LEAF 2023 
Lighthouse Energy Acceleration Forum
LEAF2023 is a significant and exclusive gathering focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. It brings together a diverse group of individuals, organizations, experts, and changemakers who share a common goal: driving positive change for a more sustainable future.
Leadership Summit
DEC 2-3* | Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
COP28 Dialogue
DEC 5th | Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE
COP28 BlueZone
DEC 4th | The Expo City, Dubai, UAE
Panelists & Thought Leaders
Meet our keynote speakers, a distinguished ensemble of visionaries and leaders. Each brings a wealth of experience and insight, poised to ignite discussions and inspire actions towards a sustainable future. Their groundbreaking ideas and transformative strategies are set to galvanize change at LEAF2023.
Ma Jun
Commissioner, Climate Governance, IPE Director, Beijing
Expert in Tech-Driven Corporate Environmental Sustainability.
Anurabha Ghose
Climate Commissioner, CEO, Energy-Environment Council, New Delhi.
Global Sustainability Leader, Influential Climate Policy Architect, Advisor.
Carl Brinton *(TBC)
Managing Director
Program Strategy, The Rockefeller Foundation
Strategic Leader in Global Program Development and Implementation.
John Vlasto
Chair World Federalist Movement / Institute for Global Policy
Global Advocate for Federated Policies and Institutional Governance Reforms.
Adriana Erthal Abdenur
Co-Founder CIPÓ, presidential Advisor for brazil
Climate governance pioneer, Plataforma CIPÓ co-founder, presidential adviser.
Kate Brandt
Sustainability Officer, Google
Driving corporate sustainability, tech-led environmental strategies expert.
Bhadra Kanaiya
CEO, Sunways Global
Innovator in solar power, champion for village energy empowerment.
Sylvie Maalouf
Earthna Institute,
Programs Manager,
Policy Hub, CEO Office
Championing sustainable policy development as Programs Manager in the CEO's Office.
Ralitza Ivanova
Director, Lighthouse Trust
Investment strategist for sustainable futures, naturopathy enthusiast.
Maja Groff
Senior Treaty Advisor, Climate Governance Commission
Legal expert, committed to global climate governance improvements.
Johan Falk
CEO, Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Advocate for rapid, scalable solutions in climate action.
Sharan Burrow
Vice Chair, European Climate Foundation
Labor leader turned climate advocate, emphasizing just transitions.
Helmy Abouleish
Promoter of regenerative agriculture, leading eco-friendly initiatives.
Pankaj Sehgal
Founding Partner, lighthouse trust

Sustainability Consultant, next gen. energy tech investments
Maria Fernanda Espinosa *(TBC)
Co-Chair, Climate Governance Commission
Former UN General Assembly President, prominent climate diplomat.
Amanda Ellis
Director, Arizona State University
Forward-thinking educator, focusing on sustainable development solutions.
Interested in speaking at the event?  Be a part of our influential discussion platform during COP28, where meaningful conversations spark change. As a speaker, contribute your vision and expertise to shape a transformative agenda.   
Full Program & Schedule
2nd December - Leadership Training. Venue: Nirvana Retreat, Ras Al Khaimah
An overnight event focused on green energy, evenironment sustainability, and water recycling.
|      3:30pm
|      4:30pm
|      5:30pm
Shuttle Departure
Departure from COP28 Expo Site/Blue Zone to Nirvana Retreat.
|      7:30 pm
Strategy Session on Leadership Center
Discussion on the Climate and Planetary Boundaries Leadership Centre proposals. 
Supported by
4th December - Future Economy Forum (FEF),  A Blue Zone Event at Cop28 
Creating A Sustainable ‘Zero Carbon Footprint’ World Future Economy Forum Pavilion
The Blue Zone is a UNFCCC managed site, open to accredited party and observer delegates. It hosts the formal negotiations across the two weeks of the conference, as well as the World Climate Action Summit, the country pavilions, presidency events, and hundreds of side events including panel discussions, round tables, and cultural events.

2 x Panels discussing carbon reduction and global clean energy revolution.

|      2:30pm
Panel -1 : Creating A Sustainable ‘Zero Carbon Footprint’ World
Immerse yourself in an insightful session led by Mr. Pankaj Sehgal, where industry giants, manufacturers, investors and operators share their experiences in harnessing renewable energy and empowering rural communities. Innovators discuss technologies that are likely to bring down costs, improve efficiency and increase system reliability. This panel is a must-attend for those interested in the practicalities of transitioning to sustainable energy sources.

Moderator: Pankaj Sehgal
Amazon (TBC)/Timken (TBC)
- Bhadra Kanaiya, CEO Sunways Global
- Ralitza Ivanova, (TBC) Lighthouse Trust
- Representative of Maharashtra Government (TBC)
Time Duration: ~40 minutes
|      3:20pm
Panel -2 : Global Collaboration for a Sustainable Future: Connecting Governance, Policy, and Innovation Across Borders.
Join an engaging panel led by Maja Groff, featuring voices like Sharan Burrow and Johan Falk. Dive into discussions about regenerative agriculture, transformative educational initiatives, and the creation of synergistic global policies. This panel will provide a broad perspective on sustainability, touching upon diverse aspects like agriculture, education, and global governance.

Moderator: Maja Groff

- Sharan Burrow, Commissioner at the Climate Governance Commission, Vice Chair, European Climate Foundation, Former General Secretary at International Trade Union Confederation
- Ma Jun, Commissioner of the Climate Governance Commission, Director, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), Beijing
- Helmy Aboulushi, CEO of SEKEM (or colleague)
- Sylvie Maalouf, Earthna Institute, Programs Manager, Policy Hub, CEO Office
- Johan Falk, CEO and Co-Founder of Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Time Duration: ~35 minutes
5th December - LEAF2023 -  Lighthouse Energy Acceleration Forum, Venue : W4, Villa at Emirates Hills 
An informal dinner and discussion on climate stability, clean energy transition, and fostering sustainable human and economic development. Meeting of thinkers and doers in sustainable future and renewable energy fields, joined by high-level governance and policy leaders.
|      5:30pm
Shuttle Departure
5:30pm shuttle pick up from Blue Zone
|      6:00pm
Arrival and Welcome Reception
Guests are welcomed with light refreshments and an opportunity to mingle in the serene environment of Emirates Hills. Shuttle buses will be available from the COP 28 venue for convenient transportation.
|      6:30pm
Opening Address and Keynote Speeches
  • Opening Remarks by Bhadra Kanaiya, CEO of Sunways Global
  • Keynote Speech by Maja Groff, Convenor of the Climate Governance Commission
  • Special Address by a representative from Emaar, discussing sustainable development in challenging environments
|      7:00pm
Special Presentations
  • A showcase of innovative projects and initiatives by Sunways Global and partners.
  • A brief talk by Kate Brandt from Google on leveraging technology for sustainable solutions.
|      7:30pm
Dinner and Networking
  • A gourmet dinner featuring a variety of international vegan cuisines will be served. This will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to engage in in-depth discussions and build connections.
|      8:00pm
Panel Discussion: "Rising to the Challenge: Courageous Thinkers and Doers for a Sustainable Future"
  • Moderated by Johan Rockström of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, this panel will include diverse perspectives from global leaders in sustainability.
|      8:30pm
Interactive Session
  • An interactive session involving audience participation, focused on brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving around key sustainability challenges.
|      9:00pm
Closing Remarks and Networking Continuation
  • Final remarks by a senior representative from the Climate Governance Commission, followed by a chance for guests to continue their discussions and networking. 
ACT Summit 2023
December 01
Event Co-Host
Collaborative Allies
Driving Change Together
LEAF2023 is fortunate to be associated with a cohort of visionary organizations. Each, in their unique capacity, echoes our objectives and commitment to transformative change. These distinguished associates contribute significantly to shaping the dialogue and action towards our collective goals. Their presence and insights are pivotal, underlining the importance of collaborative effort in advancing our shared vision for a sustainable and positive future.
Our event is proudly supported by visionary sponsors, each a leader in their field, driving impactful change towards a sustainable future. From pioneering eco-retreats to cutting-edge energy solutions, and from innovative wellness platforms to groundbreaking technology, our sponsors embody the spirit of progress and commitment to a healthier, more sustainable world. Their invaluable support is crucial in making this event a success.
News & Updates
Stay informed with the latest activities, press releases, expert insights, and media contacts published throughout COP28 and LEAF2023. This section is your hub for all essential updates, ensuring you're always connected to the pulse of these pivotal events. Dive into our engaging blogs and access up-to-the-minute news, keeping you at the forefront of sustainable action and global change.
Call for Speakers!
Posted NOVEMBER 5-23
We're seeking dynamic speakers to join our summit, bringing innovative ideas and impactful insights. If your expertise aligns with sustainability and you can contribute meaningfully to our dialogue, we invite you to apply. Your company's endorsement and a commitment to driving change are essential. Elevate our discourse with your vision.

  1. Topic Relevance: Choose topics that align with sustainability, renewable energy, and impactful innovation.

  2. Target Audience: Tailor your content for an audience comprising investors, changemakers, energy sector leaders, and government representatives.

  3. Summit Norms: Adhere to the event's focus on sustainability in both content and delivery.

  4. Impact Goal: Aim to inspire actionable insights and meaningful change among attendees.

  5. Engagement: Engage with a diverse, global audience, fostering collaboration and dialogue.

  6. Submission Process: Proposals should reflect your company's vision and potential for making a significant impact. 
  7. Email submissions to [email protected]

Contact Information
For inquiries and assistance, Please contact
LEAF2023 Coordinators
Email : [email protected]
Dr. Moobi Alwright
Program Director - Sustainability Initiatives
+971 55 109 55 11

Prem Sehgal
Director Growth & Strategy
+971 58 153 0460

Harsh Bhandari
Director Hospitality
+971 56 290 4322

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