The Joys of a Multiple Career Life – Becoming a Slasher
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While a number of people work several jobs to pay the bills in today's economy, there are a number of individuals, called slashers, who do so by choice. I write my paper for you, so read till the end.
What is “Slashing” and How Does it Differ From Just Having Multiple Jobs for Income?
In past generations it was normal for an individual to obtain a job and then stay in it, perhaps advancing perhaps not, until retirement. Then came the previous generation, who made it normal to work for more than one company, often in different positions and sometimes even in different careers. The most recent trend reported in Psychology Today is “slashing”. According to Alboher, a slasher is an individual who pursues more than one job or career; but rather than doing one after the other, does them simultaneously. She adds the individual does this by choice in order to feel more satisfied in their work life, and not because of financial necessity.

With cut backs, people may have their hours decreased to the point of needing another income. Instead of attempting to find a position in the same area they are already working in, they diversify their work lives. For example, working one job in an office setting and then work an online job from home, while developing business ideas for another home based job.

Benefits to a Multiple Job to Career Approach
In today’s economy there are benefits to this approach to careers. One benefit to slashing is it allows people to explore multiple interests they may have and get paid for it. Many people have a business/academic/non-creative side as well as a exploratory/creative/playful side. Slashing allows such individuals to fulfill both sides of their personality and still maintain an income.

The careers chosen don’t necessarily need to be so different from each other and connections can be built between the various careers. For example, Psychology Today mentioned an individual who is a journalist/author/educator/speaker. All these factors are match a paper writing service expert. In addition, since home-based jobs are currently popular, people can work at home developing their own business ideas related to their full-time position and telecommute to their regular job.

There are other benefits to multiple career life. While maintaining a regular job, you can work in a field that is less of a sure thing such as writing novels. That way if you can’t sell your book (or at least not right away) you still have your day job to rely on.

In addition, it’s a great way to maintain a steady income through your regular job while exploring other options you might like to add to your life as a career.

Finally, being able to engage in different kinds of tasks can prevent burnout in each field an individual may be working in. For example, data entry or medical transcribing may become monotonous after a while and switching to working on a more creative endeavor for a while may be just the ticket to shaking off the blahs.

Who Does Well in a Multiple Career Life?
Those who are most successful balancing multiple jobs are those who can market themselves and their skills in different ways to different employers and customers. Those who are organized and efficient will also likely do well as it takes both in order to be able to switch from one job task to a completely different type of one, and get things done in a certain timeframe despite this. Time management skills are necessary in order to alternate a regular position with sporadic assignments or self-employment jobs such as writing or consulting.

Tips for Succeeding in a Multiple Job Career offers some tips for maintaining a multiple job career. First, they recommend planning ahead so you know what’s coming up in each position and can also make sure to build in time for vacation to prevent burnout. A second recommendation is to make sure you understand the time commitments, schedule and responsibilities of each position to ensure you don’t find yourself in the position of having overlapping obligations. Finally, they stress making sure you don’t let work take over your life. You may find yourself more fulfilled or satisfied working multiple jobs that focus on different interests or abilities but be careful you aren’t spending every waking minute working and that you leave time for a health social life.

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