LA ALMA: The Afro-Cuban experience 
Join us for the next evolution of the SOUL supperclub series

Join us at the fourth seating of SOUL where we will meet at the crossroads where food, culture and spirituality meet in the Afro-Cuban culture.

La Alma (The spanish word for soul) will bring an even more immersive experience with music, dance, and ritual paired with food and drink to honor and uplift our ancestors who landed in Cuba during the transatlantic slave trade. We will explore coffee, chocolate, and the other various crops that were tended by captives on the island as well as examining the similarities of the foods we eat here in the americas. All to the driving beat of the clave.

Afro-Cuban culture evolved primarily as a mechanism of survival and adaptation for the African men and women who experienced slavery, dehumanization, and racism on the island for 350 years. The first enslaved Africans were taken to Cuba in 1513. Many of these first Africans were forced to work in the mines of Cuba as replacements for the rapidly disappearing enslaved indigenous Taino-Arawak laborers.

The African legacy goes beyond the religious realm in Cuba. The foods Cubans enjoy the most, their typical cuisine, is made of autochthonous African ingredients such as okra, yam, plantain, or malanga root. Cuban music owes its existence to African instruments such as the batá, iyesá, and bembé drums or the güiro. World-known Cuban rhythms such as rhumba, conga, salsa, and son cubano are the ultimate result of the African heritage blending with Spanish and other beats. Their everyday Spanish language has been enriched by African words such as fula, ampanga, guaguancó, or bachata. Cubans themselves are, as recent DNA studies prove, partially Africans.

This experience invites you, yet again, to a seat at my ancestors table.
Hotel Peter and Paul Cathedral
2317 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA 70117

Date & Time
September 18, 2023, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Andrea Peoples

Andrea Peoples is a seasoned African, Afro Cuban, and Dunham Technique dancer and choreographer. She is honored to have studied with some of the world's greatest master dancers and musicians. Her African studies were under the tutelage of Djeneba Sako, Moustapha Bangoura, and multiple others. She studied Dunham Technique under Keith Williams, Theodore Jamison and Afro Cuban dance under multiple teachers in Matanzas, Cuba as well as in the United States. Peoples is also a well-respected cultural arts organizer and consultant. She has had the honors of coordinating an event for Pedrito Martinez and LP (Latin Percussion) drums, working with Kreative Arts Collective as CEO, Cuba Nola as an event consultant and instructor, collaborator with Grey Goose vodka and the NOPSI hotel. (NYE show producer, and choreographer), Black Dance USA as co-coordinator, University of Missouri St. Louis theater department as head choreographer, Washington University as adjunct professor of dance, Tulane University as guest dance instructor, Young Audience as an arts integrationist, Institute of Ashe Movement as dance director, and Dillard University as dance instructor.
As a professional cultural dancer, Peoples has lent her performance expertise to Three Keys at the Ace, as a resident performer, Los Van Van (Cuban national recording artist), IFE (Puerto Rican national recording artist), and Cima Funk( Cuban national recording artist)


Funke is a phenomenal musicologist, intentionally weaving audible stories and creating the ambiance of the evening. They will return paying homage in sonic form to those ancestors who survived off just enough. They will bring us to the bone and marrow of our collective spirit through music as each course is sonically paired.
Funke will be along for the ride as they take you on a sonic excursion of black music that provided balm to the spirits of our ancestors. From Africa to the Americas, They will explore the common ethnomusicological thread that has shaped and continues to preserve the spirit of black folk.
Chef Maya Mastersson

Chef Maya Mastersson is the founder of the Black Roux Culinary Collective and the woman behind the SOUL supperclub series. She taps into the ancestral realm and channels the spirits of those that endured so that we can. Her goal is to challenge the narrative on what is considered " slave food"  by elevating dishes that were generally reserved for captives and the poverty stricken,
Chef Maya is a chef, culinary historian, and published author with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. She has appeared on food network several times and has received recognition from the James Beard Foundation along with other accolades. Mastersson, is an artist that brings people together to create an immersive dive into culture, plated.

Toure Folkes

Born in New York City and shaped by many places along the east coast, Touré Folkes now calls New Orleans his home. He is the Executive Director of Turning Tables, a New Orleans based non profit that is changing the current face of hospitality by providing mentorship, cultivating leadership, and creating career pathways for Black and Brown hospitality professionals while advocating for equity in the hospitality industry. Touré was selected as a 2022’ Imbibe 75 ‘Person To Watch,’ an annual list of the people, places, and organizations that will shape the drinks world
Bill Summers
The Billboard Music Award Winning and Multiple Grammy Award Nominee Bill Summers is New Orleans based Afro-Cuban jazz/Latin jazz percussionist, a multi-instrumentalist who plays primarily on conga drums. Summers is probably most well known due to his work with Los Hombres Calientes along with his friend and co-leader of the group, trumpeter Irvin Mayfield. Summers worked behind the scenes on film scores for various movies such as The Color Purple and the television miniseries Roots with Quincy Jones. He also played with Herbie Hancock and is mentioned in passing by the liner notes of The Headhunters' 2003 release Evolution Revolution as contributing to that recording.
Summers is a musician of the highest order, playing anything from traditional African instruments to pop bottles, and a cultural visionary who brings diverse people and ideas together.
More to come
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The SOUL experience always features a six course tasting menu paired with cocktails, history, and culture. This menu will serve to honor and uplift our ancestors by paying homage to the deep roots of the African Diaspora in cuba. The culture, music, and spirituality will all be represented and celebrated through food and drink. The menu is in development!

Keep an eye out for the menu drop in a few weeks

September 18th

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