Join LatterGayStories for a black-tie art gala!

In 2014, the Mormon church stopped printing The Miracle of Forgiveness. By 2015 they began removing copies from their bookstore shelves at Deseret Book. Even though the printed version was culled, Deseret Book continued to sell digital-download copies of the book online.

In 2021, LatterGayStories started the #TrashTheStash movement, encouraging its audience to remove copies of The Miracle of Forgiveness from bookshelves, home libraries, and church buildings. In less than one year LatterGayStories listeners removed nearly 6,000 copies of the book, an undertaking that was documented every Thursday on the LatterGayStories Facebook and Instagram pages.

LatterGayStories continued to tag @TheChurchofJesusChrist and @DeseretBook asking them to stop selling the online version, and to account for the inaccuracies found in Spencer W. Kimball's legacy publication. Finally, on December 31, 2021, Deseret Book quietly deleted the online version of The Miracle of Forgiveness from their platform. Deseret Book repeatedly denied an opportunity to respond to an inquiry as to why they removed the digital version.

What do we do with 6,000 copies of The Miracle of Forgiveness? 

We repurpose it!  Artists from across Zion have created art pieces using reclaimed copies of the book. The art created from these books create a story showing how the harmful rhetoric of The Miracle of Forgiveness is and from pain can be born progress, prosperity and the ability to thrive.

JOIN US!  April 23, 2022 | 7:00 PM at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, for the black tie art gala!

We will have an open art exhibit displaying the art, a cocktail hour with drinks, hor d'oeuvres, a short program, and a private concert featuring SUIT UP, SOLDIER to end the evening.

Dust off the formal wear and join us for an awesome night.

Tickets are $25 | includes access to the exhibit, hor d'oeuvres, and the concert! 

Utah Arts Alliance Theater
602 E 500 S Suite E101
(Trolley Square West Side)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Date & Time
April 23, 2022
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
6:30 pM
Doors Open
Doors open at 6:30 PM with a red-carpet entrance into the exhibit. 
7:00 pM
Art exhibits are open to the public. Browse art created by used copies of The Miracle of Forgiveness.
7:00-8:00 pM
Art exhibits are open to the public. Browse art created by used copies of The Miracle of Forgiveness.
8:15 pM
Speakers share the importance of the #TrashTheStash project and why The Miracle of Forgiveness was harmful to Latter-day Saints. 
8:45 pM
CONCERT! featuring: Suit Up, Soldier
We are ending the night with a music and dance party!
Suit Up, Soldier takes the stage for a live concert of old favorites and new hits! 

Join us on April 23
We look forward to celebrating with you!

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