11/09
Poster Design:

This Workshop aims to equip early career researchers with the skills to design effective posters for communicating science to a range of audiences, with tips on how to consider accessibility as part of the design process.
Speaker: Dr Robin Hayward is a Communication and Engagement Officer in the Priestley International Centre for Climate at the University of Leeds. They are an expert in science communication and outreach and have previously worked in Tropical Forest Research - achieving a PhD in Restoration and Logging in the Bornean Rainforest.

Stakeholder Engagement:
Stakeholder engagement workshop for early career researchers: 
This session aims to provide an introduction to stakeholder mapping and engagement, including techniques for exchanging knowledge with public, commercial and third sector stakeholders. It will be interactive and participatory, with top tips from the facilitators and attendees shared and turned into a checklist for engaging stakeholders throughout the research project life-cycle. 
Briony Turner is a Knowledge Exchange specialist, working as Programme Manager of the CMIP-IPO, hosted by the ESA Climate Office near Oxford, UK. Her research interests span climate change and environmental health, indoors and out, including contaminated land. She’s secretariat to the UK Indoor Air Quality Working Party hosted at Reading University.
Sophie Hebden is a research liaison officer for Future Earth, based at ESA Climate Office. She is interested in the science-policy interface, working on communications and coordination of Earth observation research projects and activities. She has a PhD in space physics and an MSc in science communication.

Lunchtime Workshops: Wednesday 14th

How to Stop Self Sabotage and Trust in Yourself:

The aim:
  1. Become more aware of the emotional triggers and patterns that you have around self-sabotage (including imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing)
  1. Learn about how to practice and create the shifts in mindset you will need to work on these patterns.
Speaker: Alys Kay, Researcher Development Officer, University of Manchester.

Building a Network Post-Covid

This workshop is designed to teach early career researchers about networking, with a particular focus on the change of landscape around academia following the covid-19 pandemic and the proliferation of remote working and collaborating.

Speaker: Dr Sarah Ashworth, Researcher Development Officer, University of Manchester

How to write to get what you want

Writing effectively is a skill that it is essential to master for a successful scientific career in academia or in industry, but not all writing is the same. You can be the best scientist in the world, but if you can’t communicate your science to others it becomes meaningless, it has no value. You might have the best project idea in the world but if you can’t convince others to back it, it will never realise its potential. This session will give you some hints and tips on how to write, whatever the audience, and whatever its purpose. Gain insights into how to write to secure grants, update stakeholders on your project progress or even apply for a new role.

RSC CV Surgery
Join us at iCACGP-IGAC 2022 for a CV surgery. Dr Robert Bowles from The Royal Society of Chemistry will be on hand to give your CV a professional examination and offer practical advice on how to build an interview-winning summary of your unique blend of skills, qualifications and experience. Fifteen-minute sessions are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, so sign up while you can!
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