Miami's Baddest 5
Saturday, April 3, 2021

Who will rule the kingdoms of the South? The mighty Eastern realms? The powerful families to the West? The Icy Northern kingdoms? The stoic center Kingdoms? Who will travel to the mighty fires of the Southern kingdoms... to rule them all? TAKE BACK YOUR CROWN!!

Welcome to Miami's Baddest!
Crossfit Kendall
14251 SW 120th St Suite 103, Miami, FL 33186
Date & Time
April 3, 2021, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
By registering for this event, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. 
Tickets are non-refundable.
 The Battle Axe Gym is a proud supporter of FAM (Fighting All Monsters). 
We're asking Miami's Baddest athletes, spectators, and Battle Axe friends and family to help us raise $1,000 for this awesome foundation. All donations go directly to FAM. Visit our website to learn more.
Novice Men
Francisco Erazo
William Berner
Ali Alawie
Angel Martinez
Jerrold Gaskins
Allen Carey
Frank Castro
Roberto Nunez
Damian Ramos
Matthew Gordon
Shane Zink
Steven "Goose" Winchester
Antonio Serbia
Steven Sellers
Hernan Marin
Mustafa Ahmad

Master Men
Victor Hernandez
David Thornton
Orville Franks

Sebastian Rodriguez
Bryan Bonilla (Junkyard)
Sebastian Kluger
Rafael Paredes
Will Ramirez

Esteban Cruz
Paul Martinez
Josh Heilman
Michael Pelaez
Andres Herrera
Cody Perdue
Harry Walker
Omri Mota
Richard Canning
Steven Owens
Filip Fajack

Austin Hoogenboezem
Terrance Porter
Justin Sievert
William Manzanares
Harry Walker

Michael Dipierro
Justin Langhout
Johnathon Lewis
Nelson Abdo
Nicholas Topa
Rey Cunha
Nicholas Smith
Hristo Muskov
Novice Women
Alejandra Paz
Nina Herran
Ingrid Saenz
Teddy Reardon
Taylor Reynolds
Christine Sebastian
Julia Tezanos

Masters Women
Juliana Carvalho
Rachel Herrholz
Penelope Barber

Yessica Martinez
Kenzee Olyphant
Stacy Angelora
Jay Melian
Melissa Meyers
Erica Jackson

Sami Depass
Alexandra Castellanos
Autumn Swavely
Alexandrea Walkley
Julia Tezanos
Mariel Navarrete

Monica Gragg
Nieves Rodriguez
Jessica Galler
Andee Goode
3 attempts, Wessels rules (you miss, you're out), straps, no suit, Texas deadlift bar, 30 second max per attempt** this will be run in 3 lanes.

All female start weight will be 225 and up 15 pound jumps
All male novice men start at 315 30 pound jumps
All open men start at 405 30 pound jumps
Axle clean and press/log clean and press 3 reps each for time. Points will be given per rep or for time. Start on whatever implement you want first. Can go back forth. Up to you. Choose wisely.

*all women and novice men will be using a 10 inch rogue log
* all men open class will be using 12 inch rogue log

NOVICE W- 90/90
MASTER W - 100/100
LWW - 110/110
MWW - 130/30
HWW - 140/140

NOVICE M - 185/185
MASTER M - 245/245
175 M - 205/205
200 M - 225/225
231- 245/245
HWM - 275/275
Carry yoke 25ft and farmers 25ft back, each for time or for distance. Only farmers distance awards points, if lifter does not move farmers, that is a 0. Entire implement must cross. Unlimited drops. No straps allowed. No tacky. No bullshit.

NOVICE W- 350/105
MASTER W - 400/150
LWW - 400/150
MWW - 500/165
HWW - 550/185

NOVICE M - 550/225
MASTER M - 700/275
175 M - 600/250
200 M - 700/275
231- 800/300
HWM - 900/330
Lifters will have 90 seconds total to complete a max distance (50ft turns)of their choosing with a keg. After distance is made, the lifter will have 3 attempts at making a bag over bar. Time stops when bag hits the ground. If bag does not go over bar, Lifter gets a ZERO for event. Distance only counts if bag goes over bar. CHOOSE YOUR DISTANCE WISELY. Happy hunting.

*** Weight are in order of: Keg, SB, Height

NOVICE W- 100/20/12
MASTER W - 135/20/12
LWW - 135/20/12
MWW - 155/30/12
HWW - 175/35/ 12

NOVICE M - 200/35/14
MASTER M - 255/35/14
175 M - 225/35/14
200 M - 255/35/14
231- 275/40/14
HWM - 300/50/14
60 seconds for max reps over bar. Tacky allowed.

All women bar height is 50''
MASTER W - 143
LWW - 143
MWW - 175
HWW - 200

All men bar height is 54
NOVICE M - 200
MASTER M - 275
175 M - 250
200 M - 285
231- 300
HWM - 340
 Join us on April 03 
Take Back Your Crown!!

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