Live Tiny - Finally!
This virtual seminar is a preliminary planning class that will funnel into a larger Planning process.
You need the fundamentals to plan, which will lead you to take the next step - informed and ready.

I will give you the foundational information you need to start planning your tiny home journey.

Coming Soon:
Turn Key Tiny Home Planning Packages-Tenant Owned Tiny Homes on Leased Land- Plan, Design, Build, Live!
12:00 pm
Greetings + Introduction
Meet Bianca, hear her tiny journey!
12:10 pM
Types and Descriptions of Tiny Homes
Learn what type of tiny homes you can legally permit in Ontario. How builders are certifying, how to find the right builder, and what questions to ask. We will talk about a size guide and Ontario Building Code for tiny homes.
12:20 pM
Urban vs Rural Living (on vs off grid)
What types of services, utilities and hookups you can expect to find for both Urban and Rural "parking." On vs off grid, how to factor these details in when designing your tiny home with a builder (or yourself).
12:30 pM
The Bylaw that Permits Tiny Living
What is the bylaw that permits tenant owned Tiny Living? You'll find out in this seminar, how to use it, and where. 
12:40 pM
Where you can live tiny in Ontario
Where and how can you place a tiny home you own on leased land.
12:50 pM
Turn Key Tiny Home Financing 
Find out how to finance our consulting, permits, site install, land assessments, and your entire build.
1:00 pM
Next Steps + Q & A
How I can help you, your next steps.

Question period.
Meet your Instructor
Bianca Metz is a Tiny House Consultant with her company The Giving Tree, she is active in legislation transformation for permitting tiny homes, and has been an integral part of areas across Ontario re-forming their bylaws to allow tenant owned tiny homes. She also lives in her own 240 sqft tiny home with her family, living as land stewards to 6 acres.

She's done it, she lives it, now let her help you do it!

Join the Seminar today and lean how to live in your OWN tiny home!
"Bianca is amazing! I'm a Tiny House builder and she is single handedly changing the landscape of LEGAL tiny homes throughout the province. She is tirelessly making connections with municipalities and helping to shape and change the legal landscape of tiny home living. Her organization has helped numerous clients of mine work through the red tape and find a place to park their home."
D'Arcy M
Owner, Acorn Tiny Homes
"An absolute wealth of knowledge, if you're lost on where to start with downsizing, looking for help navigating bylaws or just need help finding good local resources rather then spending days googling with no help. Bianca will be straight forward and honest about the options helping you plan or direct you to the best resources to continue your journey! 11/10."
Zach S
Tiny Home Owner + client
"Bianca is so knowledgeable, kind, passionate, and caring. she is a trailblazer and accomplishing great things with tiny home legalization in Ontario. She is a true leader! She is authentic as she lives tiny herself and advocated for many causes she deeply believes in. I appreciate all the ways she supports our clients to help them take the next steps on their tiny home dreams,"
Heather Fritz
Owner, Fritz Tiny Homes
Join us February 8th

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