NavRAD is a plan-building and connection-making guided experience for those parenting kids with reactive attachment disorder (RAD). We, the nonprofit RAD Advocates, collaborate with other professionals we've vetted and trust (as parents ourselves) to help you chart a plan to navigate the highly misunderstood symptoms of reactive attachment disorder and the complicated and broken systems that go with it.

Along the way, connections happen over bacon and chocolate (a RAD Advocates must-have tradition). You'll trade stories with other parents. You'll laugh...and probably cry. You'll have "aha moments" as you listen to seasoned professionals who've raised or worked closely with kids with reactive attachment disorder for decades. After the three days, you'll leave NavRAD with resources, education, new friends, confidence, and a guide to make decisions that are right for your family.
Element San Antonio Riverwalk
111 Soledad Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Date & Time
April 19, 2024 8:00 AM -
April 21, 2024 - 3:30 PM
 Join us April 19-21 in San Antonio!
We look forward to guiding and connecting with you.
Why attend RAD?
At Navigating RAD 2024, you'll get the support and guidance you need from RAD Advocates and other seasoned professionals to create a realistic plan to move your family forward with confidence, including:

  • A copy of Your Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Parenting Roadmap: A Thoughtful Workbook To Help Your Family Survive and Thrive Through the Challenges of RAD  to follow along and complete throughout the conference so you can leave with a customized action plan for your family
  • A parent-reported inventory to gauge the severity of your child's reactive attachment disorder, along with a group explanation from trauma expert Forrest Lien, LCSW, founder of Lifespan Trauma Consulting
  • Customized workbook time with your guides, RAD Advocates, to help you decipher a path forward specific to your situation, wherever you are along the RAD parenting journey 
  • More connection opportunities with fellow parents and support people (family/friends) than any other NavRAD!
Save your Seats.
(Tickets for this limited-seating event are going fast!)
"I loved being able to meet and talk with other RAD parents, getting support from others the lack of judgment in the room. I felt I could have walked up to anyone in that room and they would not have asked me about my daughter in a way that would have invalidated my experience. It felt safe to talk about our experience for the first time in my life." 

-Past NavRAD attendee

"Connecting with other families who “get it” was a great feeling. We felt validated and not alone in all we are experiencing and dealing with.
Being given the chance to think about a plan, and gaining different ideas and resources to implement the plan upon our return home was amazing!"

-Past NavRAD attendee

"It was amazing to see other people that have gone through something similar to what we are going through, basically validating that my wife and I are not insane."

-Past NavRAD attendee
"It was one of the most validating experiences I've had thus far. Foster and adoptive care is hard enough, but RAD is its own ball game. It was nice just being able to sit in the presence of others, knowing they carry similar burdens and pain that I do. I didn't need to explain myself or feel judged or shamed, I was just understood. It gave me more peace and confidence in which direction to go. Knowing whatever decisions we make, regardless of how it seems to others, our decision will be what is best for our kid and the rest of our family. It validated that I do love this kid, but feeling like a crazy confused psycho is normal because of the constant rejection and feelings of failure."

-Past NavRAD attendee

“I arrived to NavRAD the day after court. I feel as though everyone around me judges me for having to make changes in my life to safeguard my family. The day I arrived I was exhausted. While there, I heard so many stories similar to mine. I left feeling like I was no longer alone. I came feeling lost and broken. I left NavRAD feeling uplifted and hopeful.”

-Past NavRAD attendee

VIDEOS: Hear from others who've attended NavRAD here.
Don't miss the fourth NavRAD, your last chance to attend until 2026.
There's nothing else like NavRAD for those parenting kids with reactive attachment disorder. Save your spots at NavRAD24 today. Seats are limited. Also, we've recently moved NavRAD from an annual to a biennial event to make room for additional exciting projects. NavRAD24 is your last chance to attend until 2026.

Sadly, time and love won't make RAD go away like "they" say. This is the year to find your people and design a roadmap forward for your family. 
Find Your People at NavRAD24 in San Antonio.

One of the many special parts of the NavRAD experience is the chance to connect with others who understand your journey. This year, we're adding even more opportunities for attendees to connect outside of the NavRAD schedule, including:
  • More time to connect over coffee every morning
  • A riverboat cruise with art projection light show Friday evening (for an additional fee, space limited)
  • A chicken fajita lunch at the historic Buckhorn Saloon on Saturday (for an additional fee, space limited)
  • Special interest groups on the last day for support persons (friends/family of the RAD family), secondary caregivers (the parent who doesn't spend as much time with the child), and more! 
  • Connection Bingo game with prizes specific for parenting kids with developmental trauma, including a free RAD assessment valued at over $500!
  • A private forum just for NavRAD24 attendees to connect before, during, and after the experience

Your NavRAD Guides
Everything we do at RAD Advocates is in the best interest of families of children with reactive attachment disorder. Because we do not accept sponsorships at our event, our only obligation is to you. We provide the resources and guests we wish we would've encountered at the beginning of our own RAD parenting journeys. Most of our speakers have donated their time to the NavRAD mission and only accept travel reimbursements.
Heather & Amy
RAD Advocates
RAD Advocates Executive Director Amy VanTine and Chief Executive Officer Heather Houze, experienced in RAD parenting themselves, are experts in helping families navigate the messy and complex systems that go with raising a child with the disorder. They guide parents through the NavRAD experience from start to finish.
Forrest Lien, LCSW
Lifespan trauma consulting
As a pioneer in the trauma field, Forrest is a rare clinician in his understanding and treatment of how developmental trauma impacts families. Through a successful treatment model, private practice, therapeutic assessments and other services, he has helped thousands of children, adults, and their families heal. 
Alli Donovan,
Hawthorn wellness clinic
Alli became a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner out of her passion to help children who have suffered early childhood trauma. She prescribes medications that regulate a child's brain so they have an optimal opportunity to heal in conjunction with other therapies.
Carrie O'Toole, MA
Carrie o'toole ministries
After parenting a child with developmental trauma disorder and making the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish their son to another family, Carrie now helps parents through their own grief and trauma. She has a master's degree in human services with credentialing in grief following trauma and spiritual and psychological first aid.
Monica Badgley
RAD Sibs
After several years of focusing on her children with RAD, Monica’s eyes were opened to the traumatic impact it was having on her child without developmental trauma. Monica is now on a mission to create a community of support for siblings of those with developmental trauma.
Tracey Poffenroth-Prato
RAD Talk with tracey
Tracey became a trauma-informed, certified life and wellness coach because of her passion and skill to help people in crisis. She draws from her own journey parenting a child with developmental trauma. She also has a podcast to raise awareness about developmental trauma  and create a community for struggling families.
Keri Williams
raising devon
After raising a child with developmental trauma, Keri educates the world about the reality of the disorder through her work as an award-winning author. She advocates from her experience through words, both in writing and in person, to empower and support parents.
Scott Smith
Best choice admissions
Scott understands the benefits and struggles with alternative placements for kids with RAD. He visits schools across the nation and helps parents to find the right program the first time and within their budget.
Dr. Allison Quadhamer
Chiropractic Neurologist
Allison has experienced the heavy emotions, grief and stress that come along the journey of parenting children with developmental trauma. She lends her professional expertise to help parents feel calm and peace through the power of breathing.
NavRAD24 Schedule (Subject to change)
Friday, April 19
You'll start day 1 with the Your Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Parenting Roadmap: A Thoughtful Workbook To Help Your Family Survive and Thrive Through the Challenges of RAD...and leave day 3 with your customized plan.

Locate Your Starting Point & Pick Your Navigation Tools (pages 5-13 in the workbook)

8:00-9:00 am — Coffee and connection/check-in
9:00–9:45 — Welcome, Explanation of workbook (pgs. 5-8) and icebreaking activities, RAD Advocates
9:45-11:15 — Keynote: "'Why Am I Feeling Crazy?': The Life of RAD Parenting," Forrest Lien of Lifespan Trauma Consulting
11:15–11:30 — Break
11:30-12:30 — "Comorbid Disorders with Developmental Trauma and Effective Medical Treatment," Allison Donovan, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, [virtually] and Forrest Lien, LCSW
12:30-2:00 — Lunch break on your own
2:00-2:30 — Workbook time (pgs. 9-11), RAD Advocates
2:30-3:30 — "Determining What You Have Left as a Family and Ideas to Move Forward," Carrie O'Toole of Carrie O'Toole Ministries
3:30-3:45 — Break
3:45-4:45 — Workbook time (pgs. 12-13), RAD Advocates
4:45-5:00 — Grounding exercise, Dr. Allison Quadhamer
5:00–5:15 — Wrap-up and housekeeping
8:30 — Riverboat cruise, an optional parent connection opportunity for a small additional fee (details follow registration)
Saturday, April 20
Determine a Realistic Destination (pages 14-20 in the workbook)

7:30-8:30 am — Coffee and connection/check-In
8:30-8:45 — Welcome back, RAD Advocates
8:45-9:45 — Workbook time (pgs. 14-16), RAD Advocates
9:45-10:00 — Break
10:00-11:00 — "Glass Children: The Impact of RAD on Siblings," Monica Badgley of RAD Sibs with a panel of young people who have a sibling with RAD
11:00-11:30 — Workbook time (pg. 17), RAD Advocates
11:45-1:15 — Lunch break on your own or at a historic San Antonio saloon with other attendees (additional fee required - details follow registration)
1:15-2:15 — "A Chat about the Personal Reality of Living with Reactive Attachment Disorder," a live RAD Talk with Tracey interview with Tracey Poffenroth-Prato and guest (TBD)
2:15-3:15 — "Redefining Success as You Raise a Child with RAD," Keri Williams
3:15-3:20 — Grounding exercise, Dr. Allison Quadhamer
3:20-3:30 — Break
3:30-4:00 — Workbook time (pgs. 18-19), RAD Advocates
4:00-4:45 — "Seeking Alternative Placement When Home Isn't Working," Scott Smith of Best Choice Admissions
4:45-5:15 — Workbook time (pg. 20), RAD Advocates
5:00–5:15 — Wrap-up and housekeeping, RAD Advocates and Dr. Allison Quadhammer
8:00–9:30 — Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience (ERBE), a guided breathwork opportunity offered via Zoom from the comfort and privacy of your own room, Dr. Allison Quadhamer
Sunday, April 21
Chart a Personal Route Just for Your Family (pages 20-23 in the workbook)
This is the day we culminate all that we’ve learned into a guide unique to your family. Please do not plan to leave until closing to get the full NavRAD experience.

8:00-9:00 — Coffee and connection/check-in
9:00-10:15 — Small group rotations of your choice, RAD Advocates:
a) Guided Planning for Your Child at Home, led by RAD Advocates COO Heather Houze
b) Guided Planning for Your Child Outside of Home, led by RAD Advocates CEO Amy VanTine
c) Various Special Interest Group Chats, i.e. family/friends of RAD Families, secondary caregivers (the parent who, while involved, spends less time with the child) led by an advocate TBD
10:15-10:45 — Break
10:45-12:00 — Small group rotations of your choice, RAD Advocates (opportunity to rotate to a new group):
a) Guided Planning for Your Child at Home, led by RAD Advocates COO Heather Houze
b) Guided Planning for Your Child Outside of Home, led by RAD Advocates CEO Amy VanTine
c) Various Special Interest Group Chats, i.e. family/friends in support of RAD families, secondary caregivers (the parent who, while involved, spends less time with the child), led by an advocate TBD (NEW to NavRAD this year)
12:00-1:15 — Lunch break on your own
1:15-2:15 — Workbook time (pgs. 20-21), RAD Advocates
2:15-2:30 — Break
2:30-3:15 — Workbook time (pg. 22), RAD Advocates
3:15-3:30 — Closing, RAD Advocates
Frequently Asked Questions
Is NavRAD offered virtually?

We do not have any virtual events at this time. NavRAD is not a conference, it is:
-An opportunity to connect with other parents and professionals who understand you
-A time to feel a personal sense of safety (which, for many, requires a location away from the child with RAD) and relax in a space where, if triggered, we can be there to support you
-A guided experience to create a personalized plan forward for your family

Due to the unique nature of the disorder and event, we don't feel as though we can sufficiently provide the above well or responsibly in a virtual space.

All that said, RAD Advocates invites parents who can't attend to follow #NavRAD24 pics, quotes, and short video clips on Instagram that weekend. Also, we encourage parents in need of support to consider our support memberships that are available year-round from any location. No travel required! With support memberships, you'd get a downloadable workbook (the same as the one at the conference) and access to an advocate (depending on the membership you chose). Here is that link if you'd like to learn more.

Will childcare be available?

We do not offer childcare at NavRAD for the same reason we do not offer NavRAD online. This is a guided experience intended to give you a chance to feel connected, safe, and present. To do so wholly and safely, we insist that your children not travel with you to NavRAD.

We certainly understand the extreme difficulty in finding care for a child with reactive attachment disorder for a whole weekend. As we tell every parent, however, you must find a way to take care of yourself and your relationships whenever and however possible. It's not easy and takes creativity. Whether you ask a neighbor, someone from your church, or a family member, keep asking.

If it's any consolation as you seek childcare while you're away, remember that your child with reactive attachment disorder will probably be on their best behavior in another home. It is the nature of the disorder.

Are scholarships available?

We understand that attending NavRAD is a financial burden for many families. While we request donations to provide NavRAD scholarships, that funding is unfortunately limited. We are grateful to give scholarship funding should it become available but require applicants to apply based on financial need.

We do our best to keep NavRAD affordable for families and, at the same time, cover our expenses. RAD Advocates hosts the NavRAD experience to support and guide families, not with the primary intent to earn revenue. To protect the integrity of the NavRAD experience for parents, RAD Advocates does not accept vendor booths or large sponsors. RAD Advocates pays all upfront costs to host the event, from flight and hotel expenses for speakers and staff to the meeting space itself. We rarely generate substantial profit from NavRAD, if any at all. While we provide funding to families whenever possible, our nonprofit organization also relies on funding to continue fulfilling our mission of education and advocacy. We are grateful when we have remaining NavRAD proceeds to do so. We kindly ask that families request a NavRAD scholarship only if necessary.

One day, we hope to provide scholarships to many families as we continue to grow. For now, we will do our very best with the gifts we receive and hope to give scholarships this year.

Can I order t-shirts?

Anyone is welcome to order RAD Advocates t-shirts at any time. Order now from this link and have them delivered to your home. Our non-profit benefits from the proceeds too! Thanks for your support.
 Join us April 19-21 in San Antonio!
We look forward to guiding and connecting with you.
Registration and Pricing
To ensure that NavRAD is a hands-on, connection-making, plan-building intimate experience, we've opted to limit seating. Please plan accordingly. We apologize that we can't accommodate everyone but do take the mission of NavRAD seriously. Each group of tickets is limited. Due to our limited seating capacity, please note that we cannot provide refunds if you're unable to attend any portion of NavRAD24.
Early Bird Registration
Save your seats while they last at the lowest rate: Closes Wednesday, February 7 at noon MST (or until sold out)
Seats: $345/each

General Registration
General registration: Closes Wednesday, March 20 at noon MST (or until sold out)
Seats: $375/each

Late Registration
Late registration: Closes April 21 (or until sold out). We cannot give prorating for missing days of attendance.
Seats: $399/each

*RAD Advocates member savings:
Save over $20 on any ticket, including during early bird registration (the most savings!)
*Members, please check your email for your password on Friday, January 5 or in your welcome email if you become a member after that date to access your savings code. Not a member? Join at any level here to get your NavRAD member perks!
RAD Advocates has blocked rooms at a reduced rate at the hotel in which NavRAD24 will be held. You are welcome to book a room with the link below by March 27.

  • Element San Antonio Riverwalk, $159 USD per night Click here to make reservations. Please choose your dates before checking availability or the link may show no availability. Last Day to Book: March 27, 2024

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