Ikigai for CFPs provides purpose-driven Certified Financial Planners™ with a multi-faceted, science-based framework for personal growth; then expands to evolve the client experience toward holistic life planning. Program design is optimized to establish a meaningful foundation of insight, connection, perspective, empathy, and growth.

Ikigai for CFPs Program delivers three live sessions:
◾In-Person Workshop at The Collective in Seattle's South Lake Union Area.
◾1:1 Coaching Session with Sam Ushio @ Ikigai Lab
◾Virtual Group Session via Zoom

What this program IS NOT:
🚫A short cut to the meaning behind the money.
🚫A life coaching process based on leadership quotes and/or a Venn diagram.
🚫A practice management program to crush your business goals.

What this program IS:
💡A multi-cultural approach that challenges conventional norms while celebrating the unique values of every human.
💡A methodology for fiduciaries dedicated to an expansive definition of "best interest."
💡A forum for creative ingenuity in the face of rapid, transformative change.

Participation requires attendance at all in-person and virtual engagements. Pre-work is required in advance of workshop (~60 minutes), including the CliftonStrengths for Leaders assessment which must be purchased directly from Gallup for $49.99.

Program is limited to CFPs with a maximum of 12 participants.

two key phases: 
Phase 1: Your IKIGAI
▪ What is Ikigai?
▪ Why is Ikigai important?
▪ How to implement Ikigai into life?

Ikigai Foundation
• Moai | Liquid Network Research
• Ikigai Values Discovery
• CliftonStrengths for Leaders

Ikigai Action Plan
• Seikatsu System
• Growth Mindset
• Ikigai Life Dimensions
Phase 2: Your clients' IKIGAI
Equipped with insights from your personal Ikigai experience, you'll shift gears to strategically implement key tenets of the Ikigai methodology to the client experience.

Strategic segmentation to select optimal clients for Ikigai methodology.

Messaging framework provides language architecture to introduce Ikigai concepts linked to longevity, creativity, productivity, and happiness.

A guided process supports a pragmatic, scalable deployment of the Ikigai methodology to effectively evolve your client experience and enhance your value proposition.
The Collective
400 Dexter Avenue
Seattle, WA
Program FEE
Fee includes all programming and lunch during in-person workshop at The Collective.

Option #1 (June): $499
Option #2 (August): $799
​​​​​*CliftonStrengths for Leaders assessment must be purchased directly by participant.
Dates & Times
OPTION #1 ($499):
In-Person Workshop
The Collective
Wednesday, June 19th
10AM - 3PM Pacific Time

1:1 Coaching Scheduling: 
June 24 - July 8

Virtual Meeting:

Wednesday, July 10
2PM-3PM Pacific

OPTION #2 ($799): 
In-Person Workshop
The Collective
Tuesday, August 20
10AM - 3PM Pacific Time

1:1 Coaching Scheduling: 
August 26 - September 6

Virtual Meeting:
Thursday, September 12
2PM-3PM Pacific
IKIGAI in Financial Services
Ana Trujillo Limón & Jamie Hopkins
Carson Group
Uplifting Conversations 
Toussaint Bailey
Uplifting Capital
Life Money Balance Podcast 
Dr. Preston Cherry
Concurrent Financial Planning
The Greatness Machine
Darius Mirshahzadeh
Rise Growth Partners.
"Joe Duran's New Firm" - Barron's
Purpose on purpose
Gain valuable insights and unlock your potential with a purpose-driven community of CFP® professionals!    
Interested but can't make the dates work?
A fully virtual program will be offered in Fall 2024 for $1,499.
To place your name on the wait list, please click here.
The Collective
400 Dexter Avenue 
​Ikigai for CFPs is hosted at The Collective in Seattle's vibrant South Lake Union. The creative setting is designed to spark innovation and inspiration.
Urban Basecamp for the Mind, Body, and Soul
The Collective is a diverse community of members who thrive on adventure, shared ideas and purpose;  Genuine relationships and social capital can be built around the common goal of improving our world.
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ikigai journey.

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