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Medical science has brought about countless breakthroughs in the way we care for older people. But it has also led to a realization that physical and mental health are essential – but not enough. True, holistic care means understanding and supplying their spiritual needs as well.

Designed to help develop a greater understanding of how to accompany older adults in every aspect of their journey, whether they are living at home in a long-term care environment.

This training is beneficial for family members, staff of Seniors Care facilities, Spiritual Care volunteers, Church leaders, and others who desire to serve and care for seniors, and to help them discover pathways to meaningful aging.

''This course was so so much better than I expected, I really took away a lot from it and has made a dramatic difference in my life.''. ~ Bernadette

“Thank you for offering a world class course at such an affordable cost. Thank you for being patient as participants told their own stories and sought answers for their questions.” Donna-Marie - Educator

“I found that this coursed enriched my Faith and my approach to be increasingly sensitive to the needs of the people I encounter in my life, especially seniors. The modules on Dementia, grief, loss, death & dying were very impactful for me.” Claudette - St. Bernadette Parish

Virtual Program via ZOOM
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"This course was like...God handed it to me on a silver platter, so that I can listen, love and serve people much more deeply, wisely. Look at the timing! In our need, God provided. As before, indebted to you for offering the course.” 
             Ruth, participant 

“I can honestly say there was not one thing with the series that I didn't truly enjoy. The program content was very well developed and it kept a person really connected. I highly recommend for others to take this course.”
Roy - Spiritual Care Practitioner
Understanding the Aging Journey
Spirituality in Aging
Good Communication
The Power of Storytelling
A New Home, A New Way of Life
Loss, Grief, Death & Dying Roles
Boundaries and Self-Care
 Join us in April or September  2021
We look forward to embarking on this Journey to help seniors with you.

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