Nerdfest was started over a decade ago as an excuse to spend an entire weekend gaming with friends.
As our friends have grown in number the dream to make it a full-blown convention was finally realized.
2023 was our very first official Nerdfest convention and it was an incredible weekend. We are very excited to once again share the Nerdfest experience with all of you!

Nerdfest is first and foremost a players' convention! Most of the space will be dedicated to open gaming, but we will have a few tables that will be running events along with a handful of local vendors. We have a lot of fun things planned and can't wait to see all of you in attendance playing games and having fun!

A few highlights:
-Many events planned including: Intro to Mini Painting, D&D One Shot and Tumblin' Dice Tournament (once registered you'll have access to sign up for events!)
-Giveaways/Prizes/Raffles throughout the convention
-Game Library

Explore our page to find all the information you need, such as: Event sign ups, FAQs, Swag Store, Hotel options, and more!
VFW Wixom
2652 Loon Lake, Wixom, MI 48393
Date & Time
April 26: 9am -12am
April 27: 9am -12am
April 28: 9am - 6pm
Registration for NerdFest is $15.00. This will allow you to attend the entire 3-day weekend, as well as grant you access to sign up for events! When you arrive, simply present the QR code from your confirmation email at the Registration Table to pickup your badge.

*Children 10 and under will be admitted for free! You will not register them through the website, and will instead register them at the event's Registration Booth itself.

Please keep in mind when bringing your children that general profanity will not be regulated. We also ask that you please make sure to keep an eye on your children at all times.
CONSTRUCTION: There is unfortunately going to be construction on Loon Lake road during the convention, which is the only road in and out of the VFW hall. One lane will be open, but only going Eastbound, so you will have to come TO the hall via Wixom Road and leave FROM the hall towards Benstein.

VIRTUAL FLEA MARKET: There is a virtual flea market up on boardgamegeek that you can use to coordinate sales and trades at the event, located here: Nerdfest Flea Market
Once you're registered for NerdFest you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to sign up for any of our events!

While Nerdfest is first and foremost a players' convention and most of the space will be dedicated to open gaming, we will have some events going on as well that you can signup for! If you're interested in running an event we are currently at capacity and will not be adding more at this time. In future years if we have more space we will likely grow this portion of Nerdfest! We appreciate all the inquiries thus far!


Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition - 10am - FULL
Learn to Paint Minis w/ Jamie Daggers - 11am
Iron & Oak -11am
Dominant Species - 1pm CANCELLED
Everstone (w/ Designer!) - 2pm - FULL
PUNISH (w/ Designer!)- 2pm
The Mothership (w/ Designer!) - 3pm - FULL
The Mothership (w/ Designer!) - 5pm
D&D One Shot Adventure - 6pm - FULL
GRIT: Fantasy RPG (w/ Designer!) - 6pm - FULL
nana Tournament! - 7pm
Blood on the Clocktower - 8pm
GRIT: Fantasy RPG (w/ Designer!) - 8:30pm - FULL

Munchkin - 9am
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea - 10am - FULL
Star Munchkin - 10am
Tir na nOg - 10am
Learn to Paint Minis w/ Jamie Daggers - 11am - FULL
One Small Step - 11am
Munchkin Fu - 11am
La Familia Hort - 11am
Munchkin Bites - 12pm
Mage Knight - 1pm
The Mothership (w/ Designer!) - 1pm
Kuiperium (w/ Designer!)- 1pm
Tir na nOg -1pm
Everstone (w/ Designer!) - 2pm - FULL
La Familia Hort -2pm
PUNISH (w/ Designer!)- 2pm
Challengers! Tournament- 3pm
The Mothership (w/ Designer!) - 3pm
Tir na nOg -3pm
Revive - 4pm - FULL
La Familia Hort -4pm
Revive - 4:30pm - FULL  **This event's time changed from 4:30pm to 5pm
Tumblin' Dice Tournament - 7pm - FULL
Feed the Kraken! - 9:30pm

GRIT: Fantasy RPG (w/ Designer!) - 10am - FULL
Dark Ages - 10am - FULL
Dune Imperium Uprising (3v3) - 10am - FULL
Rising Sun - 1pm
GRIT: Fantasy RPG (w/ Designer!) - 1:30pm - FULL
Everstone (w/Designer!) - 2pm
PUNISH (w/ Designer!)- 2pm

Keith Lewis from Double Exposure will be here demoing the following games at the following times! Stop by at any of these times for a game if you're looking for something to play!

Friday April 26
10 AM Planet Unknown for Beginners....up to 6 players.....2 hours
12 noon Express Route (new for 2023) up to 4 players Co-op game 1.5 hours
2 pm This War of Mine up to 6 players Co-Op 2 hours
4 pm DICE GAMES 3 to 6 players "What the Cup" and "Hi SCore" and FARKLE
5 pm LEARN to use the SPEED DIE 6 players with Costco Monopoly 2 hours max
7 pm Marvel DICE THRONE 6 players 1 hour.
8 pm The SPILL CoOP 4 players 1 hour
9 -11 pm READY SET BET using a 27" screen for the Race. Multiple Games up to 9 players

Saturday April 27
10am PLANET UNKNOWN BASIC up to 6 players 2 hours
10am CAR WARS 6th Edition 3 to 6 players 2.5 hours
12 noon PLANET UNKNOWN ADVANCED must have Played at least one 2 hours
2 pm CAR WARS 6th Edition 3 to 6 players 2.5 hours
5-7pm READY SET BET using a 27" screen for the Race. Multiple Games up to 9 players
9-11 pm 1 hour or less games, Reality Shift TRON RACE GAME, Star Realms, Dungeon Draft,
Shake the City, Hues and Clues, Fire in the Library.

There are several hotels in the area for those coming from out of town. All three are about 10 minutes from the hall. 

Hampton Inn - 49025 Alpha Dr, Wixom, MI 48393 - 248-348-0170
Holiday Inn Express - 48953 Alpha Dr, Wixom, MI 48393 - 248-735-2781
SpringHill Suites - 49097 Alpha Dr, Wixom, MI 48393 -  248-344-9319
The Merch pre-order deadline has passed but we will have T-shirts for sale at the convention!


Nerdfest condemns all forms of harassment. This applies to all attendees, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, religious affiliation, disability, physical appearance, body size, or other identifying factor.

Harassment, whether from attendees, Nerdfest staff, exhibitors, guests, VFW staff, or any others associated with the convention, will not be tolerated in any form.

Harassment, as per definition at Nerdfest, includes:

Deliberate intimidation (gaming “trash talk” that threatens or disparages another is not acceptable)


Body or gender policing

Verbal comments, writing or imagery that demonstrates harmful or oppressive intent toward a specific group or type of identity

Inappropriate and unwelcome physical contact

Inappropriate and unwelcome sexual attention

Persistent disruption of events

Nerdfest participants who experience or witness harassment are asked to report it to a non-involved staff member immediately. You will see shirts saying “Staff” on them for clarity.

Participants who are asked to stop any behavior flagged as harassment are expected to immediately comply. Exhibitors, volunteers, guests, and Nerdfest staff are also subject to this policy.

Attendees who refuse to comply or commit repeat offenses are subject to ejection from Nerdfest.

Gaming is an inclusive hobby, and gaming at Nerdfest is open to all attendees who uphold a culture of respect toward all their neighbors. We ask everyone to be mutually accountable to maintain an enjoyable convention for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at [email protected].

Nerdfest does not currently have a mask mandate; however, we do encourage the wearing of masks in situations where appropriate distancing cannot be maintained, but we are leaving this up to the individual.

That said, we must also be mindful of and follow any CDC guidelines. If the CDC mandates masks to be worn while attending indoor events, our policy will conform to match. Ultimately, we ask that all be respectful of each other regarding their individual choices to wear/not wear a mask.

Smoking is PROHIBITED in the venue. If you need to smoke, the venue staff can direct you to the appropriate area.

Live weapons are prohibited at the convention.

Will food be provided?
You are welcome to order food and bring it to the hall. We also will have drinks and snacks for purchase.
Redford Model Railroad Club will provide lunch and dinner options on Friday and Saturday, and lunch options on Sunday.

Can you buy alcoholic drinks?
Why yes! There will be a full tended bar in the downstairs area.

Will there be a gaming library?
Yes! We will have a small game library!

I can't find my registration email. What do I do? 
No problem! Just send us an email at [email protected] and we'll resend it to you!

Will there be a Flea Market to sell my games?
Unfortunately we will not have a designated flea market space set up. There is a virtual flea market set up on boardgamegeek and anyone is welcome to use it to sell/trade games at the convention. ​Nerdfest Flea Market​​​

How can I sign up to run an event? 
Space is limited as we are mostly an open-gaming convention, but if you're interested in running an event please email Ryan at [email protected]. *EDIT: We are not adding any additional events for this year.

For inquiries or interest in contributing please email us at [email protected] 
We look forward to gaming with you!

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