Kiamichi Mountains Bigfoot Conference
Join us on May 19th and or the 20th-21st, 2023
Come experience what is being tagged as, "The most comprehensive conference on Bigfoot ever conducted"...

*Learn facts about the Bigfoot species from field researchers, academic professionals, eyewitnesses and TV hosts from popular shows like "Missing In Alaska", "Monster Quest", "Ancient Aliens" and "Gaia".

*See physical and trace evidence of Bigfoot, photos and videos from witnesses and researchers and view scientific supportive research study information.

*Hear audio of Bigfoot vocals and listen to witnesses as they recount their hair-raising encounters firsthand.

*Experience and participate in a Bigfoot tracking workshop and demonstration.

*Meet your favorite authors and TV personalities and get your books signed in person.

*Watch and hear people howl to the winds and maybe even sign yourself up for the "Bigfoot Call Contest". Special* VIP Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place!

*Participate in the raffles to win prizes like camping gear, video equipment and more, (winners announced @ 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday.)

*Play corn-hole, watch live chainsaw carving and surf the diverse product and food vendors.

*The conference is suited for all ages so bring the whole family*

Kiamichi Mountains Bigfoot Conference, May 20th-21st, admission fees:
Pre purchase ticket price per day: $35 - adults, $17 - kids 10 to 18
At the door ticket price per day: $40 - adults, $20 - kids 10 to 18
Pre-purchase two-day event pass price: $60 - adults, $30 - kids 10 to 18
At the door two-day event pass price: $70. - adults, $40 - kids 10 to 18
Kids under 10 get in free!

Vendor Spaces available for $50. CONTACT: Tanya @ 918-385-1148

The Bigfoot Museum Of Oklahoma Donation Ceremony & Book Signing, May 19th:
This is a free gathering where donations are encouraged. Robert Kryder of KX- Kryder Exploration will be donating items to the museum for display and study and your favorite authors will be there representing their work, talking to visitors and selling and signing books. Don't miss this rare chance to rub shoulders with the best of the best and donate to a truly worthy cause. Floor time will be granted to both authors and those who wish to offer tribute with their donation.

Speaker Bio's:

Ken Gerhard
Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist, author and lecturer who frequently appears on television.

Ken has traveled the world searching for evidence of mysterious creatures including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, Mothman and the Beast of Gevaudan.
In addition, he’s written six books on the subject of unknown animals. His research has been featured on numerous TV shows including – Missing in Alaska, MonsterQuest, Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, The UnXplained (with William Shatner) and Legend Hunters.
Ken has appeared on major networks including Travel Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic, Syfy and Animal Planet.
He can currently be seen on the History Channel series –
The Proof Is Out There

Samuel Webb Sentell
Samuel Webb Sentell, Ph.D. MPAP
Dr Samuel Webb Sentell is a neuropsychologist with a PhD from Vanderbilt. He is the only researcher investigating Bigfoot who has published scientific research in the field of animal behavior.

Dr Sentell has endeavored to bring both ethology and psychoanalytic and neuroscience perspectives to Bigfoot investigations. Dr. Sentell was among the first published scientists to submit possible sample for analysis in the controversial Erickson Project or the "Sasquatch Genome Project". Dr. Sentell will gladly discuss the pros and cons of this research effort as well as his updated thoughts as a practicing scientist on the question of the Bigfoot Phenomenon.
MS Ethology
PhD Neuropsycologist
MSCP psychopharmacology
Member of AAS SSE
APA Heiser Award for Perscription Privileges.
1st Civilian Psychologist to get federal recognition as a Prescribed Psychologist.
Dr. Sentell works as a medical neuropsychologist in Shreveport, LA and specializes in Psychology.
He is listed as a (medical) psychologist, neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist, clinical child & adolescent psychologist, and marriage & family therapist. Dr. Samuel W. Sentell has 17+ years of experience in prescribing (medical) psychology.
He has also earned degrees of a Doctor of Philosophy and Medical Psychologist.
Licensed and registered with the National Provider Identifier database since September 22, 2006

Mitchel Townsend
Mitchel Townsend, Author, Scholar, Zooarchaeologist, College Instructor, US ARMY Infantry Veteran.

Mitchel Townsend has taught college level courses both internationally and at two different Northwest Colleges where he recently designed and presented the first 4 Bigfoot Courses ever offered. The first two courses “CSI Bigfoot” (2014) and “Bigfoot Solved” (2015) were based upon texts written by Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel. The second two “The Old Ones” (2017) and “Bigfoot Solved, Hybrid Hominin” (2018) are based upon his own independent multi-disciplinary field research and scientific papers in Zooarchaeology.

His Conference appearances include Sasquatch Summit (2015/2016), 69th Annual Anthropology Research Conference (2016), International Bigfoot Conference (2016), International Primal Peoples Conference (2018)

He served 12 years (1985-97) in various Rifle Platoon and Battalion/Brigade level Headquarters Company HHC positions within the US ARMY Infantry, US ARMY RESERVES Infantry, US ARMY NATIONAL GUARD Infantry, received an Appointment to US ARMY Infantry Officer’s School, with a final overseas (2) tour attached with Special Operations (Green Berets).

His University background includes Presidential and International Honors Scholar with degrees from the University of Puget Sound (BA), Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology (MA), has almost finished a second Masters (MA) from Gonzaga University Graduate School of Professional Studies, and a Doctorate (EdD) from the University of Calgary’s, Graduate Division of Educational Research with a combined cumulative Graduate School GPA of 3.95 respectively.

Jack Cary
Jack Cary is the founder of Paranormal Intelligence Agency and Researcher at Crypto Four Corners. In the past, he has received a Top Secret S.C.I. security clearance, serving as an encrypted communications specialist on nuclear submarines. 

Jack Cary is a published author of non-fiction works and poetry, and has written the forwards for many books and has been a paranormal investigator/cryptozoologist for 25 yrs. He is the founder of and current director of Crypto 4 Corners. Jack Cary is a regular guest on Ancient Civilizations, Deep Space, and Open Minds documentary series produced by Gaia. In Paranormal Planet, Jack presents his unified field theory of paranormal activity and chronicles terrifying and true case files of the paranormal intelligence agency and Crypto 4 Corners. Included is the shocking D.N.A. of Bigfoot, very real cases of werewolves and the most disturbing cases in all of paranormal research. Jack Cary has amassed an amazing amount of evidence that paranormal events can and do happen, and some of them pose a direct threat to planet Earth. His combined knowledge and 25 years in the field and tireless hours of research are carefully chronicled in his new book. The files of the Paranormal Intelligence Agency are not for the faint of heart. The images and case file photographs are authentic. 

Robert Kryder
Robert Kryder is currently living in New Mexico, USA, He has spent most of his life in the Southwest regions of the country as an adventurer/ explorer specializing in professional research and recovery projects of various forms.

Mr Kryder founded Kryder Exploration in 1994 and he and his teams have worked as advocates to create USFS treasure hunting permits as well as been utilized on some of the most infamous treasure sites and even crime scenes in the USA.
These projects include cave exploration, major excavation, ancient treasures & mines, above and below ground megalithic sites, gems & minerals, dinosaurs & forensic evidence/ field research of cryptids. Robert also specializes in various technologies like subsurface imaging with his services being requested by private, academic, Gov and law enforcement agencies.
His ability, methods and approach have made him a valued resource for universities and academics working on the fringe sciences. Eventually cooperating on Bigfoot field research/ studies at the request of Oxford University London, the Museum of Zoology Luzzane Switzerland and the University of New Mexico Gallup, NM, USA

Robert is also a teamster (local 492)/ picture car coordinator in the movie industry, racing and event coordinator, an artist, custom fabricator, gem cutter, tracker, chef, restaurant manager, pat inventor, designer and builder of custom equipment especially suited for tactical ops and paranormal research specializing in high-end, long-distance audio sampling.

Mr. Kryder has been featured on various network news, syndicate broadcasts, TV, radio shows and pod casts including Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert, UNTOLD Radio, Sasquatch Chronicles, Jerry & Kathy Willis, Night Callers Radio, WBR, Crypto Reality, and many, many others. He has presented to scientific peer groups, academic professionals and as well at public Bigfoot conferences. 
His, and his teams' efforts can be seen on their YouTube channel or the various social media pages and groups they have established for disclosure.

[email protected]

Troy Hudson
Darrell Adams
Darrell Adams currently lives in Warner Oklahoma and is a retired general engineering contractor with a specialization in underground construction. 

Prior to moving to Warner in June 2022, he resided in the Northwest state of Oregon for 13 years. After retiring, he was able to pursue his passion of hunting, fishing and camping.
However while spending time in the great outdoors of Oregon, he found himself discovering what appeared to be overwhelming evidence that Bigfoot resided near and around his home in Oregon.

Tobe Johnson
Tobe Johnson is the author of ‘The Owl Moon Lab’ books and researcher of all things related to Bigfoot.

With over a decade of research and his own experiences he has dedicated his work to investigating the relationship of Sasquatch and the paranormal. Tobe is the co-producer of the documentary Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed-- a groundbreaking 2-part documentary series that focuses on Sasquatch witness testimony. He is also the producer and host of the connected podcast
A Flash of Beauty: The Podcast.
Tobe has come to the conclusion that Sasquatch is not only very real, but is far beyond what most would have you believe.
Arla Cailleach Collett
Arla Cailleach Collett is well known for her work in the paranormal field, particularly in the Bigfoot community. She has lived a life full of mystery in the woods and had her first Bigfoot encounter at a very young age. Arla was taught by her Grandmother about of all the wonders that live here with us. She was never taught to fear anything but to approach it all in a positive manner.

Arla was born, grew up in, and still resides in Southeast Oklahoma. Where at only 6 years old, she was playing outside her home when she heard a noise and looked up to find a juvenile male Bigfoot or Sasquatch watching her play in the dirt. She ran to her Cherokee Grandmother and told her what she had seen, whereupon this wise Grandmother, on Arla's asking "What was it, Grandmother?", answered... "What do you think it was?" ... This simple act of allowing a child to think it out for herself before having it explained to her ignited a love and a passion for these intelligent beings that is still alive today.
As one of the first female bigfooters to accompany the men on their quests for the forest people
, Arla has had a long and experienced journey of discovery regarding all aspects of Bigfoot and the Bigfoot community. Having presented at numerous events and conferences and appearing on too many shows and podcasts to count, Arla brings a valuable resource to the table for all those wanting to learn and experience the many natures of Bigfoot.
Brian Terrell
Brian fell into cyrtid research a few years ago, but his interest in them stems from an experience he had, when he was a kid, late one night.

You see, when he was a kid, growing up on his grandfather’s farm, he had a habit of forgetting to turn off the barn lights. In fact, he had forgotten to turn them off hundreds of times. Due to that, numerous times, his grandfather had sent him out to the barn to turn off the lights and make sure the doors were closed. Well, one night, in 1983, he had forgotten to turn the barn lights off again and his grandfather called him on it. The barn was about 80 yards from the house and suddenly, after making it about half-way to the barn, and eerie feeling came over Brian. He had done this over a hundred times before, but never had he gotten the ominous feeling that hit him, suddenly, that night. He tried to reason things out and remind himself that everything was okay. Nothing was out there but cows. Soon, he’d see how mistaken he was about that.
If you’d like to check out The Red Dirt Cryptid Investigations YouTube Channel, please go to:

Brian produces three podcasts:
My Bigfoot Sighting
Dogman Encounters
My Paranormal Experience

John Vandeventer​​​​
John Vandeventer is an Oklahoma bigfoot researcher Born in Dallas, raised in Plano TX. He now resides and researches in Honobia Oklahoma. He is a 16 Year USAF Veteran. He is married to Monica Vandeventer who also goes out with him to research. John is the author of Sasquatch novel series "Relics" and "Shadow Chasers". Once a Bigfoot skeptic, he is now a recreational Investigator and Researcher. He began researching the Bigfoot subject for material to write a novel in 2014, and became hooked on the subject. He then began field investigating and research in 2015. John moved from Sulphur Springs, Texas to Honobia, Oklahoma in 2018. John has been a guest Speaker at Honobia Bigfoot Conference

Investigation and research areas include, North Sulphur River TX, Long Pool AR, Brown Springs OK, Honobia OK.

“I am not a Bigfoot Expert.” - John Vandeventer
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Event Schedule

May 19, The Bigfoot Museum Of Oklahoma, 500 Veterans Ave, Talihina, OK 74571

May 20-21, Choctaw Nation Community Center
100 Railroad St, Talihina, OK 74571
Date & Time
May 19 2023, 7pm to 10pm

May 20-21 2023, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
 Join us on May 19, 20-21 
We look forward to seeing you!

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