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Common Ground Conversations Journey
How can you transform your desire to learn more into actionable steps that can help build a more inclusive and equitable society starting in your own community?

CGC on Race Journey. Five-week Journey through 10 modules delivered two per week online in an interactive facilitated conversational safe space.  

CGC on Race Facilitation. 90-minute online interactive enlightening and empowering facilitated informative conversation. Order a CGC on Race facilitation (online or in-person) for your company, school, church, institution, organization or group. Registration open now for Feb. 9, 2021 Facilitation. Limited seating.
What is the CGC on Race Journey?
During our 5-Week CGC on Race Journey you can expect:

10 online modules with new credible well-resourced information over 5 consecutive weeks

90-minute weekly online sessions (2 modules per session, same day/time each week)

CGC on Race Journey Workbook (upon full completion of the CGC on Race Journey)

Supportive, interactive space for growth in cultural awareness & competence

Interactive, energetic, empowering participant discourse (activities and conversation)

New knowledge, resources and perspectives to equip societal change agents

Weekly embodied practices that foster empathy, new understanding and growth

Practical tools to engage others in local communities

Belonging to a community of practice to support ongoing journeys

Foundation upon which to develop and create specific action items

Focus on initial action steps toward cultivating systemic change locally
Link emailed to registrants 24 hours ahead of the Journey start
IT STARTS AT HOME. In 2019 we launched a workshop for parents and educators on "How to Talk to Kids About Race in America." The success of that workshop was interrupted by a global pandemic this year. If you're interested in learning more about our workshop, please sign up for updates. Interested in our virtual workshop produced for your group, business, organization or institution? Please send us an email request.

WE BELIEVE we all were born into a society still struggling with inherited 20th century segregationist policies and practices passed down to us. Unfortunately, our schools did not prepare us well to teach our kids about race in America. And schools today lack the culturally competent curriculum needed to prepare and equip future generations of confident knowledgeable empathetic societal change agents.

IT'S UP TO US AS PARENTS, FAMILY, FRIENDS AND EDUCATORS to determine what kind of society we will pass on to future generations. We must prepare children at home to understand and discern what they see and how they contribute to society each day. Like the adults around them, children also have to decipher protests, riots, police violence, systemic poverty and a host of societal ills that penetrate even the most protected environments sheltering privileged children from the real world.

OUR BELIEF is that we can start the process of building an Inclusive America through a foundation of common knowledge and understanding. Our workshop is an effort to establish a common ground of knowledge and understanding upon which we can learn from each other, teach our children, and together build an Inclusive America for future generations to inherit.
The Green Family
For immediate inquiries on booking, please send email to: [email protected].
Danielle Craig Interview
Award-winning news broadcaster Danielle Craig interviews Mike and Emily Green about their approach to helping parents, educators and other societal influencers talk to kids about race in America. Curiosity is key, Emily says. Be willing and open to listening to information from unfamiliar sources. Mike underscores the point of valuing people equally.
Watch. Share. (Prefer to listen? Here's the audio podcast)

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We cannot teach what we don't know. It can be daunting trying to figure out where to start. We offer a resource guide divided into three sections with usable tools for parents and educators to provide children a frame of reference and insight into what is happening in America today.

Order our e-book, How to Talk to Kids About RIOTS in America for only $4.99. In support of our efforts, please place your order for as many as you plan to share.

To promote productive dialogue, we produced an e-book filled with well-researched linked resources to provide a common frame of reference and support common ground conversations across the nation.

Many conversations we're engaged in today fail to produce productive dialogue. Across demographics, cultures and geographies we lack a common frame of reference and understanding of U.S. history.

Included in our e-book are references to stories of the past that led directly to the present day paradigm. When we talk to children, teens and young adults, we seek to give them a frame of reference, understanding of the past, knowledge of current paradigms and a filtered lens through which to analyze current events. This is a good constructive model ... if the initial frame of reference and understanding of the past is true.

This is the area where we can be most helpful. Our e-book, workshop, facilitated dialogues all help to fill in gaps that we were never taught. We cannot teach what we don't know. We can help.

Common Ground Conversations can start in your community today.

Major corporations, local companies, education institutions, churches, synagogues, community organizations and foundations can sponsor our Common Ground Conversations on Race in America in communities across the nation. We need your help to develop productive dialogue in every city and region.

Contact us today to learn more: [email protected]

Mike and Emily were interviewed on June 4, 2020 by friends Tom Bigboy and Brian Pannell, co-hosts of The Distillery, a podcast series unafraid to tackle the most sensitive issues in society and distill them down to easy-to-understand language in a nonthreatening conversation.

In this interview, Mike and Emily speak to the issue of Race and Riots in America from unique perspectives that offer insights never heard by most.

We offer an example of how we engage in common ground conversations with friends and new acquaintances. Paradigm-shifting. Listen. Share.  
Listener, Jon Bristow
The Renewal Project, sponsored by Allstate, interviewed us for a feature story in their publication and included an excerpt from our ebook, "How to Talk to Kids About RIOTS in America." (Thank you!)
BOOKINGS: Email inquiries or order a customized online Q&A session to discuss
Emily Green received a BA in Social Work and spent several years providing intensive, home-based wraparound services and coordinating care for vulnerable children and families in southern California and southern Oregon. She is now a homeschooling mom, women's group leader, retreat speaker, writer and passionate about offering encouragement and hope.
Mike Green is a national speaker, author, cultural economist and Chief Strategist at The National Institute for Inclusive Competitiveness (niicusa.org). Mike is also co-founder of ScaleUp Partners, a national consultancy specializing in local and regional economic strategies that cultivate workforce and entrepreneurial talent among the nation's Most Vulnerable Populations (MVP) to scale up their productivity and bolster the competitiveness and sustainability of local economies.
Mike Green delivered a keynote address to more than 300 professional city planners in September 2019 at the Planning Michigan Annual Conference, and to say our attendees were mesmerized is an understatement. Mike’s skill at covering some difficult-to-hear themes about social equity and racial justice is admirable, and his ability to make us want to do better is unsurpassed. He understands our role as municipal leaders, and provided arguments we can use to move the needle on planning for all in our communities, as well as to make whole those who have been devastated by generations of harmful government policies. We’d bring him back in a heartbeat. 
Andrea Brown, Executive Director
AICP, Michigan Association of Planners
I appreciated the rich historical content and context as the foundation for these conversations. This workshop is a balance of historical fact, human  experience, and connection. It was engaging, relatable and applicable. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability to opening the door to some of your experiences, so I could learn and grow from them. 

Spring 2019 Workshop Participant
It is okay, and in fact necessary, to tell our kids the truth. Our kids need to know real American history. Kids can handle the task of reforming our society if we empower them to do so.

Fall 2019 Workshop Participant
"How to talk to Your Kids About Race" is an excellent dialogue on implicit bias in the United States. Long-held beliefs are explored and challenged in a non-judgmental way that moves the conversation forward.

Kelly Vales, LCSW

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