Mystic's Circle
A Collaborative Alchemical Ceremonial Experience
This event seeks to inspire deeper connection among the magickal folks walking the land today. Dance into this collaborative experience where we see each other in connection and in relationship with the living planet. A circle of opportunity for generating healing ripples from the circle to earth, humanity and all living beings. We support each other in letting go of what needs releasing and embracing stepping forward with your newest expression– be it spoken word, heart song, or mystical creation — and be received in love and gratitude — because each of you is a gift and so is your presence. This gift is everlasting and lives in the heart of all humans witnessing as it ripples out amongst the trees around us and resonates as healing energy for all living beings and planet earth. This sacred gift of authentic loving connection has been proven to heal wounded hearts and traumatized souls. A full experience of the alchemical collaborative ceremony at the Mystic’s Circle will inspire your soul, light up your power spots, and maybe even sooth your wounds, as together we pray for peace and have a good time generating more love in the world.

Join the community for this collaborative experience with drumming, dancing, acoustic music, heart song with intentions to connect authentically. Picture yourself among friends old and new, the glow of the fire, stars twinkling overhead, drums and feet meeting rhythmically in the beat. Feel the thrill of making music together. Feel the well of tears of being moved by someone’s sharing and them speaking to your heart. Feel the bliss of community celebrating. Feel the relief of just breathing and praying together for world peace.
Trinity Mountain Ranch
209 Trinity Mountain, E Ranch Rd, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Date & Time
June 30, 2023, 1:00 PM - July 4, 2023 - 1:00 PM
Join us on June 30
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