What is Little Scuzzy?
“In a larger city, it's like there's this stream of energy going, and all you have to do is jump into that stream and get wet. In the middle of the Midwest, you have to dig the fucking well.”
- Paul Mahern, Zero boys

The Little Scuzzy Film Fest is a low-to-no budget film fest that emphasizes underground film. Deriving influence from the likes of John Waters, Troma, and every other freak who got access to a camera, this festival showcases stories and styles that break the viewers expectations.

Little Scuzzy Film Fest was first curated in 2012 and screened experimental films in the basements of the local showhouses, The Swamp and Skihaus. (RIP to both of those magical testaments to the tenacity of Southern Illinois weirdos). After a decade hiatus, Little Scuzzy was resurrected by original organizer, Carson Cates with the help of Ellen Esling of the Peach Pit.

We are pleased to include 25 experimental shorts and 2 features for this year’s Little Scuzzy! Be advised, some of the film selections include gore, flashing images and adult themes. This festival is intended for adults.
Okay, But What is THe Peach Pit?
This an open air, outdoor event on a small farm (Local Lore Farm) at nighttime. The Peach Pit refers to Ellen’s family farmhouse which has been in a consistent scuzzy state of renovation for several years.

The screening will take place in a field where the terrain may be uneven. There is a small grassy field for parking- bring only vehicles that can drive off terrain/on gravel drives. In order to minimize the amount of cars and traffic, our admission prices incentivize carpooling! If for any reason ticket cost is a barrier, please reach out to us to discuss- we are happy to make this event accessible and affordable to you. If there is wet weather, we may postpone the event for our rain date, Saturday, November 11th.

Bring a lawn chair, blankets, and plenty of warm layers. We will have a small concession stand selling s'mores ingredients and other snacks. The field will have fire pits dispersed throughout for warmth. While we would absolutely love to meet your dog, for now leave pets at home.

The funds collected from this event will alleviate event expenses. Any remaining funds will help fund our next film production! We appreciate your support and thank you for your interest in the Little Scuzzy Film Festival.

Please email [email protected] if you are in need of any accommodations or have a question!
The Peach Pit
(Local Lore Farm)
2932 Springer Ridge Rd Carbondale, IL
Date & Time
November 4, 2023, 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
6:00 Pm
Gates (of Hell) open
Park, set up your spot, and chill out.
6:30 Pm
acid! 1
Short Film block ( 30 min ) 

<Hello world/> - Oleksandr Isaienko
Leeches - Samira Liotta
Welcome to the Enclave - Sarah Lasley
7:10 Pm
Short Film block ( 25 min ) 

Marenys - Carles BM

What is a Man? -Rob Munday
The Tower - Noah Michael Smith
Joy - Julietta Tettlebaum
7:45 Pm
Short Film block ( 25 min ) 

Malware - Beto and Duca
Wassermusik - Olivia Artner
Appendages - Weston Lyon
Big Mudd Luv - Alee Quick
National Bird 2 - Curtis Miller
Age of Self - Ailín Ó Dálaigh
8:15 Pm
Short Film block ( 20 min ) 

V- Douglas Lucas
Doom - Rita Casdia
Proxy 2023 - Mahda Purmehdi
The Message - Bruno Pavic
Black Hallucination - Oleksiy Konopelko
Catula Theme - Jeanne Stern
8:45 Pm
Acid! 2
Short Film block ( 30 min ) 

Alice in Arizona - Stuart Pound
The New Flesh - Rupert Jorg
Soap is an Illusion: (Dirt: Part One) - Lake Ivan
9:30 Pm
Pumpkinman Lives
Feature Film by Brewce Longo

Pumpkinman Lives is a short that’s inspired by the work of the eccentric underground legend David “The Rock” Nelson, who appears in all of my movies. After making 2 nasty features we figured we’d try to do something more PG. Its a ghost story that’s both tragic and extremely silly. It stars a 4 year old and a 65 year old.
11:00 Pm
Flesh games
Feature Film by David Dawson

"JACKASS meets TRASH HUMPERS starring nothing but really unhealthy Midwesterners."—Strange Tapes Zine
FLESH GAMES was a group of virtually unknown "stuntmen" and "comedians" hailing from the mighty cornfields of Northern Illinois. They achieved little to no success. This is their tape...

Shot entirely on an old camcorder with zero budget—FLESH GAMES is a reality blurring found footage genre bender. Directed by David Dawson (Bone Barrel [2019]“

 November 04 
We look forward to hosting you!

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