NCDCTA Jillian Kreinbring Course 1 Functional Anatomy
Join us on July 19-21!
Sign up for a day of eye-opening and practical lectures for equestrians of all levels who want to learn more about equine functional anatomy and healthy riding postures. 

Horse Owners, Riders, & Professionals:
This 3 day Course is for you!

As a lifelong equestrian, Jillian Kreinbring's passion has been shaped to focus on what is healthy for ridden horses. A desire to understand horses at a deeper level took her on a learning journey to discover how the horse’s functional anatomy creates dynamic riding posture.

The program will take place at Ardenwood Farm in Chapel Hill, NC.

Brought to you by North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association 

Tickets for sale until 7/8!

Note: This class is a prerequisite for Jillian’s other courses.
When students have this foundational information it will aid in the learning process
for subsequent courses as well as for individual lessons.

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Workshop Schedule

Day 1:
Intro Lecture
-Anatomy vs Conformation
-What Creates A Good Riding Horse
-Principles of Thirds
-Posture is Dynamic!
-Balance vs Not Balanced

Lecture 1:
Arching Forward: Examining Anatomy & Function of the Equine Head & Neck
-Anatomy & Function of the Equine Head & Neck
-Examining anatomy of the head and neck
-Horse Lab!

Day 2:
Lecture 1 - Continuation from Day 1
-Neck Arching, Bascule, Telescoping
-Developing Your Eye

Lecture 2
Taking a Closer Look: Equine Forequarters, Back, and the Importance of the Sling, Abdominals, and Psoas
-Overview of neck arching
-Anatomy of the forequarter

Day 3:
Lecture 2 - Continuation of Day 2
-Thoracic Sling
-Anatomy of the back, thorax, & abdomen
-Active muscles vs passive ligament system

Lecture 3
Connection: The Hindquarters and the Significance of the Lumbo-Sacral Joint
-Anatomy of Loin, Sacrum, & Lumbo-Sacral Joint
-Function of Hindquarters Engagement
-Anatomy of Hindquarters
-Hunters Bump vs Rough-Coupled
-Hindlimb Reciprocation System
-Developing Your Eye

Lecture 4
Connection: The Hindquarters and the Significance of the Lumbo-Sacral Joint
-Loin Coiling
-Loin Coiling to Bascule
-The Rebounding Thoracic Sling
-Balance & Collection
-Developing Your Eye Interactive Lab

How To Sign Up

To purchase tickets, click on the "Register Now" button on the top right corner of this page. Tickets cost $425 per participant for NCDCTA members and $475 for non NCDCTA members. Lunch is included each day. 


Ardenwood Farm
1946 White Cross Road
Chapel Hill, NC

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Ardenwood Farm
1946 White Cross Road Chapel Hill, NC
Date & Time
July 19 - July 21, 2024 ​​​​

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