***** COOL NEWS ALERT! *****
Effective July 7, 2021, the cost of the reunion main event/picnic is now $0!  Yup, you heard me right…a classmate, who shall remain anonymous, stepped forward and will be paying for the entire reunion event.  How cool is that?!?  If you have already paid to attend this event, make sure you show up on September 9 to receive your refund.  Note that any cost associated with the golf event is still the responsibility of each individual golfer.  Lastly – the registration deadline has been extended to Aug 1, 2021.
IMPORTANT:  COVID requirements for each event are dependent upon the official guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and all government/location guidelines and mandates.  Any requirements will be shared with classmates approximately one week before the reunion.
Hi classmates! You are invited to attend our 50th class reunion. Our reunion will consist of four events.

As of 7/7/2021, the cost is $0/person - but an RSVP is required for each person attending the main event.
When: Thursday, Sept 9, 6-11 PM
Where: The Vista at the Applewood Golf Course
14001 W. 32nd Ave., Golden, CO 80401
The Vista at the Applewood Golf Course is a large indoor gathering area with a beautiful patio. It has breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain foothills.
Delicious choice of gourmet appetizers with a full cash bar
RSVP: by August 1, 2021

When: Friday, Sept 10, noon-4pm
Where: Anderson Park
44th & Field, Wheatridge, CO 80401
Join us for a POTLUCK PICNIC! Bring a delicious dish to share. A pavilion with seating is provided. All BYOB beverages, including alcoholic beverages, are allowed in non-breakable containers only (no hard liquor).
Park info: Anderson Park

When: Thursday, Sept 9
Where: Applewood Golf Course
14001 W. 32nd Ave., Golden, CO 80401
Foursomes will be arranged and possible interest of a tournament is pending with prizes to be offered. The cost will be the responsibility of each golfer and collected in advance due to group cancellation policy. Tee times will be early enough to help accommodate personal time needed to prepare for our Main Event.
Interested? When you register, you can express your interest and someone will contact you with details, or contact our email address with questions ([email protected]).

When: Friday, Sept 10, 4pm
Where: Jefferson Jr/Sr High School
2305 Pierce St., Edgewater, CO
Meet your classmates for a quick tour of the high school
Interested? When you register, you can express your interest and someone will contact you with details.

Memory “Book”
The JHS memory book, whether in printed or electronic format, is the true souvenir of our reunion. Distribution will occur post-reunion.  Between now and then, we will be exploring the various ways this book will be made available.

Send an email to the Reunion Committee. Make sure to include your current name, your name at the time of graduation and your email address. Your entry will be included until 9/17/2021. Some ideas for this entry include:
- A brief summary of your life (examples, hobby. family or job info).
- A memory from high school (make sure it can be shared with everyone!).

The Vista at Applewood Golf Course
14001 W. 32nd Ave., Golden, CO 80401. 
Directions:  Applewood Golf Course

Anderson Park, 44th & Field, Wheatridge, CO
Directions:   Anderson Park 

If you need directions to Jefferson High School for the tour...hmmm...let the Reunion Committee know. (email:  [email protected])
Invite Classmates
We do not have information for many of our classmates - and that's where you can help.  A list of these individuals was  compiled, and ”snail mail” was used to send information to the last known address.  

Ifyou know of someone who did not receive an invite, please send a copy of this link to them so that they can RSVP for our reunion. That link is: https://www.eventcreate.com/jhs1971-50   Stay tuned!
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any hotel accommodations nearby?
The Denver Marriott West, 1717 Denver West Blvd. in Golden has reserved a block of rooms for us!  Simply call the contact below to make a reservation, ensuring you mention that it is for the JHS 1971 Class Reunion on September 9:

Nicole Papes, Director of Event Planning and Operations - 303-273-4025

This block of rooms will only be held until August 12, 2021, so hurry and get your reservation made. More information on hotel: Denver Marriott West Information 
Can I share this website with other classmates?
Yes!  Simply copy this link and send it other classmates:
 Do I purchase two tickets if I am coming alone to both the main event AND the picnic?  Can I bring guests to the picnic?
UPDATE - as of 7/7/2021, the cost is $0 per person, but an RSVP is required for each person attending the main event.  You are welcome to bring guests to the picnic, your own beverages and a potluck dish to be shared with no additional reservation; again, however, any guests at the main event require their own individual ticket.
Why do I have to pay for the reunion so early?
As with most events this size, the planners are required to sign a contract with the venue regarding guaranteed number of attendees, cost, etc.  In this case, we had to sign a contract that was further complicated by a possible maximum number of people allowed due to the current Covid restrictions.  In April, 2021, the maximum number of people that we were allowed to have at our event was 120; due to COVID restrictions being relaxed, we are allowed to have more!   As noted in several locations on this website, a classmate, who shall remain anonymous, is funding our reunion…but we already had most of the attendees pay for this event. The $40 per person that was paid will be refunded on the evening of the main event.

If you will not be able to attend, your “no” RSVP is also requested as soon possible so that we can appropriately plan for our reunion.

The  deadline for your RSVP is now August 1.
Is having a potluck picnic the best thing to do, given Covid?
That is an extremely difficult question.  CDC has said “...There is no evidence that people can get COVID-19 from eating food. However, sharing utensils and congregating around food service areas may present risks...”.  The reunion committee has agreed that it is too early to make any call on this question.  Instead, we will be monitoring the situation and send a message out to all attendees shortly before the event.  Our answer is based on what the experts are telling us now, and that answer will likely change for better or worse.  
What happens to any funds left over after the reunion?
A donation will be made to an organization yet to be determined. 
If I have already paid to come to the main event, can I add a guest later?
Yes.  Simply enter the guest as a separate entry, using the guest’s email address when completing the registration (i.e., the same email address cannot be used once registration has been completed).
How do I pay for the reunion?
A classmate, who shall remain anonymous, has stepped forward and will now be paying for our entire Reunion! As such, no payments are due other than if you will be playing in the golf event. If you have previously paid to attend the reunion, you will receive a refund on the evening of the event.
if you have questions on how payment works, send an email to the Reunion Committee ([email protected]).
Who should I contact if I have any further questions or concerns?
Your Reunion Committee can be reached via email:
[email protected]
Please RSVP by 
AUGUST 1, 2021
Registration is required for each attendee.  And, even if you will unfortunately not be able to attend, your RSVP is appreciated. 

If you have had a name change since graduation, please include that information in the requested field.

  if you have any questions, please send an email to:  [email protected]

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