Be at the forefront of cutting-edge techniques and innovation in urology and robotic surgery. Prostate, Kidney and Bladder Cancer along with Basic Science talks and presentations, live surgeries, 3D video presentations, simulation laboratories and more. Join us in New York City from December 8th to 10th, 2023. A long line up of over 80 speakers, many of whom are giants in the field, providing you with a unique opportunity to learn from and connect with them. Save a spot NOW.
World Renowned Speakers
We are extremely excited to showcase the lineup of over 80 internationally renowned speakers. Giants in the field of urology and robotic surgery covering topics across prostate, kidney and bladder cancer and basic science research. Watch the space for a full lineup of speakers coming soon.
Ashutosh Tewari
MBBS, MCh, FRCS (Hon.)
Chair, Department of Urology
Icahn School of Medicine at
Mount Sinai
Ketan Badani
MD, FRCS (Hon.)
Vice Chair, Department of Urology and Director of Robotic Operations
Icahn School of Medicine at
Mount Sinai Hospital
Peter Wiklund
Director of Bladder Cancer Program Icahn School of Medicine at
Mount Sinai
Watch the space for
a full line up of speakers
coming soon.
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|      12/08/23
Day 1 - Plenary Session (Prostate Cancer)
|    7:00 – 7:45am
|    7:45 – 8:00am
Introduction by Dr. Ash Tewari
|    8:00 – 8:20am
Title: Celebrating the Life of Alan Partin, Championing the role of Surgeon-Scientist (Speaker: Dr. Mohamad Allaf)
|    8:20 – 9:30am
Panelist (s): Peter Pinto, Alexander Mottrie, Francesco Porpiglia, Vito Pansadoro, Anant Kumar
Moderator (introducing surgeon): Ashok Hemal
|    9:30 – 9:45am
BREAK (Coffee)
SESSION 2 The opening Act: From Screening to Diagnosis to Surveillance (15-minute talk followed by 5-minute Q/As)
Panelist(s): Isaac Kim, Alberto Briganti, Joseph Smith
Moderator: Ashok Hemal
|    9:45 – 10:05am
Moving Beyond Gleason Grade: What Does the Future Hold?
Speaker: Kenneth Haines
|   10:05 – 10:25am
The Monogram: Role of MRI in Prostate Cancer Screening
Speaker: Peter Pinto
|   10:25 – 10:40am
AI in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Speaker: Prokar Dasgupta
|   10:40 – 10:55am
Use of MRI in Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Sameer Taneja
|  10:55 – 11:20am
Active Surveillance in 2023: What Have We Learned and Where Can We Do Better?
Speaker: Lawrence Klotz
|  11:20 – 11:35am
The Utility of Genomic Classifiers in Early Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Eric Klein
|  11:35 – 11:50am
Foundations of Neuroanatomy
Speaker: Prof. Atsushi Takenaka 
|  11:50 – 12:10pm
Prostate Cancer Screening Using a Novel Mobile Van-Based Approach: Can This Redefine the Delivery of Healthcare Equity?
Speaker: Ash Tewari
|  12:10 – 1:15pm
SESSION 3 From Theory to Therapy: New Innovations in Surgical management for Prostate Cancer
(15-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/As)
Panelist (s):Ash Tewari, Dr. Mohamad Allaf, Cora Sternberg, Kyrollis Attalla, Dr. Menon
Moderator: Abhay Rane Talk in this session Avi Reddy (Talk on HIFU experience at Mount Sinai)
|  1:15 – 1:35pm
Fluorescence in prostate cancer surgery
Speaker: Francesco Porpiglia
|  1:35 – 1:55pm
TcPSMA Radioguided lymph-node dissection (LND)
Speaker: Alberto Briganti
|  1:55 – 2:15pm
Rationale for Focal Therapy: A Review
Speaker: Daniel Eberli
|  2:15 – 2:35pm
Modalities of Focal Therapy and Possible Complications
Speaker: Jonathan Coleman
|  2:35 – 2:55pm
Photodynamic Therapy in Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Mark Emberton
|  2:55 – 3:15pm
ERUS Talk – Current Robotic Systems
Speaker: Alberto Breda
|  3:15 – 3:35pm
Considerations for Urethral Sphincter Nerve Supply
Speaker: Thomas Bessede
|  3:35 – 3:55pm
Complications of RALP
Speaker: Francesco Montorsi
|  3:55 – 4:10pm
SESSION 4 Debates (10 minutes for each side – 20 minutes total)
Panelist(s): Breda, Wiklund, Maurizio Buscarini
Moderators: Briganti (1), Montorsi (2), Pushkar (3) Tsao (4)
|  4:10 – 4:30pm
Unilateral vs. Bilateral LND
Brian Chapin vs. Dr. Alberto Martini
|  4:30 – 4:50pm
Retzius Sparing vs. Hood Technique
Bocciardi vs. Vinayak
|  4:50 – 5:10pm
Single Port vs. Multiport
Dr. Hemal vs. Dr Kaouk
|  5:10 – 5:30pm
Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer: Radiation or Surgery
Dr. Richard Stock vs. Dr. Menon
|  7:00 – 10:00pm
Faculty Dinner (TBD)
Day 1 – Break Out Session 1 - "Emerging Frontiers in Prostate Cancer: Immunotherapy and Novel Biomarkers"
|  9:45 – 10:00am
Phenotypic Landscape of CRPC Emerging Clinical Trials
Speaker: Natasha Kyprianou
|  10:00 – 10:15am
Targeted Immunotherapies for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Susan Slovin
|  10:15 – 10:30am
The Current Role for Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Nina Bhardwaj
|  10:30 – 10:45am
Pathology Immerging Novel Biomarkers/Staining Methods
Speaker: Swati Bhardwaj
|  10:45 – 11:00am
Autologous Vaccination: Can We Induce Immunity to Prostate Cancer?
Speaker: Sujit Nair
|  11:00 – 11:15am
Inflammation & Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Dimple Chakravarty
|  11:15 – 11:30am
Y-Chromosome & Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Goutam Chakraborty
Day 1 – Break Out Session 2 - " The Genetic Bridge: Linking Genomic Revelations to Therapeutic Revolutions in Prostate Cancer"
|  1:15-1:35pm
Prospective Genomic Profiling in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Hussein
|  1:35-1:55pm
Selecting Amongst the Sea of Options in Hormone Naïve Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Dr. Che-Kai Tsao
|  1:55-2:15pm
Liquid biopsy – Urine and Serum Detection of Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Sanoj Punnen
|  2:15-2:35pm
PARP-Inhibition in Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Johann De Bono
|  2:35-2:55pm
Next Generation Anti-Androgen Therapy for Metastatic HSPC
Speaker: Cora Sternberg
|  2:55 – 3:15pm
Exact View as a Genomic Predictor
Speaker: Adriana Pedraza
|      12/09/23
Day 2 - Plenary Session (Prostate Cancer & Kidney live surgery)
|  7:00 – 7:45am
|  7:45 – 8:15am
Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Peter Scardino: A perspective and Journey of a Legend
|  8:15 – 9:00am
SESSION 1 State Of The Art Nerve Sparing And Hydro Dissection (3D – semi-live)
Panelist (s): Peter Pinto, Alexander Mottrie, Francesco Porpiglia, Ashok Hemal
Moderator (introducing surgeon): Prokar Das Gupta
|  9:00 – 9:15am
BREAK (Coffee)
SESSION 2 SEMI-LIVE Prostatectomy Technique (15-minute talks followed by 5 minute Q/As)
Panelist (s): Dhruti Patel, Vito Pansadoro, Dr. Tewari
Moderator: Prokar Das Gupta
|  9:15 – 9:35am
Precision Prostatectomy
Speaker: Dr. Menon
|  9:35 – 9:55am
Retzius-Sparing Prostatectomy: Highlighting the Technique
Speaker: Dr Aldo Bocciardi
|  9:55 – 10:15am
Robot-Assisted Salvage Prostatectomy
Speaker: Rene Sotelo
|  10:15 – 10:35am
Single Port Transvesical Radical Prostatectomy
Speaker: Jihad Kaouk
|  10:35 – 10:55am
Robotic Radical Prostatectomy – Hugo RAS system
Speaker: Alex Mottrie
|  10:55 – 11:15am
Robot-Assisted Simple Prostatectomy
Speaker: Ashok Hemal
|  11:15 – 11:35am
Retzius-sparing Trans-Douglass Radical Prostatectomy
Speaker: Markus Hohenfeller
|  11:35 – 12:30 pm
|  12:30 – 1:30pm
SESSION 3 LIVE SURGERY KIDNEY - Partial Nephrectomy (Surgeon: Dr. Ketan Badani)
Panelist (s): Dr. Michael Stifelman, Alberto Breda, Dr. Craig Rogers, Dr. Jaime Landman
Moderators (introducing surgeon): Dr. Laura Zuluaga and Dr. Kyrollis Attalla
Session 4 Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer (15-minute talks followed by 5 minute Q/A)
Panelist (s): Natasha Kyprianou, Athanasios Papatsoris, Sujit Nair
Moderator: Matthew Galsky or Mani Menon
|  1:30 – 1:50pm
Puskar - TBD
 |  1:50 – 2:10pm
Treatment of Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Neal Shore
|  2:10 – 2:30pm
Cytoreductive Prostatectomy (CRP) in metastatic prostate cancer
Speaker: Isaac Kim
|  2:30 – 2:50pm
Abhey Rane - TBD
|  2:50 – 3:10pm
RADICALS-RT: A Review of Early vs Salvage Radiation in High-Risk Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Richard Stock
|  3:10 – 3:30pm
Recent advances in management of advanced prostate cancer
Speaker: William K. Oh
|  3:30 – 3:50pm
Role of Surgery in Advanced Disease and Salvage Lymphadenectomy
Speaker: Vincent Laudone
|  3:50 – 4:10pm
Novel Metabolic Profiling in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Massimo Loda
|  4:10 – 4:30pm
Precision Dx and Tx of Advanced PCa – Creating the Future of Patient Care
Speaker: Gerald Wang
|  4:30 – 4:50pm
Role for Cytoreductive Surgery in Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer
Speaker: R. Jeffrey Karnes
|  4:50 – 5:00pm
|  5:00 – 6:00pm
Session 5 - Human Experts vs. AI. Who Can Spot the Superior Nerve Sparing?
Day 2 Break Out Session 1 – "Novel Technologies Bring New Perspectives: The Future Is Bright"
(15 minute talks followed by 5 minute Q/As)
Panelist (s): Adriana Pedraza, Thomas Fuchs
Moderator: Prokar Dasgupta.
|  9:15 – 9:35am
The Artificially Intelligent Being: Can ChatGPT Revolutionize the Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer?
Speaker: Michael Gorin
|  9:35 – 9:55am
Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Nihal Mohamed
|  9:55 – 10:15am
Prostate Cancer in Transgender Women
Speaker: Rajveer Purohit
|  10:15 – 10:35am
Managing Sexual Dysfunction Following RALP
Speaker: Dr. Valenzuela
|  10:35 – 10:55am
Managing Disinformation in Social Media: How What We Read and See Influences Us and Our Patients
Speaker: Stacy Loeb
|  10:55 – 11:05am
The Shifting Landscape of Urology Residency Match
Speaker: Kirsten Greene
|  11:05 – 11:25am
What We Eat and How It Matters: Effect of Diet and Lifestyle on Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Gary Deng
Day 2 Break Out session 2 - "A look Under the Hood, Evolving Imaging Technologies”
(15 minute talks followed by 5 minute Q/As)
Panelist (s): Bachir Taouli,
Moderator: Michael Gorin
|  1:30 – 1:50pm
Intra-operative Imaging Targets During Prostatectomy
Speaker: Richard Ting
|  1:50 – 2:10pm
Can we avoid biopsy in PSMA-positive lesion and go straight to RALP?
Speaker: Declan Murphy
|  2:10 – 2:30pm
Can we avoid pelvic lymph node dissection in patients with negative PSMA PET scan
Speaker: Vito Pansadoro
|  2:30 – 2:50pm
MRI Fusion Biopsies
Speaker: Matthieu Durand
|  2:50 – 3:10pm
Novel Targets for Molecular Imaging in Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Munir Ghesani
|  3:10 – 3:30pm
The Role for PSMA-Targeted Therapies in Prostate Cancer
Speaker: Neil Bander vs Scott Tagawa
|      12/10/23

Day 3 - Kidney, Bladder, Testes, and Penile Cancer
|  7:45 – 8:05am
Introduction to cystectomy with intracorporeal urinary diversion
Speaker: Dr. Peter Wiklund
|  8:05 – 9:45am
SESSION 1 LIVE SURGERY Hugo cystectomy (Surgeon: Dr. Peter Wiklund)
Panelist (s): Joan Palou, Andrea Minervini
Moderator (introducing surgeon): Reza Mehrazin
|  9:45 -10:00am
|  10:00 – 10:15am
State Of The Art Lecture: Robotic kidney surgery: A journey of 3000 cases
Speaker: Dr. Ketan Badani
SESSION 2 Surgical management of kidney tumors: Experts session (15-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/As)-MAIN
Panelist (s): Dr. Dr. Ronney Abaza, Dr. Brian Shuch
Moderator: Dr. Burak Ucpinar
|  10:15 – 10:35am
Classification of Kidney Tumors: New Approach to the TNM System
Speaker: Dr. Umberto Capitanio
|  10:35-10:55am
Long-Term Functional Outcomes in Robotic Partial Nephrectomy
Speaker: Dr. Jihad Kaouk
|  10:55-11:15am
Partial nephrectomy for Complex Tumors: Tips and Tricks
Speaker: Dr. James Porter
|  11:15-11:35am
Robotic radical nephrectomy for advanced cases, including IVC thrombus
Speaker: Dr. Craig Rogers
|  11:35-11:55am
Current State of Kidney Biopsy and Tumor Ablation
Speaker: Dr. Jaime Landman
|  11:55-12:15pm
Single Port Robotic Surgery for Kidney Tumors
Speaker: Dr. Simone Crivellaro
|  12:15 – 12:45pm
SESSION 3 Is Smaller Better? Debating the Merits of Single Port Robotic Kidney Surgery (2 10-minute monologues followed by 10-minute Q/A at end)- MAIN
Panelist (s): Dr. James Porter, Dr. Reza Mehrazin
Moderator (introducing surgeon): Dr. Michael Palese
FOR Single Port Surgery (Speaker: Dr. Michael Stifelman)
AGAINST Single Port Surgery (Speaker: Dr. Ronney Abaza)
Q/A and Discussion
|  12:45 – 1:30pm
Session 4 - Muscle invasive bladder cancer (15-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/As)- MAIN
|  1:30 – 1:50pm
Nerve sparing radical cystectomy: Male and Female
Speaker: Arnulf Stenzel
|  1:50 – 2:10pm
Intracorporeal radical cystectomy lessons learned from the iRoc trial
Speaker: Jim Catto
|  2:10 – 2:30pm
ctDNA as a biomarker in invasive bladder cancer
Speaker: John Sfakianos
|  2:30 – 2:50pm
Approaches to bladder sparing what have we learned?
Speaker: Matt Galsky
|  2:50 – 3:10pm
How do we approach variant histologies in invasive bladder cancer?
Speaker: Eva Comperat
|  3:10 – 3:30pm
Single Port Robotic urinary diversion
Speaker: Reza Mehrazin
|  3:30 – 4:00pm
Session 5 - What’s the role of lymph node dissection in invasive bladder cancer – Debate
Panelist (s):
Moderator (introducing surgeon):
1:40 – 1:50 limited node dissection (Speaker: Seth Lerner )
1:50- 2:00 Extended node dissection   (Speaker:   Bernard Bochner)
2:00 – 2:00 Q/A and Discussion
|  4:00 – 4:20pm
Session 6 Testes (15-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/A at end)
Panelist (s):
|  4:20-4:40pm
Updated indications for RPLND: SEMS trial
Speaker: Sia Daneshmand
|  4:40-5:00pm
Robotic RPLND
Speaker: Jim Porter 
|  5:00-5:20pm

Optimal templets
Speaker: Peter Alberts
|  5:00-5:20pm

Closing remarks
Speaker: Peter Wiklund
Day 3 Break Out session 1 - 15 Seeing into the Future: Advances in Imaging of Renal Masses (15-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/As)
Panelist (s): Dr. Dhruti Patel, Dr. Octavia Bane, Dr. Alberto Martini
Moderator: Dr. Bachir Taouli
|  10:15-10:35am

3-D Imaging in Robotic Surgery: Evaluation of Surgeons’ Perceptions
Speaker: Dr. Francesco Porpiglia
|  10:35-10:55am

An Update on Neoadjuvant Trials for Renal Cell Carcinoma
Speaker: Dr. Sumanta Pal
|  10:55-11:15am

Sestamibi renal scan’s importance in clinical decision making for differentiating renal oncocytoma and RCC
Speaker: Dr. Mohamad Allaf
|  11:15-11:35am

New technology for the treatment of kidney tumors
Speaker: Dr. Alessandro Antonelli
|  11:35-11:55am

Carbonic anhydrase 9 - targeted imaging for renal cell carcinoma: What’s the current role in diagnosis?
Speaker: Dr. Munir Ghesani
|  11:55-12:15pm

Role of artificial intelligence and digital imaging in pathological evaluation of RCC: Where do we stand?
Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Haines

Day 3 Break Out session 2 - Kidney&Penile cancer (10-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/A at end)
Panelist (s): Ari Hakimi, Nikhil Waingankar
Moderator: Shirin Razdan, Jack Kevin Vassar
|  1:30-1:45pm

Current Role for Immunotherapy for Kidney Cancer and Ongoing Clinical Trials
Speaker: Dr. Bobby Liaw
|  1:45-2:00pm

Magnetic resonance imaging and renal cell carcinoma: Role of tumor segmentation and pathological concordance
Speaker: Dr. Sara Lewis
|  2:15-2:30pm

Rapid Assessment of Patient Drug Sensitiviy (RaPiDS) in the assessment of Kidney Cancer Treatment Response: Current status and Future Directions
Speaker: Dr. Julie-Ann Cavallo, Dr. Benjamin Hopkins
|  2:30-2:45pm

Role of systemic therapy in penile cancer
Speaker: Andrea Necchi
|  2:45-3:00pm

Updates on groin dissection for penile cancer
Speaker: Phillip Spiess
|  3:00-3:15pm

Minimally invasive groin dissection
Speaker: Kyrollis Attalla

Day 3 Break Out session 3 - Noninvasive bladder cancer(10-minute talks followed by 5-minute Q/As)
Panelist (s):
|  4:20 – 4:35pm

Early vs delayed cystectomy in high risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
Speaker: Peter Black
|  4:35 – 4:50pm

Low grade bladder cancer more aggressive with recurrence?
Speaker: Alex Zoltta
|  4:50 – 5:05pm

History of BCG where do we go now?
Speaker: Harry Herr 
|  5:05 – 5:20pm

Biomarkers in NMIBC the present and the future?
Speaker: Josh Meeks
Conference Location
 The Mount Sinai Hospital
Annenberg Building / Guggenheim Pavilion
100th Street & 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10029
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