Come and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! Live performances, games and giveaways. Chinese lunch combos, drinks and dessert available for PRE-ORDER ONLY. Space is LIMITED, so please register today!

Marengo Elementary School PTA in association with the South Pasadena Chinese-American Club invite you to this festival celebrating the Lunar New Year at Orange Grove Park in South Pasadena.

Walk the Great Race trail to learn about the significance of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, and enjoy games and giveaways from South Pasadena community organizations, Marengo Mandarin Dual Immersion classrooms and other sponsors. There will be a food booth pick-up for those who pre-order Chinese lunch combos, drinks or desserts from Phoenix Food Boutique, who is generously donating 20% of food sales back to the Marengo PTA Lunar New Year Event.

Look out for lion dancers and other performers!

Admission for adults is FREE, but please register for timed entry. Please select the time slot you want at Registration. Due to limited capacity, admission is not guaranteed if you do not pre-register.

Admission for kids 12 and under is $5 if pre-ordered by February 12, Admission for kids at the gate is $7*. Kid's admission includes a Trail Map. Only Trail Map holders will be eligible to play booth games and receive complimentary treats and crafts along the Great Race trail. The map will also tell the story of The Great Race and have a place for children to collect stamps at each booth. The Great Race will end with a chance to enter the big bouncy dump truck sponsored by Athens Waste Management Service.

*We have a limited quantity of Trail Maps and cannot guarantee their availability at the gate.

Please use the Add-On feature at checkout to order your food. Food must be PRE-ORDERED by FEBRUARY 9, 2023 and will be available for pick-up at the finish line. Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy your lunch on the lawn!

Street parking is available. However, please read all signs for any restrictions.
Orange Grove Park
815 Mission St., South Pasadena CA 91030
Date & Time
February 12, 2023,
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Live Performance Schedule
Performance times are subject to change.

11:00 AM
Lion Dance by Immortals

The Immortals are a renowned lion dance team based in the city of LA.
In the early 1960s, Jeff Chan informally established the "Chinese Lion Dancers of Los Angeles." Jeff took in a group of kids from the L.A. Chinatown neighborhood to train them in martial arts and lion dancing. He was the first person to start his own group not tied to a family association or Gung Fu school. To this day, several of the original members still perform with their grown children.

The brightly colored costumes of the playful lions and ferocious dragons, the sounds of drums, gongs, cymbals, and the smell of incense and firecrackers delight the senses as these skilled Gung Fu fighters display their physical strength and expertise in weaponry.

In 1978, the group adopted the name "Immortals" based on the Chinese folklore of the 'Eight Immortals'. Our group colors are Red and Black, symbolizing General Kwan Yu from the Three Kingdoms Period. General Kwan represents courage, bravery, uprightness, and loyalty. He is regarded as a peerless hero and an exceptional fighter. He is also the patron saint of Chinese martial arts.
11:15 AM
Traditional Chinese Dance byTCDance at USC

Established in 2005, TCDance at USC is a non-profit organization that serves as an inspirational body to encourage further awareness for Chinese dance as well as to provide inspiration to communities everywhere. The purpose of TCDance at USC is to explore, promote, and educate the public about Chinese culture and Chinese traditional and folk dance by performing at on- and off-campus events along with philanthropic events for the surrounding community.
11:30 AM
Tai Chi Demonstration

Tai chi, short for Tai chi ch'üan, sometimes called "shadowboxing", is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits and meditation. Tai chi has practitioners worldwide from Asia to the Americas.
11:45 AM
Tai Chi Lesson

Tai chi, short for Tai chi ch'üan, sometimes called "shadowboxing", is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits and meditation. Tai chi has practitioners worldwide from Asia to the Americas.
12:00 PM
Face Changing Performance by Weichi Zhong
Face-changing, or "bian lian" in Chinese, is an important subgenre of Chinese Sichuan opera. Sichuan opera is one of the Han Chinese operas, popular in eastern and central Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province. Sichuan Opera masks are the important part of the Sichuan Opera performing; they are treasures that the ancient opera artists work together to create and pass down. The secret of the face change has been passed down from one generation to the next within families.
12:15 PM
Lion Dance by The Immortals

12:30 PM
Traditional Chinese Dance by TCDance at USC

12:45 PM
Face Changing Performance by Weichi Zhong

1:00 PM
Lion Dance by The Immortals

1:15 PM
Tai Chi Demonstration

1:30 PM
Traditional Chinese Dance by TCDance at USC

1:45 PM
Face Changing Performance by Weichi Zhong

 Join us on February 12
We look forward to celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with you!

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