What does it mean to live an ignited life? It means different things for different people… For us it's a life of total abundance and fulfillment.

It’s a life of joy, love, gratitude, playfulness, contribution and harmony…

Where we are free to be ourselves and still feel loved and cherished.

When the moment matters more than the outcome, and the people matter more than the things.

It’s when we have people around us who inspire us to show up as the best version of ourselves, because that’s who we truly are.

When we find beauty and appreciation in the relationship we have with our partner, our parents, our children…

It’s when our career is aligned with our purpose and mission.

When we have someone to walk through life with and make every moment magical.

We decided to host this beautiful event to share what we’ve learned throughout our journey and make this an unforgettable experience for the people we deeply love and care.

Among other subjects, here are some of the tools we will share: 

  • How to create harmony among your relationship, your work and yourself
  • How to improve your communication
  • The differences between men and women and how to understand each other 
  • The 3 secrets of connection
  • Have even more support, sex, fun and free time
  • How to activate and embrace your core energy
  • How to overcome negative past experiences
  • How to not let financial circumstances negatively affect your life
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
9939 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819
February 12 - February 15
Who is this program for?
This will be an experience for anyone who is looking for additional tools on how find more meaning, direction and fulfillment in any area of their lives.
If you are single or in a relationship, this event will help you to awaken different parts of yourself to attract your desired partner or deepen your relationship with the one you love.
Anyone who is open to create even more moments of love, joy and fun!
Patty & Jason
Barbara and Sergio‘s relationship course was AMAZING! Highly recommended.
Both Barbara and Sergio were fun, warm, vulnerable, extremely knowledgeable and made sure that everyone in the class felt like they were in a safe environment to share. They shared multiple studies of the differences between men and women and they made the material relatable by using their relationship to showcase real life examples of both what works and what could have worked better. A few big takeaways were true partnership is more focused on being present and unconditional love versus being right. Having appreciation for women and the fact that women are far more complex in their life stages than the stages in the ark of a man’s journey. Everyone can gain unique perspectives from Barbara and Sergio’s expertise no matter your age, relationship status or life stage. The course is rooted in the human experience and how we can all connect with each other on a deeper more meaningful level.
With gratitude 🙏 and love 💙
Hermann & Amanda
Barbara and Sergio bring a full circle perspective on relationships drawn from raw moments from their own history together. They both appeal to their specific gender roles, modeling the female brain vs the male brain and how those unique roles help you truly understand how your partner thinks then tailoring your delivery and expectations of how we communicate. All of this to reach our relationships goals of truly being in a passionate and intentional love. You build an instant connection and a level of comfort with them as they build a space where there’s no judgement to speak freely and be vulnerable. We laughed (a lot) and cried (happy tears). You’ll leave wanting to just soak up their energy both as individuals and as a true power couple and wanting to put your best foot forward for the sake of rekindling a deep appreciation, passion and adoration for your partner. Mission accomplished ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Xoxoxo Amanda
Weslley & Cristina
Barbara and Sergio’s course was wonderful. They shared their own life experience as a couple and shared studies about the differences between men and women, and the different phases we go through in life. Their love, knowledge, vulnerability and warmth made us feel comfortable and safe to open up and share our own experiences with the group. We learned how to appreciate and embrace our differences as men and women, how to communicate with each other in a more effective way, how important it is to be vulnerable with one another and lead our actions and words with love instead of judgement. It was an incredible experience that any couple can benefit from, regardless of the stage of their relationship. And if you are not in a relationship, this course really helps to understand the opposite sex and also be a better person for when you find him or her. Highly recommend it!
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in this amazing course!
Love, Cristina❤️
Adriana & Bryan
Attending Sergio and Barbara’s couples retreat was a very rewarding experience. It was a full day of knowledge, games, experiences, and dynamics that provided my partner and I tools to intentionally work and improve our relationship. I was very pleased with the content and the structure of the retreat. I highly recommend you to attend one of their retreats if you are truly committed to working on having an extraordinary relationship!

Event Schedule

Friday, FEBRUARY 12
4:00pm Event Check In
5:00pm Event Begins
7:00pm Reception

Saturday, FEBRUARY 13
9:00am Event Begins
1:00pm Lunch
6:30pm Break
8:00pm Dinner

Sunday, FEBRUARY 14
9:00am Event Begins
1:00pm Lunch
6:30pm Break
8:00pm Dinner

Monday, FEBRUARY 15
11:00am Hotel Check Out 
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
Rising above the horizon stands Rosen Shingle Creek® Hotel, a sight welcoming you to experience the personal touch of an independent, full service, luxury hotel with all the amenities you expect. The location is prime—on Universal Boulevard, east of the Orange County Convention Center North/South expansion, and 10 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. Rosen Shingle Creek’s third and best-known quality creates the perfect trifecta—award-winning customer service.


Hotel room is INCLUDED from 02/12 to 02/15.
For additional nights, contact Carl at [email protected] or use the form on the bottom of the page.
This is an intimate event by invitation only. Space is limited.
Registration includes access to seminar, Hotel Room from 02/12 to 02/15, Lunch & Dinner, and activities.
Couples 4,499 per couple.
Singles $2,499 per person(Single occupancy)
$2,299 per person (Double occupancy)

A non-refundable deposit of $299 is required to reserve your spot.

Registrations made after January 20th will be subjected to hotel room availability and can't be guaranteed. 

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