Schedule - Saturday, Oct. 29
8:00 AM
Registration - Musical Act
Zlotnik Ballroom, AT&T Executive Conference Center
8:45 AM
Opening Musical Meditation
To help us start the day after the Ball, we have invited JuJu, a celebrated spirit-based musician whose vocal and musical vibrations will help you awaken, shed your tension, and elevate your mind and spirit for a very special day of programming.
9:00 AM
Opening Keynote
Tim Chrisman, Founder - Foundation for the Future
Tim explores the origin of the Space Age, and argues how beliefs formed during the Apollo Era have slowed progress towards human's inevitable rise into space.
9:20 AM
Opening Keynote - MARS!
Dr. Robert Zubrin, Author - The Case for Mars, Founder - Mars Society
Everything else is just a footnote. Mars is where we must go. Anything else makes me see Red!
9:50 AM
Morning Keynote
Dr. Phil Metzger,  Planetary Geologist, U. Central Florida, Co-Founder NASA SwampWorks
Space resources, be it materials, energy, or space itself, are critical to opening the High Frontier.
10:10 AM
Discussion - Project: EarthShade - Protecting the Earth While We Save the Planet
Luke Moloney, Hart Traveller
World leaders aren't moving fast enough to slow climate change - a very bad thing. What if you could block just a little sunlight from hitting the planet while we get our act together? And do it safely? Let's discuss.
10:30 AM
Networking Break (Beam me in some of that Vulcan coffee!)
10:45 AM
S.T.A.R. Talk - The "Impact" of GreenSpace
Bart Womack, Founder - Eden Grow Systems
This planet is being farmed to death. And as we move out to the New Worlds of space, we need new ways of feeding ourselves. The Space Revolution and the Green Revolution can come together.
11:00 AM
S.T.A.R. Talk - Space for All - Inclusion on the Frontier
Inara Tabir, Chair - Gaaays in Spaaace!
When EarthLight speaks of opening the High Frontier to everybody - we mean everybody. Otherwise what's the point?
11:15 AM
S.T.A.R. Talk - Art & Space - The Infinite Canvas
Ayse Oren - International Artist, Architect
Government space programs haven't brought art and design into their planning. Yet these are integral to the joy of being human. Why and how can we assure the Frontier Movement does it right?
11:30 AM
S.T.A.R. Talk - Education & Space - Obvious Opportunities
Dr. Mark Wagner, Ph.D. - Founder - ARES Education
How might we prepare students for the growing space economy and humanity's rapidly approaching multi-planet future? What skill sets and mindsets will they need to be successful?
11:45 AM
Special Presentation - The Twin Study (long-term space effects)
CDR Brent F. West, USN, PhD; Dr. Marshall Porterfield; Dr. Dominic D'Agostino
We know little about how the human body reacts and changes in space. Speaking of relatives, why not fly one of a pair of twins for 500 days in space? It was done once before with a little bit of study, time to do it right!
12:15 PM
Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Private (Blue Origin) Astronaut, Co-Founder - Planet Labs
A true renaissance guy, Chris will share his story, including Planet Labs (if you follow Ukraine you've seen their satellite shots) and riding with Bill Shatner on Blue Origin. He also has a message to share.
12:45 PM
Special "Launcheon"
Join Chris for Q/A followed by Space Citizen Survey Results 
Ari Eisenstat, Instructor, University of Hawaii
We will be reporting out the results of the Space Citizen Survery you were given Friday morning. Ari will lead a conversation about the results over lunch, with final results to be included in a United Nations Association - USA report.
2:15 PM
S.T.A.R. Talk - We Will Open the Frontier With SpaceShips - NOT ICBMs!
Bill "Burners" Bruner, CEO - New Frontier Aerospace
America is in the ridiculous position of its national space agency flying use once and throw away ICBM-derived launch vehicles in competition with its own citizen's reusable spaceships. Why?
2:30 PM
S.T.A.R. Talk - Astronaut-tested VR space & capsule experiences
Mark Russell, CEO - Hyper Sciences
Using VR techniques it's possible to make space personal in a way never before available.
2:45 PM
Warp Speed Scotty! - The Reality of Warp Transportation Studies
Dr. Chance Glenn - Morningbird Foundation; Dr. Sonny White - Director, Advanced R&D, Limitless Space Institute; Dr. Greg Hodgin - ZC Insitute
The difference between magic and science is one is about fantasies and the other is about creating new realities that people once thought were fantasies. Can warp drive be a "thing"? Let's discuss
3:15 PM
Networking Break (More Power! I need more Power!)
3:30 PM
S.T.A.R. Talk - Making Space for Inclusion: How diversity can propel the industry forward
Alex Rosalez, Director - Product Inclusion, Snap Inc., Vice Chair, Gaaays In Spaaace!
Doing the right thing can also be the right thing to do when it comes to selling the space brand!
3:45 PM
Discussion - Crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and Space - Real? Useful? How?
Sean Graham - ELF TechEdge Director; Gavin Gillas, The Venkman Project; Irina Litchfield - Rizon Labs, Inc.
The one thing both space and crypto have in common is hype. Yet in both, there are real pioneering and profitable projects underway that can change the future. What is the intersection of crypto and space?
4:15 PM
Discussion - The State of Space Finance
Host - Tim Chrisman
Dr. Greg Autry, Thunderbird School, Frmr NASA CFO candidate
The hottest new economy in the history of civilization. Now, who's gonna pay to get this market moving?
4:45 PM
S.T.A.R. Talk - I Am An Astronaut
Dr. Jeanette Epps, Astronaut (Boeing Starliner mission)
The difference between giving yourself Permission to Dream and achieving your dream is action, strategy, integrity, and persistence. Dr. Epps tells us why and how she earned her seat on the flight to the space station.
5:00 PM
Sex in Space - Discussion
Dr. Shawna Pandya - IIAS Space Medicine Group, Space Medicine Researcher
Made you look. Seriously, while the idea of sex in zero-G sounds like fun, the outcome is serious business. Can humans procreate beyond the Earth, in space, on the Moon, or Mars? We don't know. We need to find out - fast!
5:30 PM
Dinner Break
7:00 PM
Special Event - Sci Fi and the High Frontier
Host: Dan Deevy - Founder/President - Gaaays In Spaaace

Special Guests Include:
Dan Curry, Emmy (and now Odyssey!) Award-winning Special Effects designer, Star Trek Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise

Orson Scott Card, Author- Hugo, Nebula (and now Odyssey!) Award winner - Ender's Game

Space Cowboy Odyssey Award winner for TV - The Orville Cast - Adrianne Palicki "Cmdr. Kelly Grayson" & Mark Jackson "ISAAC"

NASA Astronauts - Dr. Jeannette Epps, Dr. Greg Chamitoff, Blue Origin Astronaut Chris Boshuizen
You could stay Home...
And miss the best, most interesting, most informative, irreverent, challenging, inclusive & unconventional space event on this world.
You can join the astronauts, engineers, artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and people just like you, who are part of the Space Revolution, as we gather and share our ideas, information, opinions, business plans, papers, tales, talents, and technologies at what has been called: "The BEST little space conference on Earth!"
AT&T Hotel and Conference Center
1900 University Avenue
Austin, Texas 78742
View on Google Maps
Date & Time
October 28-29, 2022
8:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Or....Join us as we
create the future
Spacers Gather Here
Look, we know there are a lot of great events out there. But from the moment you walk into the room, you will know New Worlds is different. We are not fans. We are Spacers. People getting it done. People making things happen. Leaders of the Space Revolution.
We combine hardcore real-world science, engineering, policy, and facts with art, music, culture, and storytelling by some of the best speakers in the Solar System. We include a wide variety of voices as well.
Left, right, center - doesn't matter to us.
After all, we are opening New Worlds for everyone!
"Launch" Speakers
Our two VIP "Launcheon" (Luncheon) keynote speakers are space heroes - each in their own way. One cleared the way for private sector companies like SpaceX to survive and thrive at NASA. The other launched the most innovative Earth observation satellite fleet ever, whose images you see on the news almost daily.
Lori Garver
Frmr Dep Admin, NASA Author, "Escaping gravity"
The "Pirate Queen."  Washington insider who took on the aerospace establishment so SpaceX & others could service the ISS.
(Fri. Oct. 28)
Dr. Chris Boshuizen
Private Astronaut, Co-Founder Planet LAbs
"Eye in the Sky." Started the world's largest fleet of Earth observing satellites, then flew on Blue to get a look himself. (Sat. Oct. 29)
Special Guest
EarthLight and New Worlds are aware of the power of art to inspire the creation of the future, or to avoid those we don't want. Orson Scott Card is considered one of the greatest science fiction writers of our time. His "Ender's Game" is the only book to win both the Hugo and Nebula Awards and is set to become a new cable TV series.  Scott will be at New Worlds, and the Space Cowboy Ball - for a surprise!
Orson Scott Card
The Space Cowboy 
Friday Night October 28
The time has come for space to be fun! The Space Cowboy Ball is an awards ceremony, live music concert, masquerade ball, and a dance party - all in one.  We recognize the best space educators and inspirers, the best of Hollywood and sci-fi, and leaders who are Opening the Frontier. Proceeds go to EarthLight's "Permission to Dream" project for members of under-included groups AND to support STEAM Space Education - a great project inspiring thousands of kids to "think space" we spun off a few years back.  (Just think, you can wear that Halloween costume you're making twice!)

Get your Space On!
(It's Austin. Wear what you Feel!)
The question: What will you wear to a party on Mars in 100 years?
(Tux & jeans are fine, just call it retro!)
Limited tickets 
Buy alone, or as part of the New Worlds 2022 package.
Who will win this year?
(Jeff Bezos - Winner, 2018)
We may or may not announce the winner before the Ball.
(We didn't announce this guy.)
Your Hosts
Leaders from three generations and three organizations join forces to curate and guide you through two days of exciting presentations and conversations.
Rick Tumlinson
EarthLight FOundation
"Space Pirate." Thought leader, a founder of the NewSpace Revolution of Musk & Bezos with 35 years of experience in the field. (Literally flew a pirate flag on the Russian Mir space station.)
Kim Macharia
Chair - space frontier foundation
"Hear me Roar!" Ex. Dir., the Space Prize. Rising space industry star. Space Frontier Foundation led the Space Revolution, now Kim is making it the leader of the space inclusion movement.
Dan Deevy
"To Fix the Problems of Today... We MUST Have Hope for Tomorrow."
20 Year vet producer, host, entertainment journalist & celebrity interviewer.
Tim Chrisman
FOunder - Foundation for the Future
"Beltway Bridge Builder." Army vet, former CIA agent, Special Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Foundation for the Future focuses on investment and workforce dev. for space.
Power Speakers Share Frontier Wisdom
New Worlds breaks the mold when it comes to who and what we put on stage. Our speakers are not only the best on the planet in their fields, they know how to share and engage you with their ideas. We curate two days of presentations designed to break down traditional barriers, challenge "standard" beliefs, and sometimes even throw together people and ideas that normally would not be on the same stage. Be it a keynote, one of our "mike-drop" S.T.A.R. Talks, a freewheeling discussion, or a deep dive "fireside" chat, our guests are encouraged to let it all out, speak their passion, and blow your mind!

Dr. Jeanette Epps
NASA Astronaut
"Space here I come!" Afghan vet, engineer, caver, and future first crew member - Boeing Starliner.
Jane Poynter
Co-founder, space perspective
Biosphere vet offers edge of space balloon flights for those who might not like "riding a missile to space".
Kevin O'Connell
Frmr Dir., US Office of Space commerce
"It's the Space Economy Stupid!" Founder & CEO of Space Economy Rising, top expert & leader in USG space & security.
Dr. Robert Zubrin
Author, CAse for MArs, Fndr, MArs Society
"Red Team Leader." Author "Case for Mars." Influenced Elon's plans to settle Mars, leading space activist, inventor.
Col. Bill Bruner (ret.)
CEO, New frontier Aerospace
"Great American." Bronze Star winner, Frmr Senior Exec. at NASA,  building hypersonic aircraft.
Dr. Greg Autry
Prof., ThunderBird School of GLobal management
"Show me the Money." Space finance expert. Former NASA CFO nominee, White House Liaison."
Ayse Oren
Architect, Designer
"Infinite beauty." Leading Turkish artist, architect and designer, working to fill the "Infinite Canvas" of space. ELF First Circle.
Dan Curry
Emmy Award Winning Visual Effects Sprvsr, STar Trek
"World Builder." Created the look of Star Trek Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise. Author: "Star Trek: The Art of Dan Curry"
Robert Saxon
Senior Sales Executive, SEN Ltd.
"Eye See You." SEN begins offering 4k and live video feeds of the Earth from the ISS on your laptop, phone or watch in early Oct.
Sagi Kfir
Frmr Senior Managing counsel, Blue Origin Space
"Just the facts." Globally respected expert in space resource policy & general space law.
Dr. Michelle Hanlon
Pres. NAtional Space Society
"The Law." Founder, For All MoonKind. Responsible use of space, including preservation of historic sites on the Moon.
Dr. Phil Metzger
GeophysicisT, U. of Central Florida
"The Professor." Founder of the NASA KSC "SwampWorks lab. World top level geophysicist focused on space resources.
Mark Russell
CEO, HyperSciences
"Down is Up!" Frmr lead eng. Blue Origin capsule. Hyperspeed drilling &  launch systems.
Sean Graham
CEO, Kármán Line enterprises
"Synapser" WEB 3 electron based communicator.  E.L.F. First circle.
Irina Litchfield
CEo, Rizon LAbs Inc. SPACE investor
"Space Investor." A force of nature at the intersection of blockchain, space and society.
Meagan Crawford
Co-FoundeR, SpaceFund
"Empress of Entrepreneurs." Founded oldest space biz competition, host - "Mission Eve" podcast.
Ari Eisenstat
Futurist, Instructor, U. of Hawaii
Conversation leader at the U.N. level about the how and why of opening the Frontier equitably, sustainably and profitably.
Cameo Lance
COO, Rhea Space Activity
"Its Physics!" Cameo & Rhea are changing Solar System navigation, freeing "space" from GPS.
Bart Womack
founder, eden grow systems
"Mr. GreenThumb." EGS aeroponic systems can feed you in space, on the front lines, or at home in the apocalypse.
Chris Carberry
FOunder, Explore mars Inc., Author, "Alcohol in Space"
"Happy Martian." Well regarded Mars advocate & policy expert who  appreciates the "finer" things.
Dr. Namrata Goswami
Author: "Scramble for the Sky"
"China Watcher." Top expert on China in space. Respected academic space analyst.
Col. Pete Garretson, Ret.
Author: "Scramble for the SkY"
"Starship Trooper." Futurist, military space visionary & geopolitical strategy expert.
Inara Tabir
Chair, GaAays in spaAAcE,
The Galaxis GaL
"I AM." Gender inclusion leader for space. President of The Multiplanetary Society. E.L.F. First Circle.
Dan Faber
The "GasMan." Space resource expert. OrbitFab's launching the first fuel depots in space.
Dr. Greg Chamitoff PhD
AstronauT, CEO SimDynamX

"Virtual New Worlds!" Created SpaceCRAFT - Virtual Space & Mission Simulation
Holly Meleer
TEacher, Founder, STEAM Space Education
"Star Teacher" Inspiring educator whose hands-on approach to STEAM education has changed thousands of young lives.
Dr. Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
President, The Space PRize

"I Will Teach You of Wonders" Adventurer, inspirer, Ares Learning developer. Author: "Space Education."
Dr. Lamont Colucci PhD
Chief, Doctrine Dev., Space Force
"Space Tzu" Professor, Lead of newly created long-term doctrine and policy for USSF.
Alex Rosalez
Dir., Product Inclusion.SNAP Inc.; vice chair, gaaays in spaaace
"Tech Exec." Outspoken and respected leader in product equity and inclusion, 22 year Amazon vet.
Marques Anderson
Founder,, World Education Foundation
"Cyborg anthropologist." Consultant, Earnst & Young’s Luminary Network, technologist, translator at the nexus of ancient, modern and future societies.
Ryan Olliges
CEO, Elevated Materials Inc.
"Elon, Are You Done With That?" Space recycler whose company turns waste materials from SpaceX and others into skateboards, tables and more.
Harold G. White Ph.D
Director, Advanced R&D, Limitless space Institute
"Go Faster Scotty!" leading researcher pushing beyond the edge of todays' propulsion research.
Dr. Shawna Pandya
IIAS Space Medicine Group, Space Medicine Researcher
Scientist-astronaut candidate, physician, aquanaut, speaker, martial artist, advanced diver, skydiver, pilot-in-training.
Dr. Greg Hodgin
CEO, ZC Institute, Founder - PEacebuilders
Multi-talented policy expert working with refugees, Scientist working on warp-drive tech.

Gavin Gillas
CEO, Project Venkman
Created the Bill Murray NFT phenomena. Web integrator and non-profit funder. EarthLight Web 3 Advisor.
Dr. Chance Glenn
Founder, Chair - Morningbird Foundation
"Your Dream is My Dream." A creator, a technologist, a futurist, and a visionary enabling new generations to Rise.
Lee Steinke
Chief Operating Officer-Cislunar industries
"Star Dancer" Renaissance woman, strategic leadership expert, geologist. professional dancer, who migrated from the energy sector to space.
Dennis Stone
Project exec.- NASA Commercial LEo Dev. Prog.
"I'm here to help you." 35 years of internal agency leadership and expertise in gov't commericial partnerships, currently focused on LEO free flyers.

Eric Christopher
Founder - Bizfamous
Innovative investor and business advisor, recently broke records as Exec. Producer for the KISS 2020 goodbye concert.
Brent West
Naval Officer, Assistant Prof. Physics, Founder of Twin Orbit
Nuclear-trained naval officer, Assistant Professor, physicist,  and avid enthusiast of cosmic research and exploration.
Space is about more than engineering and science. Think about it. Have you Ever seen a space conference website with live music & entertainment? The Ball and conference are about synergy, ideas, and modes of mind and spirit. This is just the start.
Aaron Hermes
Combining the ancient with the future, Aaron eases us into and out of our "spacey" place.

David Pulkingham
He's played with Bruce Springsteen, Robert Plant, Patty Griffin and many more. Now he plays for us at the Ball with his amazing band of top flight Austin musicians who are stars in their own rights.
Emily Grace - Clark
Singer, preacher, champion of the homeless, Emily has the voice of an angel.
DJ Chrispy
DJ Musician
DJ Chrispy is the alter ego of Chris Bozhuizen who is celebrated as a musical innovator and dance party virtuoso.
Musical Guest
Specializing in musical performances designed to tune body and mind, a morning treat that will help us recover from the Ball.
Book Your Room Now!
Our discounted room block has sold out.
Press the link for a list of great local hotels in various price ranges.
New Worlds is about new ideas, new visions, new possibilities.

Butterflies on the Moon, trees on Mars, and Earth as a wildlife preserve. Possible? Probable?
Who Owns the Moon?
Everyone or no one? Some say Property Rights are the key to opening the Frontier.

Sex in Space
Humans will be humans. Question is - can we make more up there? Do we want to?
War & Peace in Space
Russia, America & China. Do we compete or fight? Unite or split the heavens?
The out of this world biz plan competition. One-day workshop with contestants (Oct. 27) then live presentations at New Worlds. Expert real investor judges AND our attendees vote too!
We have limited "space," so get us your plan ASAP to be selected. Airlock for submissions closes Sept. 15. Winner get cash prize and private follow-up meetings with judges and SpaceFund investment team.

Presented by:
We Rise Together!
New Worlds is Presented by:
New Worlds is one of the first space conferences and events to bring together groups who would normally hold their own conferences. Space must be open to all for all and by all - so we start down here.
Dedicated to creating the economic, industrial policies to enable humanity to open the Frontier.
Dedicated to evolving humanity, saving the Earth & carrying her seeds to places now dead.
Arcade City
What is the EarthLight Foundation?
New Worlds 2022, The Space Cowboy Ball, Permission to Dream, and the New Worlds Institute are part of the EarthLight Foundation, an international 501c3 charitable education and research organization registered with the IRS and the Texas Secretary of State. EarthLight and its affiliates and DBAs do not participate in lobbying, nor do we have any political affiliations.

What do we Believe?
The EarthLight Foundation is built around the idea that humanity is here for a grand and exciting Purpose. The New Worlds Institute is focused on space policies and ideas, and "Permission to Dream" is being formed as a stand-alone endowment to support research and education - focusing on under-included groups. While the other sites are currently under construction, you can read more about EarthLight philosophy on our website here:
Our Policies
Inclusion & Diversity
By the very nature of our core beliefs and the work in which we are engaged, EarthLight and its affiliated organizations are a celebration of humanity in all its forms. The achievement of our goals is based on all who support or join us taking a stand that we must all Rise together, and that the airlock to the Frontier must be opened by all for all.
Earth and the Environment
As above, EarthLight itself stands for a new and dramatically increased awareness of, and change in, how we understand and care for our MotherWorld. It is central to us that life is to be treasured, no matter where we find it, and that as the stewards of this tiny bubble, it is our job to utilize our knowledge and space technology to both help heal her, even as we carry her seeds to worlds now dead.
Spaceship Earth is infected with a virus. As a science-based community, EarthLight Foundation and our partners are aware of and support the guidance of the U.S. CDC. However, we also realize that the invader is changing in form, and other ways, resulting in shifting recommendations from our government. We STRONGLY urge you to get your vaccinations prior to attending New Worlds and the Space Cowboy Ball. However, unless there is a Major shift in current guidelines based on an upswing, we will not require masks - although masks will be available. We also urge attendees to respect our shipmates and follow the by-now well-known recommendations of our medical and scientific experts at all times.
We cannot assure you will not contract Covid-19 or any other infectious disease by attending our event.
By registering for New Worlds 2022, the Space Cowboy Ball, and our other affiliated events you voluntarily assume all risks associated with possible exposure to the disease.

The EarthLight Mission
To carry the Seeds of Life to places now Dead
The Light of Love to Places now Dark
And the eyes, hands, and imaginations of humanity
To Places Unseen, Untouched, and Unexplored.
We Are EarthLight!
We are Here...
To go There!

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