Getting The Most Out of Urine Drug Screening and Confirmations
Join us on May 16
The clinical laboratory plays a central role in supporting clinical departments for toxicology testing services. Urine drug screening is typically performed by immunoassays and has acceptable sensitivity and specificity. Yet, false positives/negatives are still possible and can impact result interpretation and ultimately patient care.  Further, laboratory scientists may be unaware of an unexpected false immunoassay screen result.
This presentation will discuss both common causes (and less likely causes) of false negatives and false positives seen with immunoassay-based urine drug screening methods. Recommendations will be shared on how to identify vulnerabilities of attendee’s current drug screening assays, along with suggestions for additional definitive testing approaches. Lastly, several mini clinical cases will be shared to illustrate core concepts and to allow the audience to test their knowledge on the limitations of urine drug testing methods
45 School Street, Boston
Date & Time
May 16, 2024, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Join us on May 16
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