Legacy 8 Escrima Seminar
Honoring GM of FMA 
Join us on December 04, 2021
GM Darren Tibon's Escrima Master's Legacy Seminar is back December 4, 2021 with Legacy 8: honoring the Grandmasters of the Filipino Martial Arts. Be a part of this historical event of Escrima Grandmasters and Masters gathered together to share their art and their teachings of FMA.

Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to meet with and learn from the greatest practitioners of Escrima, as they share their teachings, fighting techniques, and experiences.

This full-day workshop is packed with practical instructional content.
Catered lunch is provided!   Free Commemorative T-Shirt!

Participating Masters:

  • GM Sijo Raynard Lozada & Family
  • GM Sijo John Oliva
  • Master Darren Tibon
  • GM Sultan Uddin
  • Angel's Disciples
  • Master Kirk McCune
  • GM Graciela Casillas
  • GM Bradford Namahoe
  • Doshi Richard Van Donk
  • Pintados Garduce
  • Tuhon Belton Lubas
  • Guro Sachi Villareal
  • GM Felix Roiles
  • Guro Roger Agbulos
  • Suro Jason Inay
  • GM Marc Behic
  • Guro Ferd Terado
  • Guro Mateo S. Masallones Jr.
  • GM Carlito Bonjoc
  • Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal
Twin Dragon Academy
151 Old County Rd
San Carlos, CA 94070
Date & Time
December 4, 2021
Doors open at 8:00am
Seminar Starts at
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Legacy 7 Seminar 2019
Kahana Bay, Hawaii
October 12, 2019
A historical event of Escrima Grandmasters and Masters gathered at one event to pay respect to the founders of Stockton’s Escrima Grandmasters and share their teachings for a common cause of unifying Filipino Martial Arts.
 Join us on December 04 2021 !
Space is limited! Don't Miss out!
Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy, Inc.
151 Old County Road, San Carlos, CA 94070
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