Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, sponsors and partners,

We are thrilled to invite you to the Mississippi Broadband Association's most anticipated event of the year: the 2023 Fall Broadband Vendor Showcase and ISP Workshop. In the ever-evolving landscape of broadband technology and communication, this conference stands as a source of innovation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. This event is free to the public!

Mark your calendars for October 5th and 6th, as we convene at the Two Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.

This event promises to be a extremely informative pertaining to our industry, with an array of engaging sessions and discussions lined up. One of the highlights of this conference is our in-depth exploration of the BEAM Offices updates on CPF and BEAD, learning the "what's next" on funding. But our agenda goes beyond the funding aspects, delving into critical topics such as supply chain concerns, Letter of Credit issues, Network Design, Grant Management and compliance, Workforce, and so much more. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive view of the broadband landscape, equipping you with the insights and strategies needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

To stay updated on the event details, agenda, and registration information, please visit our website at We encourage you to take advantage of this free invaluable opportunity to network with industry experts, share your experiences, and gain valuable knowledge that will drive your organization's success.

As we gather at the 2023 Fall Broadband Vendor Showcase and ISP Workshop, we look forward to forging new connections, fostering collaboration, and collectively advancing the cause of broadband accessibility and excellence. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey, and we can't wait to welcome you in Jackson, Mississippi, for an event that promises to be both inspiring and enlightening.
See you there!
Two Mississippi Museums
222 North St #1206, Jackson, MS 39201
Date & Time
October 5th and  October 6, 2023. 8AM-4PM Daily
 Join us both days...
Oct. 5th and 6th 
We look forward to hosting you!

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