Morning Sanctuary:
Art to hear yourself think
POP-UP Exhibition 8-9 Dec 
& Workshop 
with Suzanne Moss 
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9-11am Saturday Dec 9
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Friday 9-1 or Saturday 11-1
About the Exhibition & Workshop

Would next year be better for you if you could discover an enjoyable way to ease the worrying and stress?
What if you could discover a simple strategy for more peaceful, soulful living?

In this workshop, art, play, mindfulness and meditation come together to give you skills to tap into creativity and lightness of being instead.
It's about how to make a designated space to think YOUR thoughts,
not about making art, therefore no art skills are required.

DEDICATED to peaceful, soulful living, Suzanne presents this workshop along with her exhibition of paintings and ceramics developed over several years.

Composed with hand-woven Alpaca scarves, linen cloths, candles and flowers, Suzanne's 'Peace Room' collections intend to nurture body, mind and spirit.

Suzanne teams with Leanne King of Simply Wholesome, in Tumut, with the shared vision of serving her community to live in ways that nurture sustainable health and well-being.

Book your 2-hour Workshop with Suzanne on Saturday 9th from 9-11 am followed by Simply Wholesome's fabulous coffee or your beverage of choice:
For $97 you may gift a friend, (that's two for one!) AND receive $100 discount on a boxed 'Peace Room' collection or painting.

You could even win a painting by making an ART PEACE donation to the Unicef appeal for the children of Gaza HERE

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~ Gift a friend, two for one offer!
~ A 'cheat sheet' to help you create the vibe you're seeking
~ The 6-steps to creating and using your 'Morning Sanctuary.'
~ Guided meditation & visualisation into a peaceful New Year
~ $100 discount on a 'Peace Room' collection
~Coffee @11am Saturday 9th December

We acknowledge and are grateful for the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and create - Wiradjuri, Wolgalu and Ngunnawal Aboriginal peoples.
Meet the Artist
SUZANNE MOSS PhD is an experienced painter, teacher and life coach, who also makes ceramics for her 'Peace Room' installations. These little meditation spaces are places you can go to hear yourself think. Micro-environments that invite you back into your other forms of intelligence, such as curiosity and imagination.
Trying to figure everything out all the time? Suzanne can show you how to stop the inner treadmill; let go of worrying, soothe your soul and create with ease instead! Certified in teaching, coaching and spiritual care, Suzanne is dedicated to helping people live with the soulfulness that art and meaningful creative practice can bring. She has been guiding those who yearn to find their unique creative way in the world since 2006.
“…Suzanne Moss moves the dial to the intimate, the scaled down, the understated. Her “environments,” like tableaux, call for closely considered viewing and a mindset that is slowed down and more receptive… Once you step into one of these carefully considered settings, the calm and serenity materialize around you like a fragrant, ambient ether.”

Deborah Barlow, artist, curator and author of Slow Muse, Boston
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Friday 8th: 9-1
Saturday 9th: 11 - 1

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