Immediacy: the panel
Join us on March 13
TANK’s spring issue is inspired by Anna Kornbluh’s incisive new book Immediacy, or the Style of Too-Late Capitalism (Verso, 2024): a diagnosis of our dominant aesthetic mode of urgency, flow, frictionlessness, thinness and instantaneity. Describing the “hulling of artforms down to effective transfer” and closely intertwined with the dynamics of 21st-century capitalist production and circulation, immediacy’s influence is visible in Marvel movies and mental health apps, autofiction and Amazon Prime.

We celebrate our publication of 300+ pages dedicated to immediacy with a panel of esteemed thinkers: writer Vincent Bevins (If We Burn, 2023; The Jakarta Method, 2020); scholar and writer Zara Dinnen (The Digital Banal: New Media and American Literature and Culture, 2018); scholar and writer Sita Balani (Deadly and Slick, 2023); philosopher Peter Osborne (The Politics of Time, Philosophy in Cultural Theory, Conceptual Art and Marx); and chaired by academic and writer Hannah Proctor (Burnout: The Emotional Experience of Political Defeat, 2024).
91 - 93 Great Portland Street,
Date & Time
March 13, 2024
Doors from 6.30
Panel 7.15 – 8.15

General tickets £5, student and low-waged tickets £2
 Join us on March 13 
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